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Were conscious of themselves, and of their State,
And had buc Reason to sustain Debate ;
The painful Passage they would dread, and shew
Reluétance to a World they do not know:
They in their Prisons still would chuse to lie,
As backward to be born as we to die.

She flies the Towns, and mixing with a Throng
Of madding Matrons, bears the Bride along:
Wand'ring thro' Woods, and Wilds, and devious Ways,
She feign'd the Rites of Bacchus, cry'd aloud,
And to the bušom God the Virgin vow'd.
Evoe, O Bacchus ! Thus began the Song ;
And Evoe, answer'd all the female Throng:
O Virgin, worthy thee alone! she cry'd;
O worthy thee alone! the Crew reply'd.
For thee The feeds her Hair, the leads thy Dance,
And with thy winding Ivy wreaths ber Lance.
Like Fury seiz'd the rest ; the Progress known,
All seek the Mountains, and forsake the Town.
All clad in Skins of Beasts the Jav’lin bear,
Unbind their Fillets,
Give to the wanton Winds their flowing Hair,
And Shrieks and Shoutings rend the fuff'ring Air.
Rouling their haggard Eyes, infpir'd with Rage divine,
Shake high above their Heads a flaming Pine ;
And Orgies and No&urnal Rites prepare.

Dryd. Virg. Less wild the Bacchanalian Dames appear, . When from afar their Nightly God they hear, And howl about the Hills, and shake the wreathy Spear.

(Dryd. Virg.
BACCHU S. See Musick.
Great Father Bacchus to my Song repair,
For cu tring Vines are thy peculiar Care:
For thee large Bunches load the bending Vine;
And the last Blessings of the Year are thine :
To thee his Joys the jolly Autumn owes;
When the fermenting Juice the Var o'erflows.
Come strip with me, my God; come drench all o'er
Thy Limbs in Must of Wine, and drink at ev'ry Pore. Dryd. Virg.

See Bacımus turning from his Indian War,.
By Tymers drawn triumphant in his Car;
From N lus Top descending on the Plains,
With cur ing Vies around his Purple Reins. Dryd. Virg:

so Bacchus tire the corner'd Indies rode,
And Beasts in a stii kd before their honeft God Dryd.

(Pol. Lo Arc. BASTARD.


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} Osp. Dar cor}

Why should dull Law rule Nature, who first made
That Law, by which herself is now betray'd ?
E'er Man's Corruptions made him wretched, he
Was born moft noble, who was born most free:
Each of himself was Lord; and unconfin'd
Obey'd the Di&tates of his God-like Mind.
Law was an Innovacion brought in fince,
When Fools began to love Obedience,
And call'd their Slav'ry Safety and Defence.
Why should it be a Stain then on my Blood,
Because I came not in the common Road;
But born obscure, and so more like a God? Otw. Don Carl.

He's a Baftard ! Goc in a Fit of Nature !
She shook him from her Nerves in a Convulsion;
His Father stamp'd the Bullion in a Heat,
And taking from the Mint the fiery Oar,
His Image bless'd, and cry'd, it is my own.
Yet more! a Priest begot him, and 'tis thought,
That Earth is more oblig'd to Priests for Bodies,
Than Heav'n for Souls. Nay, and a young Priest too !
Perhaps in the Embraces of a Nun,
Who ventur'd Life to clasp the lufty Joy. Lee Caf. Borg

BATTLE. See Fight, Joufts, War.
O the brave Din, the noble Clank of Arms! Les Alex,

All the Plain
Cover'd with thick embasteľd Squadrons bright,
Chariots, and flaming Arms, and fiery Steeds,
Refle&ing Blaze on Blaze, first met his View :
From Skirt to Skirt a fiery Region, stretch'd
In battaillous Afpe&t:
Bristled with upright Beams, innumerable,
Of rigid Spears, and Helmets throng'd, and Shields
Various, with boasted Arguments pourtray'd :
The banded Pow'rs of Satan.

The Powers militant
That stood for Heav'n, in mighty Quadrate joyn'd
Of Union irresistable, mov'd on
In Silence cheir bright Legends, to the Sound
Of inftrumental Harmony, that breath'd
Heroick Ardour to advenc'rous Deeds,
Under their God-like Leaders. On they move
Indiffolubly firm : nor obvious Hill,
Nor strait’ning Vale, nor Wood, nor Scream divides
Their perfe&t Ranks; for high above the Ground
Their March was, and the passive Air upbore
Their nimble Tread.


The Shout
Of Battle now began, and ruling Sound
Of Onset ended foon each milder Thought.
High in the midst, exalted as a God,
Th'Apostare in his Sun-bright Chariot face,
Idol of Majesty Divine, enclos'd
With flaming Cherubim, and golden Shields:
Then lighted from his gorgeous Throne: For nout
"Twixt Hoft and Hoft but narrow Space was left,
A dreadful Interval! And Front to Front
Presented stood in terrible Array
Of hideous Length: Before the cloudy Van,
On the rough Edge of Battle, e'er it joyn'd,
Satan, with vast and haughty Strides advanc'd,
Came tow'ring, arm'd in Adamant and Gold.

A noble Stroke Abdiel lifted high,
Which hung not, but fo swift with Tempest fell
On the proud Crest of Satar; that no Sight,
No Motien of quick Thought, less cou'd his Shield
Such Ruin intercept: Ten Paces huge
He back recoil'd, the Tenth on bended knice
His maffy Spear upftay'd. As if on Earth
Winds underground, or Waters, forcing way.
Sidelong, had puth'd a Mountain from his Seat,
Half funk with all his Pines. Nor stood in gaže
The adverse Legions, nor less hideous joyn'd
The horrid Shock: Now forming Fury rose,

Arms on Armour clashing, bray'd
Horrible Discord, and the madding Wheels
Of brazen Chariots rag'd; dire was the Noise
Of Confli&: Over-head the dismal Hifs
Of fiery Darts in flaming Vollies flew,
And flying vaulted either Hoft with Fire;
So under fiery Cope together rush'd
Both Battels main, with ruinous Affault,
And inextinguishable Rage : All Heav'n
Resounded, and had Earth been then, all Earth
Had to her Centre fhook. Deeds of Eternal Fame
Were done, but infinite; for wide was spread
The War and various : Sometimes on firm Ground
A standing Fight ; then, soaring on main Wings
Tormented all che Air : All Air seeru'd then
Conflicting Fire.
Their Arms away some threw, and to the Hills
Swift as the Lightning Glimpse they ran, they few :
From the Foundations loos'ning to and fro,
They pluck'd the feated Hills with all their Load,

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Rocks, Waters, Woods, and by the thaggy Tops
Up-lifting, bore them in their Hands.

Then on their Heads
Main Promontories flung, which in the Air
Came shadowing, and oppress'd whole Legions arm'd.
Their Armour help'd their Harm, crush'd in and bruis'd,
Into their Subftance pent, which wrought chem Pain
Implacable, and many a dolorous Groan;
Long struggling underneath, c'er they could wind
Out of such Prison.
The rest, in Imitation, to like Arms
Betook them, and the neighbouring Hills up-tore :
So Hills amid the Air encounter'd Hills,
Hurl'd to and fro with Jaculation dire,
That underground

they fought in difmal Shade.
Infernal Noise! War fecm'd a civil Game
To this Uproar; horrid Confusion heap'd
Upon Confusion rose. Long time in even Scale
The Battle hung; till Satan
Saw where the Sword of Michael (mote, and felld
Squadrons at once; with huge two-handed Sway
Brandish'd aloft the horrid Edge came down
Wide wasting : Such Deftru&ion to withftand
He hasted, and oppos’d the rocky Orb
Of ten-fold Adamant, his ample Shield :
A vaft Circumf'rence! Then both addressid for Fighe
Unspeakable : For like two Gods they seem'd,
Stood they, or mov'd ; in Stature, Motion, Arms,
Fit to decide the Empire of great Heav'n..
Now wav'd their fiery Swords, and in the Air
Made horrid Circles : Two broad Suns, their Shields
Blaz'd opposite : While Expectation stood
In Horrour. From each Hand with speed retir'd
Th’Angelick Throng, unsafe within the Wind
Of such Commotion : But the Sword of Michael met
The Sword of Satan, and in half cut sheer ; nor ftay'd,
But with swift Wheel reverse, deep entring shar'd
All his Right-side: Then Satan first knew Pain,
And writh'd him to and fro convolv'd ; so fore
The griding Sword with discontinuous Wound
Pass'd thro' him.
And now their Mightieft quell'd, the Battle swerv'd,
With many an Inrode gord : Deformed Rout
Enter'd and foul Disorder : All the Ground
With shiver'd Armour ftrown; and on a Heap
Chariot and Charioteer lay overturn'd,
And fiery foaming Steeds ? What stood, recoil'd


O'erwcaried, or with pale Fear surpriz'd,
Fled ignominious.

Now Night her Course began,
And grateful Truce impos'd,
And Silence on the odious Din of War.

BEAR. See Deformity.
The Cubs of Bears a living Lump appear,
When whelp'd, and no determin'd Figure wear':
Their Mother licks 'em into Shape, and gives
As much of Form, as the herself receives. Dryd. Ovid.
BEAUTY. See Eyes, Fair, Looks, Love.

Beauty, thou wild fantastick Ape,
Who do'st in ev'ry Country change thy Shape :
Here Black, there Brown, here Tawny, and there White :
Thou Flatt'rer, who comply'st with ev'ry Sight.

Who haft no certain what, nor where ;
But vary'st still, and do'st thy self declare
Inconstant as thy She Professors are.

Cowl. The Gause of Love can never be assign'd, 'Tis in no Face, but in the Lover's Mind. Dryd. Pal. d Arc.

Beauty is seldom fortunate when great ; A vast Estate, but over-charg'd with Debt. Dryd. Auren.

Beauty, like Ice, our Footing does betray: Who can read fure on the smooth slipp'ry Way? Pleas'd with the Passage we slide swiftly on, And see the Dangers which we cannot shun. Dryd. Auren.

For Beauty, like White Powder, makes no Noise, And yet the filent Hypocrite defroys.

Cleau. Beauty with a bloodlets Conquest finds, A welcome Sov'raignty in rudeft Minds.

Beauty, thou art a fair, but fading Flow'r,
The tender Prey of every coming Hour :
In Youth, chou, Comet-like, art gaz'd upon,
But art portentous to thy self alone:
Unpunilh'd thou to few' wert ever given,
Nor art a Blessing, but a Mark from Heaven: Sedl. Ant. d Cleop.

Merab the First, Michael the younger nam'd:
Both equally for diff'rent Glories fam'd:
Merab with spacious Beauty filld the Sight;
But too much Awe chastis’d the bold Delight.
Like a calm Sea, which to ch'enlarged View,
Gives Pleasure, but gives Fear and Rev'rence too;
Michael's sweet Looks clear and free Joys did move,
And no less strong, tho' much more gentle Love:
Like virtuous Kings, whom Men rejoyce t'obey ; .
Tyrants themselves less absolute than they.
Merab appear'd like some fair Princely Tow'r:
Michael, fome Virgin Queen's delicious Bow's.


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