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Infantile flux,

Cold, Hives,

Croup, Jaundice,

Dropsy, Intemperance,

Bilious fever, Inflammation of the lungs,

Nervous fever, Insanity,

Hives, Mortification,

Intemperance, Palsy,

Manslaughter, Rheumatism,

Mortification, Rupture of a blood vessel,

Old age, Sore throat,

Spasms, Sprue,

Sprue, Still born,

Still-born, Sudden death,

Sudden death, Teething,

Teething, From the 10th to the 17th of October.

Interments, in the burying grounds Adults 25–Children 22-Total 47. of the city and precincts of Bal. Diseases.

timore, during the week ending Abscess,

October 5, at sunrise.


Worms, Cholic,

Fits, Consumption,

Flux, Convulsions,




Still-born, Dysentery,

Suicide, Hectic fever,

Consumption, Typhus fever,

Dropsy, Infantile flux,

Bilious, Fracture,

Child-bed, Hives,

Hooping cough, Inflammation of the stomach, 1

Adults 13–Children 15-Total 28. Inflammation of the lungs, 2


Oct. 12. Leprosy,

Worms, Old age,

Consumption, Sprue,

Influenza, Still-born,

Unknown, Sudden death,

Hooping-cough, Worms,

Bilious, * A boy aged 8 years, who died in Flux, consequence of a fall.


Cholera, From the 17th to the 24th of October.

Adults 9. Children 10-Total 19. Adults 24Children 14-Total 38.


Oct. 19. Consumption,

Sudden, Convulsions,

From the country, Casualties*,

Worms, Childbed,

Consumption, * Of the cases of casualty, one was Bilious, a child, who died in consequence of Unknown, a fall; the other was a woman, found Infantile, dead under a porch at No. 53, Oak. Influenza, Street.

Adults 10-Children 4.Total 14.

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Diseases. Drowned, Casualty, Consumption, Unknown, Hooping cough, Sudden,

Pleurisy, -

Adults 11-Children 9-Total 20:


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Philadelphia, October 31, 1807. Eight per cent.

1024 per cent. Six per cent. Three per cent.

632 Bank United States - Pennsylvania

132 - North America

145 Philadelphia

120 Farmers and Mechanics'

461 dollars for 45 paid. Insurance Company Philadelphia

160 per cent,
--- North America
--- Philadelphia

-- Union

47 dollars for 60 paid. -- Delaware

47 do. do. Phenix .

83 do. 80 paid. -- Marine and Fire

43 do.

60 paid. - United States

23 do.

30 paid Water Loan

102 per cent. City Loan

103 Schuylkill Bridge Shares

70 Delaware Bridge Shares

uncertain Lancaster Turnpike Shares

93 per cent. Germantown Turnpike Shares

75 to 76 per cent Cheltenham and Willow Grove Turnpike Shares 80 to 81 Frankford Turnpike Shares

74 to 75 Chesnuthill and Springhouse Tavern Turnpike Shares uncertain Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Shares


COURSE OF EXCHANGE. Bills on London at 60 days


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page Life of Lomonossove, the cele Description of the falls of Niagara 255 brated poet of Russia 227 The honest woman

257 Evelina 232) Julia of Gazuolo

258 On the pleasures and uses arising A singular character

260 from the study of natural history 233 | Bombardment of Copenhagen

261 The lesson of frugality

235 || Literary, philosophical, commerDenmark

237 || cial, and agricultural intelliThe Reflector, No. XXI


263 Antiquities of interior America 239

POETRY. The Melange, No. X 240 | Herbert and Lucy

279 On poetry and genius

243 The young widow's petition 272 On salutations 246|| Marriages and deaths

274 Mr. B- and his dog

248|| Weekly register of mortality in Natural history of the raven 250|| the cities of Philadelphia, New The origin of Villa Viciosa 252 York, and Baltimore

277 Alum works 254 || Price of stocks





no. 116, HIGH STREET,

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MICHAEL LOMONOSSOVE taught only at St. Petersburgh, was born in the year 1711. The Moscow, and Kiow, which cities village of Denisow, situated on an abounded in useful Latin books. For island not far from Cholmohor, in his proficiency in arithmetic, he the circle of Dwintzk of the govern. was indebted to his own exertions. ment of Archangel, had the honour To escape, therefore, into one of the of his birth. Basil, his father, a above-mentioned cities, and devote peasant of the crown, was a fisher himself to study, was an object man by trade. Every summer and which he long cherished in his boautumn, from ten years old to six- som. The opportunity so anxteen, his father used to take him to iously awaited, at length presented the fisheries on the White and North itself, in the 17th year of his age. seas. They often visited Kola, and A caravan with fish was going to sometimes advanced to the latitude Moscow; the departure of which of 70°, on the Northern ocean ; as he observed as a matter of curiosity, Lomonossove himself used to affirm not exciting the least suspicion of his to his friends. Winter they chiefly real design. On the following night, spent at home.

when his family were all asleep, he The son learned to read and put on two shirts, and, protected write from the parson of the vil. from the weather only by a loose lage ; but his instructions were con- dress made of undressed skin, he fined to the ritual, and other books began his pursuit of the caravan, of the Russian church. When he and overtook it at the distance of requested to be supplied with works seventy versts. The director of that might give him some know the caravan refused at first, to take ledge of the world, he was answer him; but, moved by his tears and ed, that such knowledge could not be entreaties, at length he consented effectually acquired without the aid to gratify his wishes of seeing Mosof Latin ; but this language was cow. In three weeks they arrived


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