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But when I saw that angry brow, More blest to taste thy simple fare, Both health and youth were still 0! meek-ey'd maid ! Simplicity.

my own : O mother! couldst thou see me now,

Lead me, then, to thy happy vale,

Where no corroding cares molest, Thou wouldst not have the heart to

Where mild Content trips o'er the frown.


With dimpled cheeks, and modest But see! my orphan's cheek displays

vest. Both youth and health's carnation

There be thy straw-roof'd cottage dyes,

mine, Such as on mine, in happier days, So fondly charmed the partial eyes. Thy moss-deck'd seat, whose nodding

Thy babbling rill, and sylvan glade;

pine Grief o'er her bloom a veil now

Throws o’er the brow a darksome draws,

shade. Grief her loved parent's pang to

There, far retir'd from Fashion's ken, And when thou think'st upon the How happy will we pass our life!

Well will we mark the care of men, cause, That paleness will have charms for And smile at their discordant strife. thee.

With bosom light and airy tread,

Around each genial joy shall come, But wilt thou thus indulgent be?

Whilst Hope shall e'er our footsteps O ! am I not by hope beguiled ?

lead, The long, long anger shown to me,

And Health will gild our happy Say, will it not pursue my child ?

home. And must she suffer for my crime? As thought directs, our path we'll Ah! no; forbid it, gracious Heaven!

chuse, And grant, oh! grant, in thy good

What time the Morning spreads time,

her wing; That she be loved, and I forgiven! To cull the flow'r of simple hues,

Or scent the sweets the zephyrs

bring Or we will skirt the silver stream,

The heathy hill or valley o'er;
For the Literary Magazine.

Or pleasing trace Aurora's beam
Its brightness o'er the landscape

SWEET nymph! of every placid Or if beneath some oak reclin'd,

The lark's aerial thrilling note Who shun'st the lures of sordid Shall sooth to peace the musing mind, pride,

And o'er the raptured senses float. Who lovs't the valley's humble scene, Thus soft entranc'd gay forms will

Come, o'er my votive muse preside ; rise, For nor Ambition's gilded toys,

And Fancy with her pow'rs attend; Nor Vice's soft enticing glance, To wake anew life's smiling joys, i. Nor Folly's visionary joys,

“ Each pleasure past, each social One moment can my breast en

friend." trance.

When Cynthia lightens all the vale, But thou in rustic garb canst please, And Nature courts a calm repose ; While pomp and power soon will When distant sounds swell in the cloy;

gale, Canst boast more bliss, and lasting And all the pencil'd flow'rets close; ease,

Then will we join the festive round, Than Fortune's minions e'er enjoy. And trip the sprightly dance along; Yes! happier I thy smiles to share, Or to the pipe's melodious sound,

From ev'ry pallid sorrow free, Awake the love-inspiring song.


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161 And e’en when darken'd shadows 'Tis thus thou shalt, enchanting maid ! spread,

Where'er I stray, morn, noon, or
And o'er the lawn loud tempests night,
howl ;

Each pleasure-strewed path pervade,
Still, still within thy clay-built shed, And e'er create some new delight.
Each hour on Pleasure's wings For thou wilt ev'ry joy increase,
shall roll;

And glad each hour that's spent
For there secure, no harm I'll fear,

with thee; Whilst on thy couch of slumber Spread o’er each scene thy smiles of laid,

peace, But soft enjoy each vision dear, O meek-ey'd maid! Simplicity.

That hovers lightly round my head.

J. B.



On Thursday evening, SeptemAt PHILADELPHIA, on Tuesday ber 17, by the Rev. Philip F. Mayevening, September 1, by the Rev. er, Mr. George Likes, to Miss MaDr. Staughton, Mr. Maylin, of the ry Haw, both of the Northern Limission church at Serampore, Ben- berties. gal, to Mrs. M‘Cutchen of Philadel. Same evening, by the same, phia.

Mr. John Rigler, to Miss MargaOn Saturday evening, September ret Hornketh, both of Philadelphia, 5, by the Rev. Dr. Staughton, cap. On Sunday evening, September tain seph R. Connell, to Miss Ann 20, by the same, Mr. Richard Beasley, daughter of Mr. Stephen Welsh, to Mrs. Louisa Ellison, both Beasley, all of Philadelphia. of Philadelphia.

On Sunday evening, September 6, Same evening, by the Rev. Dr. by the Rev. Joseph Turner, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Thomas Collings, to James Fossett, to Miss Elizabeth Mrs. Sarah Dover, daughter of John Keighler, both of Philadelphia. Dover, Esq., all of the Northern

On Wednesday evening, Septem- Liberties. ber 9, by the Rev. Dr. Green, Ebe On Tuesday evening, September nezer Rockwood, Esq., to Miss Eli- 22, by the Rev. Dr. Meyer, capzabeth B. Hazard, daughter of Ebe- tain William Henry, to Mrs. Eliza. nezer Hazard, Esq., of Philadel- beth Thomas, daughter of Mr. phia.

Andrew Thillers, all of Philadelphią. On Thursday evening, September At Germantown, at Friend's 10, by the Rev. Dr. Staughton, Mr. Meeting, on Friday morning, SepJohn Sterrett, of Wilmington, Delatember 11, Mr. Benjamin Buck, far. ware, to Miss Margaret Bayard, of mer, of Bristol township, to Mrs. the Northern Liberties.

Rebecca Walters, of Philadelphia. On Wednesday evening, Septem At Washington City, on Tuesday ber 16, by the Rev. bishop White, evening, by the Rev. Mr. Laurie, Mr. John Goddard, of Baltimore, to Mr. Toppan Webster, to Miss. Miss Mary Beck, daughter of Paul Martha Osborne, both of that City. Beck, Esq., of Philadelphia.

At the farm of Mr. Francis Bai. On Friday evening, September ley, at Octoraro, near Lancaster, by 18, by the Rev. Dr. Rogers, Mr. the Rev. Mr. Sample, of Strasburg, John Roberts Worrell, to Miss Sid. Mr. Frederick Eckstein, of Philadelney Flounders, both of Delaware phia, to Miss Jane Bailey, daughter county, Pennsylvania.

of Mr. Francis Bailey, printer.


Same day, much regretted, Mr. At PHILADELPHIA, on the 30th William Stewart, of the house of of August, Magnus Miller, Esq., for Hassinger and Stewart, of that city, many years a respectable merchant On Sunday evening, September in that city, aged eighty-six. 13, in the seventy-sixth year of his

On Thursday, September 3, in age, Mr. James Hamel, long a resthe sixty-fourth year of his age, pectable inhabitant of that city. captain George Curwen.

On Monday morning, September Same day, in the Pennsylvania 14, Mrs. Elizabeth Holscamp, late hospital, John Butler, of North Ca- wife of Mr. Garret Holscamp, in rolina, near to Ransom's bridge ; he the seventy-third year of her age. came from thence, and was admit On Wednesday morning, Septemted for a large wen, the 11th of ber 23, Salome Morgan, relict of April last; when extracted from Benjamin Morgan, in her seventyhis cheek and neck, on the 22d of the third year. same month, it weighed five and a On Saturday, September 26, in half pounds. Of this wen he was the fifty-second year of her age, perfectly cured, and was retained Mrs. Jane Tunis, wife of Richard in the house about five weeks, to Tunis, Esq. give bim an opportunity of going On Thursday morning, October home, but was unfortunately arrest. 1, general Peter Muhlenberg, coled by the influenza, accompanied lector of the port of Philadelphia. with a fever, of which he died, af At CHARLESTON (S. C.), Septer a week's illness: bis remains were tember 2d, Mr. Augustus D. Jones, deposited next day, by his own re a native of Virginia, and a resident quest, in the presbyterian grave of that city for upwards of three yard.

years; aged twenty-six years. On Thursday September 3, in the Same day, in the twenty-eighth thirty-fifth year of her age, Mrs. year of his age, Mr. Alexander Hannah Marsh, wife of Mr. Joseph Gibson, a native of Massachusetts. Marsh, jun., of Southwark, and On the 3d September, in the 35th daughter of Adam Hubley, Esq., year of her age, Miss Mary Isabeldeceased, formerly of that city. ia O'Brien, eldest daughter of B.

On Friday evening, September O'Brien, Esq., merchant of Dublin. 4, Mrs. Mary Spider, consort of Same day, after a few days' illness, Mr. John Snider, merchant, Phila. in the 29th year of his age, and delphia.

much regretted by all his acquainSame day, Mr. Samuel Emlen tances, Mr. John Tillinghast, of the (son of the late George Emlen, de- firm of Pearce and Tillinghast, ceased), in the fifty-first year of his merchants of that city. Mr. T. was age.

a native of Rhode Island, and was a On Friday morning, September lieutenant in the newly raised com4, in the eighty-seventh year of her pany of riflemen. age, Ann Hallowell, of that city, for Same day, in the twenty-fourth many years a respectable elder of year of her age, Mr. James Neilson, the Society of Friends.

merchant of that city. On Saturday, September 5, in her Same day, Mr. James Drew, a eighty-fifth year, much beloved and native of Scotland. respected by her relatives and

Same day, Mrs. Mary-Ann Lamb, friends, Mrs. Craig, widow of the aged 30 years, wife of capt. James late Mr. James Craig, of that city. Lamb. She was a native of Edin

On Monday, September 7, after a burgh, and has left a hubsand and short illness, in the fifty-second year five children to lament her early of her age, Mrs. Rebecca Pancake, loss. wife of colonel Philip Pancake, of A jury of inquest was held on the that city.

4th of September, on the body of

Ross Brown, a mariner, found dead ty-third year of his age, son of the in Union-Street. The jury brought Rev. Mr. Porter, of Rye, in New in a verdict that “ he came to his Hampshire. death by the visitation of God, occa September 8, Mr. Jonathan W. sioned by the extreme heat of the Coy, a native of Rhode Island, aged weather.

twenty-three years. September 5, after a long and Same day, on Sullivan's Island, painful illness, Mr. Andrew Holmes, Mr. Samuel Chapman, merchant, merchant, of that city.

aged twenty-seven years. A jury of inquest was held on the September 8, Mr. John Urquhart, 7th September, on the body of Wil. nephew of Mr. Charles Banks, in liam Paul, a blacksmith, a native of the 24th year of his age. Scotland, found dead in his bed, in September 11, Agatha M‘Dowall, Trott-street. The jury brought in aged thirty-six years ; relict of Mr. a verdict, that “ the deceased came Patrick MÓDowall, who died on to his death by the visitation of God, Monday last, leaving six orphans to occasioned by the extreme heat of bewail their irreparable loss; the the weather.

eldest of whom is dangerously ill. September7, Mr. William Adams, September 4, Mr. Thomas Noble, aged nine years, brother of Mr. a native of England. J. S. Adams, merchant, of that city. September 12, in the twelfth year

Same day, after a short illness, of her age, Miss Sarah Ann Patrick M Dowal, for many years M‘Dowall, eldest daughter of the late a respectable merchant in that city. Mr. and Mrs. M.Dowall, who died

September 4, Mr. James Bates, a a few days before. native of England, aged eighteen Same day, Mrs. Ann Teasdale, years, son of Mr. William Bates, relict of the late Isaac Teasdale, comedian.

Esq., deceased. Same day, Mrs. Bridget Turn Same day, in the 29th year of his bull, aged forty-five years, a native age, Mr. Thomas Kennard, printer, of Ireland.

a native of Portsmouth, New HampSeptember 5, Mrs. Mary Petrie, shire. aged sixty-eight years.

Same day, a jury of inquest was Same day, Miss Mary White held on the body of John Pack, who Barksdale.

was found dead in his bed : the jury Same day, Mr. James Park, a na. brought in their verdict that he tive of Ireland, in the twenty-se- came to his death by the visitation cond year of his age.

of God. On Sullivan's Island, September

On Sullivan's Island, on Septem7, Mr. William Rose, aged thirty- ber 10, Mr. Archibald Johnson, eight years, a native of Sweden. merchant, a native of Scotland.

On Sullivan's Island, same day, September 13, at his plantation, Mr. John Dedrich Peper, a native in that state, Mr. Philip Lamar, a of Hamburg, aged twenty-five very respectable citizen; and on years.

the same day, and of the same disorSame day, a jury of inquest was der (a violent fever), his consort, held on the body of Dr. Daniel Mrs. Ruth Lamar, Broadman, late of New York, who September 10, captain Christodied in a fit, at Mr. Jonathan Hope's pher Whipple, in the thirty-eighth hotel, on the bay ; it was supposed year of his age, a native of Rhode he had laboured under mental de Island. rangement. The jury brought in On his passage from Charleston a verdict, that he came to his death to Liverpool, on board the ship by the visitation of God.

George Augustus, captain Jackson, Same day, in that city, Mr. Sa- Mr. Thomas Giles, aged twentymuel H. Porter, printer, in the twen, eight years, late of that city, VOL. VIII. NO. XLVIII.



his age.

deservedly esteemed and regretted flammation of the liver, which had by all his friends and acquaintan- confined him for about six months,

George Woods, Esq., in the fortySeptember 12, after a short but third year of his age. severe illness, Mr. Isaac Boughon Lately, in Bart township, Lanneau, in the twenty-seventh year of caster county, Pennsylvania, Mrs.

Mary Downing, relict of the late September 13, after a short and Mr. William Downing, in the niner painful illness, Miss Mary Haynes, ty-eighth year of her age. aged nineteen years and six months; At Reading, Berks county, Penna native of Albany, state of New sylvania, September 14th, in the York.

fifty-fifth year of his age, much and September 14, in the twenty-ninth deservedly regretted, William Moryear of his age, after a short illness ris, Esq. a respectable inhabitant of of four days, Mr. I. Charles Hentz, that borough. a native of Bremen.

September 10th, Elizabeth CleSeptember 15, Mr. John Nor- ment, wife of Thomas Clement, ment, formerly a resident near Esq. of Salem, New Jersey. Newbern, North Carolina.

At Burlington, New Jersey, Mr. September 23, Mr. Daniel Ewing, William Stiles, son of William merchant, a native of Scotland. Stiles, marble cutter, deceased.

At Savannah, September 10, Mr. September 28, Mr. Benjamin OrJohn Dougherty, printer, and one of dycke, in the eighty-fifth year of his the proprietors of the Federal Re- age; long a respectable inhabitant publican Advocate, printed in that of Bethlehem township, New Jersey. city. He was a native of Ireland, September 14, at Bloomingdale, and formerly an

inhabitant of in the state of New York, in the Charleston.

thirty-second year of her age, after At Norfolk, September 11, Tho- a most afflicting illness of five mas Newton, senior, Esq., collector months, Mrs. Ann Livingston, wife of that port.

of the honourable Brockholst Li. At BALTIMORE, on the 8th Sep- vingston Esq. tember, after a long and painful ill. In Newbury, Massachusetts, on ness, William Waterhouse, a mem- Saturday morning, September 12, ber of the Society of Friends. Mrs. Lydia Smith, in the 91st year

On Thursday, September 17, Mr. of her age. George Malthy, a respected mer. In Worcester, Mrs. Keziah, rechant of that city. This gentleman lict of the late Dr. Thomas Nichols, lost his life by the unexpected dis- aged ninety-three ; leaving 152 surcharge of a pistol, in the hand of a viving lineal descendants. friend. The ball entered his head, September 28, at West Fairlee, and he immediately expired. Vermont, Mr. Erastus Bassett (late

On Saturday night last, at his principal of the Young Ladies' Àca. lodgings in the Indian Queen hotel, demy of Philadelphia), aged thirtyJohn Price, Esq., of the house of three years. Messrs. T. Junno and J. Price, of In Bangor, Maine, Mr. Samuel SoCharleston, South Carolina, most per, aged twenty-eight ; his death deservedly lamented.

was occasioned by the fall of a bank September 4, near Newton, Ches- of clay, under which he was digging ter county, Pennsylvania, Mr. Peter clay to make bricks. Barker, sen., in the eighty-eighth In Northampton, masster Maryear of his age, formerly of Phila. tin Ely, aged sixteen, by the falling delphia.

of one of the weights of the town August 31, at his seat near Bed. clock, while he was in the act of ford, Pennsylvania, after a painful winding it up, which occasioned a indisposition, arising from an in. great contusion of the skull.

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