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September 26, Mr. John Comly, revolutionary war, and since that pe. aged 28 years, a native of Philadel. riod. He has frequently served as go. phia, and mate of the sloop Friend- vernor of that state ; and upon all oc. ship, George Binder, master

casions demanding the exertion of taBeaufort (S. C.), September 16. lents, patriotism, zeal, and integrity. Departed this life, on Monday af. has been looked up to as a leading ternoon, Mr Arthur Smith; and on character. Tuesday morning, Mr. Thomas Hut. On Friday, October 9, at Burson ; and yesterday the remains of lington, New Jersey, Mr. Robert Coe, these young gentlemen were deposit. sen., formerly of Philadelphia. ed in the tomb. On Monday morn. On Thursday, October 22, at ing, they arose in all the vigour of Elizabethtown, in the 71st year of his youth and health; in a few hours both age, gen. Elias Dayton, late president were bleeding on the field of honour of the society of Cincinnati of the state A challenge had been given and ac- of New Jersey cepted; a duel was fought; and On the 15th October, at New. both were mortally wounded. Such, Port, state of Delaware, in the 88th Honour, are thy triumphs! Come year of his age, James Latimer, Esq. hither, duellist, and regale thy senses! At New York, in the 24th year of See two young men, the joy of their his age, Charles Fenno, Esq., lieute. parents, levelling the deadly tube at nant in the navy of his Britannic maeach other: they fire; they fall. See jesty. them groaning on a death-bed; and in the county of Gloucester, Oc. now they breathe their last. Hear tober 13, Benjamin Matlack, aged 85. the distracted outcries of a fond and At Adams, Berkshire county, Mas. doating parent; the heart-piercing sachusetts, on the 10th September, lamentations of affectionate sisters, Mr John Peters, aged 107 years. He and the more silent, though equally had enjoyed an uncommon share of deep grief of loving brothers : are health, strength, and activity, and was these pleasing to thy eyes, or music to in possession of all his faculties entire thy ears? Yet these, oh duellists, until the very moment that terminated are the fruits of Honour, so called his existence. Oh thou idol, who delightest in hu- At Schenectady, (N. J.) Mrs. Eli. man sacrifice : who snutfest up blood zabeth Cowans, in the 14th year of as sweet-smelling incense; when will her age. In her we have an instance thy reign cease? O you votaries of of a person not more remarkable for This Moloch, ye abettors of mur- longevity, than for the retention of cler and bioodshed! remember that her faculties. She read without spec. the day will assuredly come, when you tacles until her death, and but two will know whether you are to frame years ago she entered the field, and your actions by the laws of honour or mowed grass with a scythe. the laws of God.

At Carlisle, Pennsylvania, on Wed. At Savannah, on Saturday, Septem- nesday the 30th of September, Mr. her 19, in the sixty-eighth year of Hugh Boden, supposed to be about 84 his age, the honourable Edward Tel. years of age. fair, Esq., one of the justices of the in- At Nassau, (N. P.) on Thursday ferior court in Georgia. He arrived September 27, in the 26th year of in America in his youth, from Scot. his age, Mr. Christopher H. Gilfert, land, his native country, and was en. a native of Hesse Cassell, but for gaged in merchandize until the dis. these cight years past a resident in pute which brought about the Ameri. the United States of America. can revolution. On this occasion, he In Burlington, Connecticut, Mrs. took the side of freedom, and supported Elizabeth Hitchcock, aged 103, a piAmerica through the contest with all ous good old lady; she left ten living the energy of his calents. His intel. children, the youngest in her 59th ligence, zeal, and inflexible integrity ycar. were so perfectly understood, and so In Adams, Berkshire county, Massahighly valued, that the people of chusetts, Mr. J. Peters, aged 107: he Georgia repeatedly elected him to had enjoyed an uncommon share of serve them in congress, during the health, strength, and activity, and was in possession of all his faculties entire tired to bed in apparent lealth, and until the very moment of his decease. was found dead the next morning.

At Marietta, Ohio, captain Na. At Newburyport, the noted Timothaniel Saltonstall, late of New Lon. thy Dexter, in the 60th year of his don, Connecticut, in the 80th year of age; self-styled “ lord Dexter, first his age ; a firm friend to his country, in the east." He lived, perhaps, one and an old revolutionary officer. of the most eccentric men of his time.

At Charlestown, Richard Devens, His singularities and peculiar notions Esq., 86.

were universally proverbial. Born At Ipswich, widow Hannah Shats. and bred to a low condition in life, well, 76.

and his intellectual endowments not At Epsom, N. H., major Joseph being of the most exalted stamp, it is Sherburne, 62.:

no wonder that a splendid fortune, At Danvers, Mr. Stephen Proctock, which he acquired (though perhaps 82. Also, the widow Cross, his sister, honestly) by dint of speculation and aged 79.

good fortune, should have rendered At New London, captain Elisha him, in many respects, truly ridicu. Hinman, 74. This venerable gentle lous. The qualities of his mind were man was one of the ablest marine of. of that indefinite cast, which forms an ficers who shone in the struggle for exception to every other character our independence.

recorded in history, or known in the At Norfolk, on Friday, October 2, present age, and « none but himself Mr. James Burns, late of Philadelphia. could be his parallel.” But among

In Knoxville, Kentucky, last month, the motley groupe of his qualities, it Doublehead, one of the chiefs of the would be injustice to say he possess. Cherokee tribe of Indians ; shot ed no good ones : he certainly did. through the head by a party of In. No one will impeach his honesty, dians. Circumstances fixed suspicion and his numerous acts of liberality, on a conspicuous settler in the nation, both public and private, are in the re. as the contriver of his death.

collection of all, and one of the items At Haverhill, in Massachusetts, in his last will will always be grateful. Mr. John Kendrick, aged 43. Mr. ly remembered. His ruling passion Kendrick was an eminent ship-build. appeared to be popularity; and one er in that town, and on Saturday would suppose he rather chose to morning intended launching a vessel render his name “ infamously famous he was then building. On Friday than not famous at all.”-His writings evening, the owner with his lady stand as a monument of the truth of went on board for the purpose of this remark ; for those who have read viewing her; when Mr. Kendrick was his “ Pickle for the Knowing Ones,” a conducting them to different parts of jumble ofletters promiscuously thrown the vessel, his foot struck againt the together, find it difficult to determine comeing, and he fell into the hold, and whether inost to laugh at the consum. by the fall fractured his skull, which mate folly, or despise the vulgarity occasioned his death in 32 hours. and profanity of the writer. His manHe has left a wife and 7 children to ner of life was equally extravagant mourn his fate.

and singular. A few years since he In Newbury, Massachusetts, on Sa. erected in front of his house a great turday morning, September 12, Mrs. number of images of distinguished Lydia Smith, in the 91st year of her persons in Europe and America, toage.

gether with beasts, &c.; so that his At Thompson, Connecticut, in the seat exhibted more the appearance of 87th year of his age, Simon Larned, a museum of artificial curiosities, than Esq., venerable from age, but much the dwelling of a family. By his ormore so for his unaffected piety and ders, a tomb was several years since truly christian deportment in every dug, under the summer-house in his station, whether as a civil officer, a garden, where he desired his remains christian, a husband, or a parent. His might be deposited (but this singular exit bore a striking resemblance to request could not consistently be com.. that calm serenity which so strongly plied witl), and his coffin made and characterized his whole life. He re kept in the hall of his house, in which


he is to be buried. The fortunate David Smith, of Portland, is a strikand singular manner of bis specula- ing proof of the truth of the above tions, by which he became possessed quotation : in the year 1738, his son, of a handsome property, are well Moses Smith, died at the West-Inknown; and his sending a cargo of dies, aged 22 ; in 1789, his daughter, warming-pans to the West Indies, Mary Smith, died at Portland, aged where they were converted into mo- 19; in 1797 and 98, he lost one ship, lasses-ladles, and sold to good profit, one schooner, and part of a brig, with is but one of the most peculiar. His with all the trading stock he then principles of religion (if they could possessed: October 15, 1803, his be called principles) were equally son, Godfrey Smith, died on his pasodd ; a blind philosophy, peculiar to sage from Liverpool to Portland, aged himself, led him to believe in the sys. 20; February 14, 1804, his son, Datem of transmigration at some times; vid, died at Jamaica, aged 30; at at others he expressed those closely the same time and place, the schr. connected with deism ; but it is not Friendship was wrecked, being all a matter of surprise that one so totally the vessel he then had at sea; March illiterate should have no settled or ra. 13, 1804, his son, Lendal Smith, died tional principles. His reason left him at Portland, aged 32 ; July 10, 1805, two days before his death.

his store took fire, and was consumed At 'Salem, Massachusetts, Mr. with the property that was in it, va. Jack Daland, a very worthy black man, lued at 3000 dollars ; August 11, aged 65. He was brought from Afri. 1805, his wife died, aged 58; at the că to the West Indies at about 11 same time, his daughter, Ruthy Boyd, years of age; but, instead of being died, aged 36; October 15, 1806, eaten, as be expected, by the white his daughter, Hannah Day, died, aged men, he was transferred by purchase 30; September 29, 1807, his daughto a happy asylum in this place, ter, Dolly Taylor, died, aged 25. where he has spent upwards of 50 Within the above nineteen years, he vears of his life, respected by the has also experienced a variety of other whole town, as a faithful, industrious, smaller losses. How fading, how pleasant-tempered, intelligent man. transient is human felicity! Happy His honest industry was rewarded is the man whose treasure is in Heaby the acquisition of a comfortable ven ! property, which he has left for the enjoyment of his family. The long train of white people who followed his remains to the grave testify to the

For the Literary Magazine. esteem in which he was held.

In England, the right honourable WEEKLY REGISTER OF MORTAThomas lord Batton, Iord lieutenant LITY IN THE CITIES OF PHIof Southampton, and governor and LADELPHIA, NEW YORK, AND vice-admiral of the Isle of Wight, BALTIMORE. aged 61.

Health-office, Oct. 3, 1807. In London, Mr. John Walker, au.

Interments, in the city and liberties thor of the Pronouncing Dictionary of the English Language, aged 76. He of Philadelphia, in the week endhad been honoured with the patron- ing the Sd of October. age and friendship of Dr. Johnson, Diseases.

Ad. Childr. Mr. Edmund Burke, and many other Apoplexy, of the most distinguished literary Cholera morbus, 02 and professional characters of the Consumption ofthe lungs, age.

Convulsions, In Germany, the archduke Joseph Decay, Francis Leopold, second son of the Diarrhea, Emperor of Austria, aged 3 years.

Dropsy, “ Man that is born of a woman is of few Dropsy in the brain, dars and full of trouble.

Fever, The following account of deaths , remittent or bilious, 2 and otherlosses in the family of captain , typlus,



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1 0

of the above there were : Inflammation of bowels, 0

Under 2 years 11 Influenza,

From 2 to 5 Insanity, 1 0

10 Old age,

20 Rheumatism,

1 0
Small-pox, natural, 0 3

Ages unknown,

- 38 Total,

Oct. 17. Of the above there were:


Ad. Childr.
Under 2 years 15

From 2 to 5

5 10
Cholera morbus,

1 1
Consumption of the lungs,8
Dropsy in the brain,
Fever, typhus,

Ages unknown,

Old age,


Oct. 10. Small-pox, natural,
Ad. Childr. Still-born,

0 2 Apoplexy,


2 0 Burns,


Cholera morbus,
Consumption of the lungs, 4


27 10—37 Convulsions,

of the above there were : Decay,

Under 2 years 5

From 2 to 5

10 20

40 50 Fever, bilious,

-, typhus, Hives, Hernia,

80 90 Inflammation of the lungs, 1

Ages unknown, bladder, 1

Total, Influenza,

Oct. 24. Insanity,


Ad. Childr. Jaundice,

Apoplexy, Palsy,


0 Still-born, 0 3 Cholic,

0 Suicide,

Consumption of the lungs, Teething,

0 1 Convulsions, Unknown,

1 0 Decay,

Diarrhæa, Total,

8 Dropsy in the chest,

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Ages unknown


Oct. 31. Diseases.

Ad. Childr.

1 0
Consumption of the lungs, 3
Compression of the brain, 1
Dropsy of the chest,

, puerperal,

, typhus,
Inflammation of the breast,1
Small-pox, natural,

80 90
Ages unknown 5

32 Report of deaths, in the city of New

York, from the 26th of September to the 3d of October, 1807. Adults 25--Children 24–Total 49.

Diseases. Apoplexy, Burn, Bilious cholic, Consumption, Convulsions, Decay, Dropsy, Dropsy in the head, Drowned, Epilepsy, Remittent fever, Typhus fever, Infantile flux, Intemperance, Inflammation of the lungs, Inflammation of the bowels, Old age, Sore throat, Still-born, Sudden death, Worms, From the 3d to the 10th of October. Adults 27-Children 17- Total 44.

Diseases. Apoplexy, Consumption, Convulsions, Decay, Dropsy, Drowned, Dysentery, Epilepsy, Putrid fever, Typhus fever,

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Teething, Worms, Old age,

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