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Shap'd ro his Size, and God like to behold;
His royal Body shines with Specks of Gold,
And ruddy Scales; For Empire he design'd,
Is bercer born, and of a nobler Kind.
That other looks like Nature in Disgrace,
Gaunt are his Sides, and sullen is his Face :
And like their griefly Prince appears his gloomy Race:
Grim, ghastly, rugged, like a thirsty Train,
That long have travell’d thro' a desart Plain :
And 1pet from their dry Chaps the gather'd Duft again.
The better Brood, unlike the Bastard-Crew,
Are mark'd with royal Streaks of shining Hue ;
Glitt'ring and ardent, tho' in Body lefs..

Besides, not Egypt, India, Media more,
With servile Love their Idol King adores
While he survives, in Concord and Content
The Commons live, by no Divisions rent,
But the great Monarch's Death dissolves the Government.
All goes to Ruin : They themselves contrive
To rob the Honey, and subvert the Hive.
Then since they share with Man one common Fate,
In Health and Sickness, and in Turns of State.
Observe the Symptoms when they fall away,
And languish withinsensible Decay:
They change their Hue, with haggard Eyes they stare,
Lean are their Looks, and shagged is their Hair;
And Crowds of Dead, that never must return
To their lov'd Hives, in decent Pomp are born:
Their Friends attend the Herse, the next Relations mourn.
The Sick for Air before the Portal gasp,
Their feeble Legs within each other clasp ;
Or idle in their

empty Hives remain,
Benum'd with Cold, and listless of their Gain :
Such Whispers then, and broken Sounds are heard,
As when the Woods by gentle Winds are stir'd :
Such stifled Noise as the close Furnace hides,
Or dying Murmurs of departing Tides.

Dryd. Virg.
Prone to Revenge, the Bees, a wrathful Race,
When once provok'd, assault th'Oppressor's Face :
And thro' the purple Veins a Passage find,
Therę fix their Stings, and leave their Souls behind. Dryd.Virg.

When golden Suns appear,
And under Earth have driv'n the Winter Year ;
The winged Nation wanders thro' the Skies,
And e'er the Plains and thady Forest flies :
Then looping on the Meads, and leafy Bow'rs,
They skim the Floods, and lip the purple Flow'rs :


Then work their waxen Lodgings in their Hives,
And labour Honey to sustain their Lives.

Dryd. Virg.
But when thou seeft a swarming Cloud arise,
That sweeps alofs, and darkens all the Skies:
The Motions of their hafty Flight attend,

(Dryd. Virg. And know to Floods or Woods their airy March they bend,

Th'assembling Swarms,
Dark as a Cloud, then make a wheeling Flighe,
And on a neighb'ring Tree, descending, light:
Like a large Cluster of black Grapes they show,
And make a long Dependance from the Bough.

Dryd. Virg:
About the Boughs an airy Nation flew
Of humming Bees, that haunt the golden Dew;
In Summer's Heat on Tops of Lillies feed,
And creep within their Bells to fuck the balmy Seed.
The winged Army roams the fields around;
The Rivers and the Rocks remurmur to the Sound. Dryd. Virg.

Thus when the Swain, within a hollow Rock,
Invades the Bees with suffocating Smoke;
They run around, or labour on their Wings,
Disus'd to Flight, and shoot their sleepy Stings:
To fhun the bitter Fumes in vain they try;

(Virg. Black Vapours, issuing from the Vent, involve the Sky. Dryd.

There stands a Rock, dash'd with the breaking Wave
Of troubled Styx, where in a gloomy Cave,
Flowing with Gore, the fierce Bellons dwells ;
And, bound with adamantine Fetters, yells :
Around stand Heaps of mossy Skulls and Bones,
Whence issue loud Laments and dreadful Groans :
Torn Limbs and mangled Bodies are her Food;
Her Drink, whole Bowls of Wormwood, Gall, and Blood :
Long curling Snakes her Head with Horrour crown,
And on her Tquallid Back hang lolling down.
This gripes a bloody Dart, the other Hand
Grasps of infernal Fire a flaming Brand.
Treafon and Usurpation, near ally'd,
Haughty Ambition, and elevated Pride,
And Cruelty, with bloody Garlands crown'd,
Rapine and Desolation stand around.
With these, Injustice, Violence, Rage remain,
And ghastly Famine with her meager Train.

BIRDS. See Country Life, Grove, Creation, Muse.
The Birds, great Nature's Commoners,
That haunt in Woods, and Meads, and flow'ry Gardens,
Rifle the Sweets, and taste the choicest Fruits,
Yet scorn co ask the lordly Owner's Leave. Row. Fair Pen,


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BLAST, or BLIGHT. The verdant Walks their charming Afpe& lose, And shriveld Fruit drops from the wither's Boughs : Flow'rs in their Virgin Blushes smother'd die, And round the Trees their scatter'd Beauties lie: Infection taints the Air, fick Nature fades ; And suddain Autumn all the Place invades. So when the fields their flow'ry Pomp display, Sooth'd by the Springs sweet Breath and chearing Ray; If Boreus then, designing envious War, Musters his swift-wing'd Legions in the Air, And then for sure Destru&tion marches forth, Wich the cold Forces of the snowy North : The op'ning Buds, and sprouting Herbs, and all The tender First-born of the Spring must fall: The blighted Trees their blooming Honours lhed, And on their blasted Hopes the mournful Gard'ners tread. Blas

BLINDNESS. See Light. All dark and comfortless! Where are those various Obje&s that but now Employ'd my busy Eyes ? Where those Eyes ? Dead are their piercing Rays, that lately shot O'er flow'ry Vales to distant sunny Hills, And drew with Joy the vast Horizon in. These groping Hands are now my only Guides, And Feeling all my Sight. Shut from the Living while among the Living! Dark as the Grave amidst the bustling World ! At once from Bus'ness and from Pleasure barr'd! No.rigre to view the Beauty of the Spring! Norlee the Face of Kindred or of Friend! Tate K. Lear.

O first created Beam ! and thou great Word,
Let there be Light! and Light was over all:
Why am I thus bereav'd thy prime Decree ?

Why was the Sight
To such a tender Ball as th’Eye confind,
So obvious, and so easy to be quench'd ?
And not, as Feeling, thro' all Parts diffus'd }
That she might look at Will thro' ev'ry Pore ?

O Happiness of Blindness! Now no Beauty
Inħames my Luft; no others Good my Envy,
Or Misery my Pity: No Man's Wealth
Draws my Respect, nor Poverty my Scorn.
Yer ftill I see enough! Man to himself
Is a large Prospect, rais’d above the Level
of his low creeping Thoughts.

Denb. Soph.

Add. Ovid.

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A crimson Blush her beauteous Face o'erspread,
Varying her Cheeks by turns with White and Red :

The driving Colours, never at a Stay,
Run here and there, and flush, and fade away.
Delightful Change ! thus Indian Iv'ry shows,
Which with the bord’ring Paint of Purple glows;
Or Lillies damask'd by the neighb'ring Rose. Dryd. Virg.

In rising Blushes still fresh Beauties rose;
The funny Side of Fruit fuch Blushes shows,
And fuch the Moon, when all her silver White
Turns in Eclipses to a ruddy Light.

Such lovely Stains the face of Heav'n adorn,
When Light's first Blushes paint the bashful Morn:
So on the Bush the flaming Rofe does glow,
When mingled with the Lilly's neighb'ring Snow. Old.

See, my Palmyra comes: The frighted Blood
Scarce yet recall'd to her pale Cheeks;
Like the first Streaks of Light broke loose from Darkness,
And dawning into Blushes.

Dryd. Mar. A-la-Mode

Let me for ever gaze,
And bless the new-born Glories that adorn thee:
From ev'ry Blush that kindles in thy Cheeks,
Ten thousand little Loves and Graces spring,
To revel in the Roses.

Row, Tamerl.
BOAR. See Duel, Enjoyment, Hunting.

As a savage Boar, on Mountains bred,
With Forest-Mast and fat'ning Marshes fed;
When once he sees himself in Toils inclos'd,
By Huntsmen and their eager Hounds oppos'd,
He whets his Tusks, and turns, and dares the War;
Th'Invaders dart their Jav'lins from afar:
All keep aloof, and safely shout around;
But none presume to give a nearer Wound :
He frets and froths, erects his bristled Hide,
And shakes a Grove of Lances from his Side. Dryd. Virg

His Eye-balls glare with Fire, fuffus'd with Blood;
His Neck Thoots up a thick-set thorny Wood:
His bristled Back a Trench impal'd appears,
And stands erected like a Field of Spears.
Froth fills his Chaps, he sends a grunting Sound;

part he churns, and part befoams the Ground.
For Tusks, with Indian Elephants he ftrove;
And Jove's own Thunder from his Mouth he drove.
He suffers not the Corn its yellow Beards to rear,

But tramples down the Spikes, and intercepts the Year,

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In vain the Barns expe&t their promis'd Load,
Nor Barns at home, nor Reeks are heap'd abroad.
In vain the Hinds the Threshing floor prepare,
And exercise their Arms in empty Air.
With Olives ever green the Ground is Arew'd,
And Grapes ungather'd shed their gen'rous Blood.
Amid the Fold he rages, nor the Sheep

(Dryd, Ovid. Their Shepherds, nor their Grooms their Bulls can keep.

Forth from the Thicket rush'd another Boar,
So large, he seem'd the Tyrant of the Woods,
With all his dreadful Bristles rais'd up high,
They seem'd a Grove of Spears upon his Back.
Foaming he came at me, where I was posted,
Whetting his huge long Tusks, and gaping wide,
As he already had me for his Prey:
Till brandishing my well.pois'd fav’lin high,
With this cold executing Arm I struck
The ugly brindled Monster to the Heart.

Otw. Orph.
So when fierce Dogs and clam'rous Swains furround
A mighty Boar, in neighb'ring Mountains found:
His Bristles high erected on his Back,
The raging Beast withstands the Foes Attack;
He whets his dreadful Tusks, and from afar
He foams, and flourishes the Iv'ry War:
The cautious Huntsmen at a Dittance rage,
Caft all their Darts, but dares not close engage.

Blac, So when surrounding Huntsmen cast a Show's Of hising Spears against some mighty Boar; The griefly Beaft, provok'd with ev'ry Wound, Rages, and casts his threat'ning Looks around. High on his Back his furious Bristles rise, And Lightning flashes from his raging Eyes: He tofres Clouds of Foam amidst the Air; And, brandishing his Fangs, invites the War.

Blac. BOASTING. My Arms a nobler Vi&tory never gain'd, And I am prouder to have pass'd that Stream, Than that I drove a Million o'er the Plain. Can none remember? Yes! I know all muft, When Glory, like the dazling Eagle, stood, Perch'd on my Beaver, in the Granick Flood; When Fortune's felf my Standard trembling bore, And the pale Fates stood frighted on the Shore. When the Immortals on the Billows rode, And I my self appear'd the leading God.

Lee Alex. Send Danger from the East unto the West, So Honour cross in from the North to South,


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