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The Rev. Joseph Warton, D. D.

Pepper Arden, Esq. Attorney General to His Majesty.

Michael Angelo Taylor, Esq. M. P.
James McPherson, Esq. ditto.
Major John Scott, ditto.

Nath. William Wraxall, Esq. ditto. Mons. Le Mesurier, Membre du Parlement d'Angleterre.

The several candidates having taken their places at a table provided for the occasion, the Lord Chamberlain, in the politest manner, signified his wish that each candidate would forthwith recite some sample of his poetry as he came provided with for the occasion; at the same time most modestly confessing his own inexperience in all such matters, and entreating their acquiescence therefore in his appointment of his friend, Mr. Delpini, of the Haymarket Theatre, as an active and able assessor on so important an occasion. Accordingly, Mr. Delpini being immediately introduced, the several candidates proceeded to recite their compositions, according to their rank and precedence in the above list-both his Lordship and his assessor attended throughout the

whole of the readings with the profoundest respect, and taking no refreshment whatsoever, except some China orangés and biscuit, which were also handed about to the company by Mr. John Secker, Clerk of the Household, and Mr. William Wise, Groom of the Buttery.

At half after five, the readings being completed, his Lordship and Mr. Delpini retired to an adjoining chamber; Mrs. Elizabeth Dyer, Keeper of the Butter and Egg Office, and Mr. John Hook, Deliverer of Greens, being admitted to the candidates with several other refreshments suitable to the fatigue of the day. Two Yeomen of the Mouth and a Tun-broacher attended likewise; and indeed every exertion was made to conduct the little occasional repast that followed with the utmost decency and convenience; the whole being at the expense of the Crown, notwithstanding every effort to the contrary on the part of Mr. Gilbert.

At length the awful moment arrived,when the detur digniori was finally to be pronounced on the busy labours of the daynever did Lord Salisbury appear to greater

advantage-never did his assessor more amusingly console the discomfitures of the failing candidates-every thing that was affable, every thing that was mollifying, was ably expressed by both the judges; but poetical ambition is not easily allayed. When the fatal fiat was announced in favour of the Rev. Thomas Warton, a general gloom. overspread the whole society-a still and awful silence long prevailed. At length Sir Cecil Wray started up, and emphatically pronounced A scrutiny! a scrutiny!—A shout of applause succeeded-in vain did the incomparable Buffo introduce his most comic gestures-in vain was his admirable leg pointed horizontally at every head in the room-a scrutiny was demanded—and a scrutiny was granted. In a word, the Lord Chamberlain declared his readiness to submit the productions of the day to the inspection of the public, reserving nevertheless to himself and his assessor the full power of annulling or establishing the sentence already pronounced. It is in consequence of the above direction, that we shall now give the public, the said PROBATIONARY VERSES, commencing with those, however, which are the

production of such of the candidates as most vehemently insisted on the right of appeal, conceiving such priority to be in justice granted to the persons whose public spirit has given so lucky a turn to this poetical election. According to the above order, the first composition that we lay before the public is the following:




The SPELLING by Mr. GROJAN, Attorney at Law.

HARK! hark!-hip! hip!-hoh! hoh!
What a mort of bards are a-singing!

I'm sure there's a dozen a-dinging!

I hear sweet Shells, loud Harps, large Lyres-
Some, I trow, are tun'd by Squires

Some by Priests, and some by Lords!-while Joe and I

Our bloody hands hoist up, like meteors, on high!

Yes, Joe and I

Are em'lous-Why?

It is because, great CESAR, you are clever
Therefore we'd sing of you for ever!
God save the King!

Smile then, CESAR, smile on Wray!
Crown at last his poll with bay!
Come, oh! bay, and with thee bring
Salary, illustrious thing!
Laurels vain of Covent-garden,
I don't value you a farding!-

Let sack my soul cheer,
For 'tis sick of small beer!

CESAR! CESAR! give it-do!

Great CESAR giv't all, for my Muse 'doreth
Oh fairest of the Heavenly Nine,
Enchanting Syntax, Muse divine!
Whether on Phoebus' hoary head,
By blue-ey'd Rhadamanthus led,
Or with young Helicon you stray,
Where mad Parnassus points the way ;-
Goddess of Elizium's hill,

Descend upon my Paar's quill.-
The light Nymph hears-no more
By Pegasus' meand'ring shore,
Ambrosia, playful boy,

Plumbs her jene scai quoi!———
I mount!-I mount!-


I'm half a Lark-I'm half an Eagle!
Twelve stars I count-

I see their dam-she is a Beagle!
Ye Royal little ones,

I love your flesh and bones

You are an arch, rear'd with immortal stones!

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