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"Vain was thy roar, MAHON !-though loud and deep; 21 "Not our own GILBERT could be rous'd from sleep. "No bargain yet the tribe of PHIPPS had made: "LANSDOWNE! you sought in vain e'en MULGRAVE'S aid;


"MULGRAVE at whose harsh scream, in wild surprise, "The speechless Speaker lifts his drowsy eyes. "Ah! hapless day! still as thy hours return, "Let Jesuits, Jews, and sad Dissenters mourn! "Each quack and sympathizing juggler groan, "While bankrupt brokers echo moan for moan. "O much-lov'd peer!--my patron!-model!-friend! "How does thy alter'd state my bosom rend! "Alas! the ways of courts are strange and dark! "PITT scarce would make thee now-a Treasury-clerk !" Stung with the maddening thought, his griefs, his fears Dissolve the plaintive counsellor in tears. .36 "How oft," he cries, "has wretched LANSDOWNE said, "Curs'd be the toilsome hours by statesmen led! "O! had kind Heaven ordain'd my humbler fate "A country gentleman's-of small estate→→→ "With Price and Priestley in some distant grove, "Blest I had led the lowly life I love,

"Thou, Price, hadst deign'd to calculate my flocks! "Thou, Priestley, sav'd them from the lightning shocks! "Unknown the storms and tempests of the state 45 "Unfelt the mean ambition to be great; "In Bowood's shade had pass'd my peaceful days, "Far from the town and its delusive ways; "The crystal brook my beverage—and my food

Hips, cornels, haws, and berries of the wood." "Blest Peer! eternal wreaths adorn thy brow! "Thou CINCINNATUS of the British plough!





But rouse again thy talents and thy zeal! "Thy Sovereign, sure, must wish thee Privy-seal. "Or, what if from the seals thou art debarr'd? .. CHANDOS, at least, he might for thee discard. "Come, LANSDOWNE! come-thy life no more thy


"O! brave again the smoke and noise of town; "For Britain's sake the weight of greatness bear, "And suffer honours thou art doom'd to wear. "To thee her Princes, lo! where India sends! "All BENFIELD's here and there all HASTINGS' friends; "MACPHERSON-WRAXALL-SULLIVAN→→→behold!

Thus mourn'd the youth-till, sunk in pensive grief, He woo'd his handkerchief for soft relief.

"CALL-BARWELL-MIDDLETON—with heaps of gold! "Rajahs-Nabobs-from Oude-Tanjore-Arcot- 65 "And see!~(nor O! disdain him!)-MAJOR SCOTT. "Ah! give the Major but one gracious nod: "E'en PITT himself once deign'd to court the squad. "O! be it theirs, with more than patriot heat,

To snatch thy virtues from their lov'd retreat; "Drag thee reluctant to the haunts of men, "And make thee minister-O God!-but when!"

In either pocket either hand he threw;
When, lo!-from each, a precious tablet flew :
This his sage patron's wondrous speech on trade;
That-his own book of sarcasms ready-made.
Tremendous book!-thou motley magazine
Of stale severities, and pilfer'd spleen!
O! rich in ill!—within thy leaves entwin'd,
What glittering adders lurk to sting the mind.
Satire's Museum!-with SIR ASHTON's lore,
The naturalist of malice eyes thy store:





Ranging, with fell Virtû, his poisonous tribes
Of embryo sneers and animalcule gibes.
Here insect puns their feeble wings expand,
To speed, in little flights, their lord's command:
There, in their paper chrysalis, he sees
Specks of bon-mots, and eggs of repartees.
In modern spirits ancient wit he steeps;
If not its gloss, the reptile's venom keeps;
Thy quaintness, DUNNING! but without thy sense;
And just enough of BT, for offence.
On these lov'd leaves a transient glance he threw;
But weightier themes his anxious thoughts pursue.
Deep senatorial pomp intent to reach,
With ardent eyes he hangs o'er LANSDOWNE's speech.
Then, loud the youth proclaims th' enchanting words
That charm'd the "noble natures" of the Lords.







"Lost and obscur'd in Bowood's humble bow'r, "No party tool-no candidate for pow'r "I come, my Lords! an hermit from my cell, "A few blunt truths in my plain style to tell. Highly I praise your late commercial plan; Kingdoms should all unite—like man and man. "The French love peace-ambition they detest; "But Cherbourg's frightful works deny me rest. "With joy I see new wealth for Britain shipp'd ; "Lisbon's a froward child, and should be whipp'd. 110 "Yet Portugal's our old and best ally,

"And Gallic faith is but a slender tie.
"My Lords! the manufacturer's a fool;
"The clothier, too, knows nothing about wool;
"Their interests still demand our constant care;
"Their griefs are mine-their fears are my despair.




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My Lords! my soul is big with dire alarms; "Turks, Germans, Russiaus, Prussians, all in arms! "A noble Pole (I'm proud to call him friend!)

"Tells me of things I cannot comprehend. "Your Lordships' hairs would stand on end to hear My last despatches from the Grand Vizier. "The fears of Dantzick merchants can't be told; "Accounts from Cracow make my blood run cold. "The state of Portsmouth and of Plymouth Docks, 125 "Your Trade your Taxes-Army-Navy-Stocks"All haunt me in my dreams; and, when I rise, "The Bank of England scares my open eyes. " I see- I know some dreadful storm is brewing; "Arm all your coasts-your navy is your ruin. "I say it still; but (let me be believ'd) "In this your Lordships have been much deceiv'd. "A noble Duke affirms, I like his plan : "I never did, my Lords!-I never can "Shame on the slanderous breath, which dares instill 135 "That I, who now condemn, advis'd the ill. "Plain words, thank Heav'n! are always understood: "I could approve, I said-but not I would, "Anxious to make the noble Duke content, "My view was just to seem to give consent, "While all the world might see that nothing less was



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While JEKYLL, thus, the rich exhaustless store
Of LANSDOWNE's rhetoric ponders o'er and o'er;
And, wrapt in happier dreams of future days,
His patron's triumphs in his own surveys;
Admiring barristers in crowds resort

From Figtree--Brick--Hare--Pump--and Garden


Anxious they gaze-and watch with silent awe

The motley son of politics and law.
Meanwhile, with softest smiles and courteous bows, 150
He, graceful bending, greets their ardent vows.

"Thanks, generous friends," he cries, "kind Templars, thanks!

"Though now with LANSDOWNE's band your JEKYLL ranks,

"Think not, he wholly quits black-letter cares;
"Still-still the lawyer with the statesman shares.”
But, see! the shades of night o'erspread the skies!
Thick fogs and vapours from the Thames arise.
Far different hopes our separate toils inspire;
To parchment you, and precedent, retire.
With deeper bronze your darkest looks imbrown,
Adjust your brows for the demurring frown:
Brood o'er the fierce rebutters of the bar,
And brave the issue of the gowned war.
Me, all unpractis'd in the bashful mood,
Strange, novice thoughts, and alien cares delude.
Yes, modest Eloquence! e'en I must court
For once, with mimic vows, thy coy support;
O! wouldst thou lend the semblance of thy charms!
Feign'd agitations, and assum'd alarms!

"T were all I'd ask :—but for one day alone
To ape thy downcast look-thy suppliant tone;
To pause-and bow with hesitating grace—
Here try to falter-there a word misplace:
Long-banish'd blushes this pale cheek to teach,
And act the miseries of a maiden speech.







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