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Religion and Science The case against religion or religious beliefs is not an easy one. Richard Dawkins exposes it comparing religion with science. He also devotes some pages to elaborate on ... Read full review

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User Review  - scottcholstad -

Very good, no doubt, but after all the hype, a little underwhelming, I felt. And frankly a bit too boring. I really think in this school of authors, Hitchens is more readable and generally better while I get a lot more out of Dan Barker even. Still, a good work. Read full review

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“Science can chip away at agnosticism, in a way that Huxley bent over backwards to deny for the special of God. I am arguing that, notwithstanding the polite abstinence of Huxley, Gould and many ... Read full review

User Review  - Laurence P. -

An excellent book with tons of common sense examples of why there is no God looking over Us and observing our every thought and action. After reading his book you learn your actual place in this wild ... Read full review

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Some of it is quite baffling, but essentially got me 'over the line' completely with atheism. A worthy read, even if you are a believer; if nothing else Dawkins and other scientists bang the 'evidence ... Read full review

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Worst book I've read. Don't bother buying. His view on God is pathetic

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Delusion = (wiki def)
A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary. If I had to choose between Mr Dawkins & God when the shit hits the fan God wins everytime. Fantasy fiction at it's best.

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This book sucks
U cannot argue that God did not creat the universe!!!

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The Truth About Religion
Dawkins gives some sound and logical reasons as to why the world functions quite nicely without the presence of a supernatural overseer. I particularly like the praying
experiment. I'm not sure it's going to convert any true believers to the ways of reality, as logic is somewhat irrelevant to their beliefs. Would make secondary school religious education classes more interesting if added to the curriculum :) 

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