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Liver and Lights! from Plucks that moment drawn,
Pigs' Puddings! Black and White! with Canterbury


Fall to,

Ye Royal crew!

Eat! eat your bellies full! pray do!
At treats I never winces:-

The Queen shall say,
Once in a way,

Her maids have been well cramm'd-her young ones diu'd like Princes!

FULL CHORUS-accompanied by the whole HOGGERY.

For this BIG MORN

GREAT GEORGE was born!

The tidings all the Poles shall ring!

Due homage will I pay,

On this, thy native day,

GEORGE! by the grace of God, my rightful KING!!!!

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HAIL pious Muse of saintly love,
Unmix'd, unstain'd with earthly dross!
Hail Muse of Methodism, above
The Royal Mews at Charing Cross!
Behold, both hands 1 raise;
Behold, both knees I bend;
Behold, both eyeballs gaze!
Quick, Muse, descend, descend!

Meek Muse of Madan, thee my soul invokes
O point my pious puns! O sanctify my jokes!


Descend, and, O! in mem'ry keep

There's a time to wake a time to sleep→→→→
A time to laugh a time to cry!

The Bible says soso do I!

Then broad awake, O come to me! W
And thou my Eastern star shalt be!



MILLER, bard of deathless name,
MOSES, wag of merry fame;
Holy, holy, holy pair,
Hearken to your votʼry's pray'r!

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Grant, that, like Solomon's of old,
My faith be still in Proverbs told ;
Like his, let my religion be
Conundrums of divinity.


And O! to mine let each strong charm belong,
That breathes salacious in the wise man's Song.
And thou, sweet bard, for ever dear
To each impassion'd love-fraught ear,
Soft, luxuriant ROCHESTER;
Descend, and ev'ry tint bestow."
That gives to phrase its ardent glow;
From thee thy willing Hill shall learn
Thoughts that melt, and words that burn:
Then smile, O gracious smile, on this petition
So Solomon, gay Wilmot join'd with thee,
Shall show the world that such a thing can be
As, strange to tell a virtuous Coalition!
Podaj pa fina 2018


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Thou too, thou dread and awful shade.
Of dear departed WILL. WHITEHEAD,
Look through the blue ethereal skies,
And view me with propitious eyes!
Whether thou most delight'st to loll
On Sion's top, or near the Pole!
Bend from thy mountains, and remember still
The wants and wishes of a lesser Hill!




Then, like Elijah, fled to realms above, uta To me, thy friend, bequeath thy hallow'd cloak,

And by its virtue Richard may improve, And in thy habit preach, and pun, and joke.


The Lord doth give---The Lord doth take away.--Then, good Lord Sal'sbury, attend to me-Banish these sons of Belial in dismay;

And give the praise to a true Pharisee:
For, sure, of all the scribes that Israel curst,
These scribes poetic are by far the worst.
To thee, my Samson, unto thee I call-

Exert thy jaw-and straight disperse them all— So, as in former times, the Philistines shall fall! Then as 't was th' beginning,

So to th' end 't shall be;

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DOES the wind touch thee, O Harp?
Or is it some passing Ghost?

Is it thy hand,

Spirit of the departed Scrutiny? Bring me the harp, pride of CHATHAM!

Snow is on thy bosom,

Maid of the modest eye!
A song shall rise!

Every soul shall depart at the sound ! ! ! The wither'd thistle shall crown my head!!!

I behold thee, O King!

I behold thee sitting on mist!!!

Thy form is like a watery cloud,
Singing in the deep like an oyster!!!!

Thy face is like the beams of the setting moon!

Thy eyes are of two decaying flames!
Thy nose is like the spear of ROLLO!!!
Thy ears are like three bossy shields!!!
Strangers shall rejoice at thy chin!
The ghosts of dead Tories shall hear me
In their airy hall!

The wither'd thistle shall crown my head!
Bring me the Harp,

But thou, O King! give me the Laurel!.

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