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dissatisfied with our goods. On the second charge, we confine our answer to an assurance that the due and distinct classification of subjects will always be uppermost in our thoughts, and proportioned with all possible attention to the quantity and value of our materials, and the relative importance of the article discussed ; and we unhesitatingly refer to the Contents of our first number, as the best illustration we can offer. On the third point, we cannot descend to an argumentum ad crumenam, without appearing either to underrate the purchaser's property, or to doubt the liberality of his disposition. Our publication will be proved to be on a scale of price uncommonly moderate; and its contents, although they may not all be required for the instantaneous occasion of to-day, will be such as rather to improve than become depreciated by keeping for to-morrow; and it is in fact on obviating the converse to this proposition, that we rest a considerable share of our own pretensions to merit. The man who wants but a single Pamphlet for a momentary purpose, throws it aside the next minute because it is single, and because he wants it no longer:

and thus are all pamphlets irredeemably consigned to forgetfulness and perdition : but, when he has half a dozen at once under one cover, it is become a book, it occupies a place upon the shelf, and its real use is discovered perhaps many years after even the quantum of its first cost is totally out of recollection.—On these three heads, therefore, of objection, we cannot but think our justification to be complete and irreversible.

Having given this comprehensive view of our plan, we think it unnecessary to expatiate further on its utility, and shall proceed to lay down the rules for its execution.


It will be printed with a fair open type, in Octavo.

Each No. will be published when sufficient matter is arranged, and three numbers will form one Vol. to which a copious Index will he affixed.

* Each No. to contain from 200 to 300 pages, averaging 250. Price 6s. 6d.

Four or five Nos. will be published annually.

Each No. on the average, will contain ten or twelve pamphlets ; thus reducing the price of each to something under eightpence—a saving to the public so obvious as to need no comment.

Advertisement to Authors,



It is to be lamented, that many Pamphlets of infinite merit are now become so scarce as hardly to have any existence but in the fond recollection and regrets, of those readers, to whom they once afforded conviction and delight. Such Pamphlets it is intended, if possible, to recover, and, when the pressure of new. matter will permit, to introduce them, as aptly as we can, into our numbers. The permission, therefore, of their authors to reprint them, and an early intimation of their sentiments, respecting the proposed plan, will be esteemed an important favor;, since thus, proper care may be had, with respect to the regularity of dates and every other circumstance, to give that clear series and continuation of subjects which will constitute the leading feature of this publication. · The sentiments and suggestions which MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT may prefer promulgating through the Press to oral declaration in the House, or which they may desire to publish for the information of their friends and constituents, after such declaration, will form a prominent feature of this work.

Charges to the Clergy will also be admitted.

For the encouragement of rising genius, it will not be necessary that each Pamphlet received into The Pamphleteer bear the name or signature of the Author. But it must be understood that no Pamphlet can be inserted in this work without the permission of the author distinctly expressed either by himself, or through his publisher.

The MS. is to be delivered gratuitously to the Editor, and the proofs may, if required, be revised by the Author; but as the latter will be at no expense whatever in Printing or Publishing, it is earnestly solicited that the Copy be delivered as correct as possible.

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