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But if those gleams fallacious prove Bent on the crooked paths that guide That paint the world so fair;

To Int'rest's sordid shrine ; If heav'n has plac'd for gen'rous love Be yours, ye gloomy sons of Woe! No soft asylum there ;

That melancholy truth to know; If men fair faith, fair fame deride, The dream of bliss be mine.



delphia, late of the United States' At PHILADELPHIA, on Thursday navy, to miss Jennet Bryden, second evening, July 30, by the Rev. Dr. daughter of Mr. James Bryden, Pilmore, Mr. Isaac G. Hannum, Fountain inn. printer, to miss Lydia Eyres, both

DIED, of Philadelphia.

At PHILADELPHIA, on the 4th Same evening, by the Rev. J. Jane. of August, of a short but painful ill. way, Mr. David Lyndall, of Phila- ness, in the thirtieth year of her delphia, to miss Priscilla Brown, of age, Sarah Allen, wife of Charles the Northern Liberties.

Allen, of Philadelphia, druggist. Same evening, by the Rev. Dr. On Sunday evening, August 9, of Smith, Mr. John S. Soast, to miss a tedious illness, which he bore with Elizabeth Sink, of the Northern Li. suitable fortitude, Mr. John Hurley, berties.

painter, of Philadelphia. On Monday evening, August 3, On Friday, August 14, after a by the right Rev. Dr. White, Mr. very long and painful illness, Mrs. John Andrews, merchant, to miss Maria Carrell, wife of Mr. Edward Margaret Abercrombie, daughter Carrell. of the Rev. James Abercrombie, D. On Monday, August 24, the veneD., one of the assistant ministers of rable Hugh M'Cullough, of Phila. Christ Church and St. Peter's. delphia, aged eighty-eight years and

On Thursday evening, August 27, two months. It is remarkable, that, by the Rev. bishop White, Mr. John during his long life, he was scarcely J. Wheeler, merchant, to miss Hen ever visited with sickness or pain. rietta Maria Howell, daughter of He closed the scene at length after Reading Howell, Esq., all of Phila a very short illness, occasioned prodelphia.

bably by a touch of the prevailing Same evening, by the Rev. Dr. influenza, though a gradual decay Abercrombie, Mr. Peter Watters, to was visible some time before to those miss Ann M.Kincy, both of South- about him. wark.

On Sunday evening, August 30, At NEW YORK, on Wednesday, Daniel Dupuy, sen., in the eightyJuly 29, by the right Rev. bishop ninth year of his age, long a respecMoore, Peter Augustus Jay, Esq., table inhabitant of Philadelphia. son of governor Jay, to miss Mary On the 23d of August, at his counRutherford Clarkson, daughter of try-seat, near Philadelphia, after a general Clarkson.

short but severe illness, Mr. RichOn Wednesday morning, August ard Hopkins, in the fifty-eighth year 13, at St. John's Church, by the right of his age. Rev.bishop Moore, John Okill, Esq., At ALLENTOWN, Northampton to miss Jay, daughter of sir James county, on the 1st of July, Thomas Jay, Kt., of that city.

Mewhorter, Esq., late a represen. At BALTIMORE, on Wednesday tative from that county in the senate evening, August 26, by the Rev. Mr. of Pennsylvania. Inglis, Mr. Jesse L. Keene, of Phila. At GERMANTOWN, on Thursday

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morning, August 20, Mrs. Elizabeth' able to longevity as it has been reBarnhill

, consort of Robert Barnhill, presented. Mr: Sikes enjoyed to of Philadelphia, merchant.

the end of his long life as uninterOn Friday, August 28, after an' rupted a state of good health as geillness of two days, Mrs. Sarah Rod- nerally falls tò the lot of men in any man, wife of Gilbert Rodman, Esq., country. He was a member of the of Eddington, Bensalem township, society of friends, and much resBucks county, and second daughter pected and esteemed by all who of the late Richard Gibbs, Esq., of knew him. the same place.

Drowned, near Lexington, on At PROVIDENCE, R. I., on Sun- 'Friday evening, July 24, George day, August 16, aged fifty-nine Bickham, jun., of Philadelphia, only years, Mrs. Avis Brown, the sur son of George Bickham, Esq., merviving partner in 'conjugal relation chant, of that place. On Friday of the late Nicholas Brown, Esq. morning, Mr. Bickham and several

At PORTLAND, Eunice, aged' of his acquaintance went on a visit four years and three months, daugh. to the Kentucky River. They had ter of Mr. William S. Quincy: Her spent the afternoon in exploring the death was occasioned by her swal-' cliffs of the river, near the mouth of lowing a tamarind stone, which stuck' Hicman (the object of their visit), in the wind-pipe.

and in the evening he, with another At ELKTON, Cecil county, Mary- gentleman, went in to bathe. 'In atland, on the fourth of August, Mrs. tempting to swim across the river, Mary Hollingsworth, in the eighty- he unfortunately got into a current, seventh year of her age.

which precipitated him over a fish At ALEXANDRIA, on the 24th of dam a short distance below, and no August, after a lingering illness, efforts of his anxious friends could doctor James Gillies, who has been save him. The body, under the dia practising physician of great emi. rection of the Rev. Mr. Moore and nence in that town for several years, Mr. Blythe, attended by a large and for philanthropy by few excelled. number of his friends and acquaint

On Sunday morning, August 9, ances, was interred in Lexington. general Lewis Nicolas, a respectable In no instance have we witnessed? veteran of 1776.

such universal sympathy as was exIn South Carolina, on the 9th of cited by this lamentable occurrence. July, Jane Eliza Dunlap, in the tenth At Sunderland, New Hampshire, year of her age, eldest daughter of July 29th, 1807, a son of Mr. John Samuel Dunlap, Esq., of Lancaster- Rowe, a worthy and promising ville. By her suddenly reaching to' young man, aged nineteen years, in the floor for thread, as it is supposed, the prime of life, much respected, and, having her needle in such a and universally lamented. The cirposition, it penetrated into her breast, cumstances of his death are here a little above her heart, leaving faithfully stated : nearly one-third of the needle in her Six weeks before his death, as he breast (the needle about No. 5), was returning to his lodgingslate in which destroyed her in less than one the evening, he was attacked in the hour after she received the wound. street by a mad dog.

'The young Medical aid was immediately called, man defended himself with his but the physician could render her hands as well as he could ; but unno assistance.

unhappily, in the contest the dog At CHARLESTON, South Caroli- wounded him in two of his fingers. na, on Friday, August 7, Mr. Tho- Heimmediately entered his lodgings, mas Sikes, a native of Ireland, in washed his wounds, squeezing, rubthe ninety-sixth year of his age. He bing, and cleansing them to the bote resided in that city about sixty tom in the most prudent manner he years. This is another evidence could, applying salt and vinegar or that that climate is not so unfavour. spirits. Early next morning he ad


vised with doctor Wells of Monta. attendants, sometimes would warn gue; he prescribed for him, and them of their danger, for perhaps wrote to me his mode of practice, he should bite them, but after this wishing me to attend upon him: his deranged to the last; he would directions were strictly attended to. swallow water, and never refused. The mercurial ungt. was applied, Thus ended the scene, and he died but no ptyalism succeeded, the miserably. quantity of ungt. was increased, and He complained of no pain in his persisted in for about five weeks, wounds, no swelling appeared, and but no salivation ensued, only his they were perfectly smooth, no wan. gums and mouth were a little sore, dering pains except the shoulder, no and a bad taste in his mouth ; it unquiet troubled sleep, or frightful was then concluded, that although dreams, no convulsions or subsultus of there was no ptyalism, the mercury the tendons, no trembling at the must have destroyed the poison, and sight of liquids or pellucid things, no friction was omitted. He then com. spasms or vomiting, no frothing at plained of a pain in the shoulder of the mouth, no efforts to spit at the the wounded side, the wounds hav- bystanders, or to bite them, no foaming been perfectly healed for some ing at the mouth, or gnashing of the time, which pains were atttributed teeth, or inclination to do mischief. to taking cold, making a partial rheu Is or is not this the hydrophobia? matism; applications were made to let the public judge. the pained part, the pain abated and left him; he then, two days before his In England, Elizabeth Clayton, death, complained of a numbness in aged sixty. This woman, from an the same arm, which increased un- early propensity to masculine emtil it was almost useless, before his ployments, had worked as a shipdeath. Two days before his death carpenter at a dock-yard upwards the air affected him very sensibly, of forty years, and was always in increasing to that degree, that he man's apparel; she used to drink, could not bear any person's approach chew tobacco, and keep company without symptoms of great uneasi. only with the workmen ; yet she ness, and even a person's breathing would never enter into the matriwith his face towards him greatly monial state. She was a strong, roaffected him; taking nothing into his bust woman, and never permitted mouth without a kind of shiver, as any one to insult her with impunity. if from the sense of cold air; in this [A woman, aged about fifty, now manner he expressed his feelings, works regularly in man's apparel, and thus it appeared to the bystand- as a ship-carpenter, at Halifax, Noers; his mind was much agitated va Scotia. She is capable and inthough fear of canine madness, and dustrious, and can utter an oath, or often spoke as if in a state of tempo- turn off her grog, with as little cererary derangement, but would an

mony as any of her fellow-labourers.] swer correctly to any question pro Lately, at Kingston, upon Thames, posed.

Mrs. Pierce, relict of the late unforHe could see water and swallow it tunate captain Pierce, commander as easily as more solid substances, of the Haleswell

, East Indiaman, in and said the sight of water, of lumi- which ship he perished with two nous or transparent objects were not daughters, and several other friends, offensive, but in his last hours his ex in the year 1786. Perhaps modern pressions were that his blood was in history does not afford a more rea-foam, and his eyes felt as if they markable instance of what human were balls of fire; the night on nature can endure than is to be which he died the symptoms were found in the latter part of this lady's like a true phrenzy. Exerting him- life : accustomed to the most eleself to the utmost, sometimes he gant and liberal style of life, surwould propose wrestling with his rounded by a numerous and engagVOL VIII, NO. XLVII.


ing family, united to a man who oc Convulsions,

1 3 casioned more tears at his loss, per- Decay,

0 1 haps, than any private individual Dropsy,

1 0 before or since the lamentable fate Dropsy in the brain, 1 2 of the Haleswell : in the midst of Dropsy in the chest, 1 0 this transient scene of bliss did she Dysentery,

1 3


Epilepsy, hear of the beginning of her misery,


0 in the wreck not only of her fortune, Fever remittent or bilious, 1


1 0 but her friends, her children, and

1 her husband, all, all buried in the Inflammation of the lungs, o

bowels, 1 1 devouring oceán. Like a true chris


1 o tian did she bear up with unexam

Locked jaw,

1 pled fortitude against her cruel fate,


1 which has still continued in its most

Small-pox, natural, 0 merciless form to invade her, by Still-born,

0 the loss of her two sons, the eldest Sudden,

0 in the most promising situation in Teething, India, the youngest commanding the Thrush, Taunton Castle, East Indiaman, and a short time prior to this her favour Total,

24 28-52 ite daughter died in child-bed. To

Of the above there were: complete this scene of human mise.

Under 2 years 19 ry, for the last twelve months this

From 2 to 5 5 unfortunate sufferer had been la.

5 10 2 bouring under a complication of dis

10 20 2 eases, the anguish of which was in


30 a degree diminished by the calm

30 40 9 ness she evinced in bending with

40 50

1 pious resignation to the will of the

50 60 1 Almighty. She has left three most

60 70 2

70 80 amiable daughters behind her, all

80 90 0 married, who, together with the wi.

7 dow of her youngest son, alleviated,

Ages unknown

-52 by their unremitting assiduity and tenderness, the latter moments of

Aug. 8. their much lamented relative. Diseases.

Ad. Childr. At Liverpool, by a fall from the Cachexia,

0 1 maintop of his ship, William Hadley, Childbed,

1 0 an American seaman.

Cholera morbus,

16 Consumption of the lungs, 4 0 Convulsions,

0 2 Decay,


2 3 Dropsy in the brain, 0 1 Dysentery,



1 Fever typhus,

1 Health-office, Aug. 1, 1807.


1 Interments, in the city and liberties Inflammation of the brain, 1

1 of Philadelphia, in the week end

of the breast, O

1 ing the 1st of August.

- bowels, o - liver,

1 Diseases.

Ad. Chiltr.

1 0

2 0 Cachelia,


Small-pox, natural, 1 1 Chillbed,


1 Cholera morbus,

0 8 Consumption of the lungs, 8


23 34-57


Old age


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Of the above there were: Childbed,

1 0
Under 2 years 28
Cholera morbus,

0 22
From 2 to 5 2

5 10 3 Consumption of the lungs 6 0
10 15 1

0 1
15 20 3

20 30 5

1 o
30 40 3

Dropsy of the chest, 0 1
40 50 1

60 3

3 1
60 70 1
Fever, intermittent,

70 80 2

remittent or bilious, 3 0
80 90 1

0 1
Ages unknown



-57 Inflammation of the brain, 0 1

Aug. 15.

1 Diseases.

Ad. Childr.

Jaundice Abscess,

0 2

Locked jaw,
Cholera morbus,


1 Consumption of the lungs, 1 0

Palsy, Convulsions,

0 2

Still-born, Decay,

0 1

Poisoned from grinding

0 1

1 0 Dropsy,

1 Q Dysentery,

4 4

25 39-64 Debility,

0 1 Fever, bilious,

1 0

Of the above there were:

Under 2 years 35 Gangrene,


From 2 to 5 1 Hives, 0

5 10 3 Hæmorrhage of the lungs, 1 0

10 15 0 1 0

15 20 3 0

20 30 1 Small-pox, natural, 0 1

30 40 7 Still-born,


40 50 7 Teething;


50 60 2 Worms,


1 Syphilis,

70 80 1 Sudden, 1

80 90 0 Unknown,

Ages unknown

64 Total,

17 31-48 Of the above there were :

Aug. 29. Under 2 years 25


Ad. Childr. From 2 to 5 2


2 0 5 10 2 Atrophy,

0 2 10 20 2 Cholera morbus,

0 16 20 30

Consumption of the lungs,11 0 30 40 3 Convulsions,

1 1 40 50 1 Decay,

1 0
50 60

70 1

0 1
70 80 1

1 80 90 3 Dysentery,

4 Ages unknown


1 Total



0 Aug. 22.

malignant bilious, 2 Diseases. -au. Childr. Gravel,

0 Atrophy, 0 1 Hooping cough,

0 1 Cancer, 1 1 Hives,


Insanity, Old age,


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