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sabre, the hilt of which was set with self of this opportunity to retire to diamonds, and the belt ornamented his own chamber. with the same brilliant materials. " What,” said Nadir, " is the

There was no bearing this extra disorder of the daughter of Mirza ?' vagant splendour; all the frugal « Impatience !” returned the eu. ideas of this sober son of Esculapius nuch. recurred to his mind. He looked This, though a complaint com. around at the still meagre, though mon enough to young ladies, is, I improved, appearance of his own fear, beyond the reach of my medi. shelves, and exclaimed, “This bril. cal skill. How has she been treated liant article alone would furnish a by the physicians ?” house and shop superb as those of “You should rather ask," replied the sage Job Ben Abram, who has the eunuch, “ how they have been the supreme happiness to administer treated by her. I am sure they potions and lotions to our sovereign have hitherto been the patients, lord the sublime and immortal She has refused every medicine

that they have administered.” Taking this sabre for the text, he “ Then I do not wonder that she had just prepared a lecture upon ex. is ill,” replied Nadir. travagance and profusion, when the “She remained totally silent for gay, but good-natured, Ismael, for some time, and would not answer whose service it was intended, came their enquiries. Her father, whose to receive the benefit of it. Pre- darling child and only daughter she suming this well studied discourse is, indulges her in every thing, and would have a wonderful effect, he forces every one to comply with began, “ One of the greatest and her perverse humours : so that, in most contaminating vices that can the end, she has had all those vene. inhabit the human mind, son Ismael, rable persons turned out of doors.” is vanity. I aver and will maintain " Monstrous obstinacy! strange this proposition against Hassen, at perversion of the human mind!” the head of all the disciples of Zo. exclaimed Nadir. roaster, against Ki, and all the fol. “And what is more extraordinalowers of Confucius, and also the ry,” continued the eunuch, " she universities of Ispahan and Delhi, if now declares that no one shall prethey were disposed to controvert it. scribe to her but yourself. How, Upon this point I fix myself; and immured as she has till lately been, repeat, that vanity is

she could even hear of your name, At this instant, to the relief of Is. has been " mael and our mortification, a eu. “ Hear of my name !" cried the nuch, whose complexion was as apothecary, interupting him, “there black as his habit, entered the shop, is nothing so very singular in that! and said, “ Sage Nadir! whose phi. my name, Mr. eunuch, is pretty losophy and medical skill, I have well known !" this day heard from a lady destined “I believe that she is mad,” said to have the happiness of becoming the eunuch. your patient, are not only the admi. “ I should be of the same opinion, ration of Ispahan but of the world, returned Nadir," had not her sendthe daughter of the omrah Mirza ing for me in preference to any of now languishes on the couch of sickmy learned brethren been so deciness, and earnestly demands your sive a proof of her mental sanity : assistance in preference to a host of therefore, Tamira, help me to my physicians sent for by her father.” black silk caftan and bolster turban;

The apothecary, in his astonish. I will wait on her immediately.” ment at this young lady's under- The palace of the omrah Mirza standing, forgot his lecture upon was near the imperial seat of Ispavanity; while Isınael availed him han, and consequently at no great


distance from the residence of Na. sions. Perform the cure which I dir. However, the apothecary's expect from you; rescue my darimpatience was almost equal to that ling, the thread of my existence, of his patient before he arrived at my Zulima, from distraction ; and the gate, as the old eunuch march- be it my care to make those through ed with a slow and stately pace, and your future life run more parallel.” seemed to devote much time to de. " Of what, oh noble Mirza !" liberation, consideration, and con- said Nadir,“ does the lovely Zuliversation. In the course of this ma complain?" walk, he had made his companion « Of every thing and every peracquainted not only with the im. son : to her slaves she is intolerable; mense riches of his lord, the valour to the prudent Tangra, who was of his son, and his absence with the her purse, who has been to her a army, but also with the beauty of mother, she is haughty and intempe... Zulima, his daughter, her former rate; nay, she scarcely pares me : affability and good humour, and the she has tired all the faculty." total change that had lately taken • The faculty,” cried Nadir; place in her temper and disposi. « should never be tired! Let me

see my lovely patient, and I will ex" This kind of change, this fluc. ert my utinost skill to justify the tuation in the female mind," said good opinion she already entertains Nadir, « can only be clearly ex- of me." plained by recurring to two princi. Zulima, who was indeed beauty ples, which we will take this op. itself personified, was reclined upon portunity to examine ; and first- a sofa of crimson satin, highly orna. but though I like your attention, you mented, but the reflection from need not stop !"

which scarcely overcame the pale. “We are,” said the eunuch, “at ness of her countenance. The re. the private door of the palace of dundance of her tresses, which wanMirza."

dered unrestrained over her neck “ What a pity," cried the apo- and bosom, and the disorder of her thecary, as he entered a marble dress, betrayed evident symptoms vestibule, « that I could not have of her disordered mind. explained to you the causes which The arrival of the sage was, with combine to produce those fluctua. the utmost caution, announced to tions of temper, those changes of her; yet she started. “Is Nadir disposition, sometimes observable in come?" she cried, with precipitathe female system !”

tion: “I once thought that he The father of Zulima, to whom would never have arrived. I have I must introduce you," said the eu. since altered that opinion, and nuch, “ will probably be more edi. think that he has flown on the wings fied."

of a butterfly- Alla protect me! * This, my lord,” he continued, this is not Nadir !" when he ushered the sage into an “Certainly it is," said the nurse. apartment splendid as the habita. " Would the eunuch Tamas have tions of the faithful in the seventh deceived you?” paradise, “ is the venerable and “ I say, and repeat it, this is not learned Nadir, whom the beautiful Nadir !" cried Zulima. Zulima now desires to see.”

" How should you know," said “I am happy," said Mirza, “ to Tangra, “ having never seen him behold a man, whom the result of before ?" this morning's enquiry informs me “I had forgotten that circumis another instance, added to many, stance," added Zulima. that fortune is frequently at vari. “I aver," cried the sage, adance with talents and virtue. I vancing," that I am Nadir the wisli, sage Nadir, that your worldly apothecary, the only son of Nadir were equal to your mental posses the doctor ; that there is no other of


my name and profession in Ispahan; are inclined to think, certainly not and further, that if any person has of an age to be insensible to attracassumed them, let him be old or tions such as are now before me: young, he is a counterfeit, and therefore, if your cure depends means to impose on the loveliest of upon me " her sex.”

« You !” exclaimed Zalima : "lain now convinced," said Zu- " You are not the person I allude lima, recovering herself; " you are to !' perfectly right, most learned Nadir! “ Believe me, lovely Zulima, I and I intreat your pardon.”

am the only Nadir in Ispahan." "She seems more collected since “ Then I am more wretched than you have arrived," said Tangra. I even imagined. How have I been

" No doubt!" returned Nadir. deceived ?" " I think, from the few observations « Deceived!" said Nadir : “I that I have already made, that I thought just now that her senses can answer for her cure.”

had returned; but I perceive she "Let all, except Nadir, leave the again wanders." room,” said Zulima, whose pene. “ Yet," continued Zulima, “ the trating eyes had for some time been gravity of your appearance; your fixed upon the sage.

age " " All!" cried Tangra ; “ you will « My age !” cried the Apothe. surely suffer me to attend you.” cary.

o By no means !" returned Zuli. " The mild benevolence of your ina, whose keen and animated glan- aspect-- " ces seemed now again to indicate " The fit seems to have passed intellectual commotion.

over," said Nadir. 16 You must suffer her to have " Inclines me to make you my her way !” said Nadir.

confidant: therefore, most venera“ I will! I will !” exclaimed the ble Nadir! listen to me." young lady. “ No one shall con " Venerable !” said the sage to troul me!”

himself; “I am afraid it will be " No one will attempt it, most difficult to effect this cure." lovely and interesting Zulima ! you “Well, listen to me." waved your hand, and your attend. - I could for ever listen to you, ants have all retired. Alla protect most lovely Zulima !” us! What do I see? the daughter " Come sit by me : now be all of Mirza in tears!”

attention," she continued, holding up " What do you see? Oh, Nadir! her finger. “ The care of the matron you see before you a vile hypo. whom you just now saw, Tangra, crite!”

my nurse (for I still call her by " A vile hypocrite!” repeated that fond epithet), could only be Nadir. “ What strange turns there equalled by the indulgence of my are in this disorder!"

father and the love of my brother. « An abominable wretch !” I never knew my mother. Within

6 Wretch!" said the apothecary, the walls of this Haram, every obfixing her, eyes upon her while she ject that could form the taste, imcontinued, “ who has deceived her prove the mind, or amuse and gratifather, set at defiance the injunctions fy the senses, was collected. I had no of her religion and the laws of her wish to wander beyond the bounds country, and dared to suffer a pas. of its extensive gardens, until my sion for a youth of the name of Na. father presented to me a Grecian dir to take possession of her heart !” slave of the name of Lesbia.

" Is that all?" said the apothe. “ Touched with her condition, I cary.

freely conversed with her, and All!" returned the lady. found her genius as great as had “ Yes?” he continued ; “because been her misfortunes. The educathough not so very a youth as you tion she had received bespoke her former rank in society. To her I at once obliterated from my mind became attached (nay, from my all that Absalom had said respecting warmth of temper, I may say, de. the trinkets, nay, the trinkets themvoted); but from her I one day selves. Never had I seen a man so heard a word then as much a perfectly beautiful. My brother, stranger to my ears as the idea although he has been esteemed á which it inspired was to my mind : model of perfection, is, in features this word was liberty!"

and form, much his inferior. He “ A pretty important one,” said was examining a brilliant sabre, Nadir.

therefore I had time to contemplate " I found it so," returned Zulima, him, but without exchanging a word " from the ideas which it inspired; I left the shop. The next day I for, not satisfied with the histories sent Lesbia to enquire his name. which Lesbia constantly recited of How, or from what source, she dethe unconstrained piety of the Gre. rived her intelligence, I have never cian matrons, and the unconstrained asked; but she informed me, that chastity of the Grecian virgins, they his name was Nadir, an apothecary, seemed to desire to take a still wid- living in the Meydan. er range, and, freed from the “She did me a great deal of hoshackles in which my country's cus- nour," said Nadir; “but although, toms had confined the female mind for a little man, not absolutely des. and the female body, explore those picable, she must have wanted eyes places which I had only observed if she had mistaken me for iny through the lattices of the carriage guest, who is, without exception, I which conveyed me from the black think, the most beautiful youth in marble palace, our winter, to the the kingdom.” white marble palace, our summer “ Is he a Persian ?" residence. This desire I communi- " He is from the capital of Gole cated to Tangra. She was amazed. conda," said Nadir. My father was still more astonished; “ His birth is unquestionably no. but, accustomed to indulge me in ble?” every thing, he permitted me to go " Brilliant," he continued, 6 it' abroad sometimes, attended only by certainly is; for his father is an the eunuchs and Lesbia. In the eminent jeweller and diamond mer.

my delight to visit the shops; In fact, I have said all I know, except which, I need not inform you, oh that some domestic disagreement Nadir! exhibit so brilliant and obliged him to travel; and I hope magnificent a spectacle in this im. that some pleasing circumstance perial city. A few days since, we will induce him to reside with me; among others, called at that of an for since his arrival every thing has eminent Jew."

prospered in my house; and then he 66 What! Black Absalom ?”' said is so affable, so even tempered, so Nadir.

generous, so truly benevolent « The same," returned Zulima. Merciful Alla!-Nurse ! Lesbia! " He was showing us his superb as- -Slaves !Attend! your lady semblage of jewels and tasteful faints ! trinkets, when a young man entered. This exclamation of Nadir's soon Our veils were down; therefore we filled the apartment with attend. continued in the shop, struck with ants, some of whom immediately admiration "

communicated the event that caus« Of the young man, or the trink- ed it to Mirza, who sent for Na. ets ?” said Nadir.

dir in an instant. " As,” continued Zulima, “I « How do you find your patient?" mean to unbosom myself to you with cried the afflicted father. the utmost sincerity, I will freely Better than I expected!" re. confess that the sight of this youth turned the apothecary.

“ Better! why I hear that she is cunuch is to call on me this evennow in a fit."

ing. To morrow I will see her “I mean worse," said Nadir, again." * ( for the present; but she will be " I just return, noble Mirza, to better hereafter.”

tell you I have seen her, and we “Heaven and earth! how you an- seem to be in a good way.” swer me! Are these fits the effects " Rest"_Light fond” - Gentle of her disorder ?”

exercise" -“ Air"-" The mind to “ Yes!"

be unbent with moderate amuse« Then you think she is far ment.”_" Music"-" Reading"gone?"

and-hem-a hem I have no “ Very far gone indeed,” return- doubt but all will go well.” ed Nadir.

" You do not,” said Mirza, (To be continued.) " deem her incurable ?”

“No? I have a medicine at home that I think will cure her!"

66 Then,” cried Mirza, “ fly for For the Literary Magazine. it instantly!"

“I cannot," continued Nadir, NEW RELIGIOUS SECT. 6 fly, nor can I very speedili produce it: I must first see what turn A SECT has lately been dis. her disorder has taken, as her fa. covered in Silesia, which, though vourite maid has just whispered they have existed upwards of a cenme, that she has in some degree re. tury, have not attracted the public covered from her fit.”

attention till lately. This conceal. "Be sure you prescribe that me- ment has been chiefly occasioned by dicine

their peculiar and fundamental max" I will, if I should deem it pru. ims, which enjoin them to conform dent."

outwardly to the rites and ceremo. « And,” continued Mirza, “ see nies of other sects, when required her take it yourself; for she threw to do so by considerations of personal the last prescription out of the win- ease and safety ; to abstain from atdow."

tempting to make any converts “She will not throw my medicine from the followers of a different out of the window, I'll engage.” faith, and to communicate their te.

“No!” said Lesbia, who just en- nets only in the way of education, tered, “ my lady has too great a to their own children, or to infants regard for whatsoever comes from consigned by poverty or death of the house of the sage Nadir; for natural protectors to their care. In she says, oh noble Mirza ! that he their modes of worship they interis not only the tenderest, the most pret strictly that injunction in scripsagacious, but the very best physi- ture, When you pray, go into your cian that she ever had in her life; closets, and pray in secret, &c. and that she will follow his advice Worship, according to them, is acin every thing; and has no doubt ceptable, when offered in sincerity, but, through his scientific influence, by whomsoever and in whatsoever her cure will soon be complete." mapner offered, but the precept of

66 This,” said Mirza, “ is indeed Christ, rightly understood, enjoins surprizing!”

solitary and secret prayer. AccorNot at all, oh Mirza !" replied dingly, they abjure all assemblies Nadir : " when a patient is propers and churches for religious worship. ly treated, these turns are common. Their forms of devotion are a set of This young lady seems so perfectly hymns in Latin, composed by their to have recovered her senses, that I founder, in which the topics menwill only look in upon her to take my tioned in the Lord's prayer are leave for the present. Tamas the strictly adhered to; but these hymns

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