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THE CRITICISMS on the ROLLIAD, in their original form, excited such a general curiosity, that three spurious editions have already been sold, independently of their publication in various of the Daily Papers and Monthly Magazines. Such a marked testimony in their favour, cannot but be peculiarly flattering to us. We therefore thought it incumbent on us, in return, to exert our utmost endeavours in rendering them, as far as our judgment will direct us, yet more worthy of that attention with which they have been honoured, imperfect as they fell from us, through a channel, that did not seem necessarily to demand any very great degree of precision.

In the present edition some few passages have been expunged; others softened; many enlarged; more corrected: and two whole numbers, with the greater part

of a third, are altogether new. A poeticoprosaical Dedication to SIR LLOYD KENYON, now Lord Chief Justice of the Court of King's Bench, has also been added; and an Appendix is now given, consisting of Miscellaneous Pieces, to which the Criti cisms incidentally refer.

It may perhaps give offence to some very chastised judgments, that in this our authentic edition we have subjoined notes on a professed commentary. Some short explanations, however, appeared occasionally necessary, more especially as the subjects of Political Wit in their very nature are fugitive and evanescent. We only fear that our illustrations have not been sufficiently frequent, as we have privately been asked to what "Mr. Hardinge's Arithmetic" in the Dedication alluded; so little impression was made on the public by the learned Gentleman's elaborate calculation of the Orations spoken, and the time expended in the discussion of the Westminster Scrutiny! Indeed, we have known persons even ignorant that Sir Lloyd Kenyon voted for his stables.

This edition has further been ornamented with a Tree of the Genealogy, and the Arms, Motto, and Crest of the ROLLOS, nów ROLLES; for an explanation of which we beg leave to refer the reader to page xiii. The Genealogy is likewise given at full length from the Morning Herald, where it was originally published, and was probably the foundation of the ROLLIAD. It is therefore inserted in its proper place, before the first extract from the Dedication to the Poem, which immediately preceded the first Numbers of the CRITICISMS.

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