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So frightful are the Forms the Monster takes, So fierce the Hissings of her speckled Snakes. 'Tis hers, to ruin Realms, o'erturn a State

Betwixt the dearest Friends to raise Debate,
And kindle Kindred Blood to mutual Hate.
Her Hand o'er Towns the fun'ral Torch displays,
And forms a Thousand Ills, Ten thousand Ways.
She shakes from our her fruitful Breast the Seeds
Of Envy, Discord, and of cruel Deeds:
Confounds establishid Peace, and does prepare
Their Souls to Hatred, and their Hands to War. Dryd. Virg.

The Fates infernal Minister;
War, Death, Destruction, in her Hands she bears;
Her curling Snakes with Hiflings fill the Place,
And open all the Furies of her Face.
Her Chains the rattles, and her Whips fhe shakes,
Churning her bloody Foam.

Dryd. Virg
So march'd the Thracian Amazons of old
When Thermodon with bloody Billows rould;
Such Troops as these in shining Arms were seen,
When Theseus met in Fight their Maiden Queen.
Such to the Field Penthesilea led,
From the fierce Virgin when the Grecians fled.
With such return'd triumphant from the War,
Her Maids with Cries attend the lofty Car i
They clash with manly Force their moony Shields,
With female Shouts resound the Phrygian Fields. Dryd. Virg.

Refistless thro' the War Camilla rede, In Danger unappalld, and pleas'd with Blood. One Side was bare for her exerted Breaft, One Shoulder with her painted Quiver press’d. Now from afar her fatal Jav'lins play; Now with her Ax's Edge she bews her Way. Diana's Arms upon her Shoulders found, And when too closely press'd, the quits the Ground, From her bent Bow The sends a backward Wound. Dryd.Virg.

Penthefilen there, with haughty Grace,
Leads to the War an Amazonian Race:
In their right Hands a pointed Dart they wield;
Their left, for Ward, sustains the Lunar Shield.
Athwart her Breast a golden Belt she chrows;
Amidst the Press, alone, provokes a thoufand Foes,
And dares her maiden Arms to manly Force oppose.Dryd. Virg.

The little Amazon could hardly go,
He loads her with a Quiver and a Bow,
And that he mighc her stagg’ring Steps commend,


He with a slender Jav'lin fills her Hand :
Her flowing Hair no golden Fillets bound,
Nor swept her trailing Robe the dusty Ground.
Instead of these a Tyger's Hide o'erspread
Her Back and Shoulders, fasten'd to her Head,
The flying Dart fhe first attempts to fling,
And round her tender Temples coss'd the Sling.
Then as her Strength with Years increas'd, began
To pierce aloft in Air the soaring Swan,

(Dryd. Virg. And from the Clouds to fetch the Heron and the Crane.

AMBITION. See Greatness. Ambition is a Lust that's never quench’d, Grows more enfiam'd, and madder by Enjoyment. Otw.Cai Mar.

Ambition is at distance A goodly Profpe&t, tempting to the View : The Height delights us, and the Mountain-Top Looks beautiful, because 'tis nigh to Heav'n ; But we ne'er think how sandy's the Foundation, What Storms will batter, and what Tempests fhake us. Otw. At lowest Ebb of Fortune when you lay (Ven. Pref

. 1 Contented, then how happy was the Day: But oh! the Curse of aiming to be great, Dazled with Hope, we cannot see the Cheat, When wild Ambition in the Heart we find, Farewel Content, and Quiet of the Mind: For glitt'ring Clouds we leave the folid Shore, And wanted Happiness returņs no more:

Hør. Juv.
But wild Ambition loves to slide, not stand ;
And Fortune's Ice prefers to Virtue's Land, Dryd.Abs. Achit.

Yet true Renown is still with Virtue joyn'd,
Bur Lust of Pow'r lets loose th’unbridld Mind. Dryd. Auren.

Ambition ! the Desire of active Souls,
That pushes them beyond the bounds of Nature,
And elevates the Hero to the Gods.

Rox. Amb. Step:
O Energy divine of great Ambition !
That can inform the Souls of beardless Boys,
And ripen 'em to Men in spite of Nature. Row. Amb. Step.

Ambition is like Love, impatient .. Both of Delays and Rivals.

Denh, Soph. Ambition's

's never safe, till Pow's be paft.
As Men, till impotent, are seldom chaste. Sedl. Ant, Cleop.

Ambition is the Dropsey of the Soul,
Whose Thirst we must not yield to, but controul. Sedl.
If Glory was a Bait char Angels swallow'd,

(Cleop, How then should Souls ally'd to Senfe,resist it? Dryd. Sec. Love.

One World suffic'å not Alexander's Mind : Coop'd up he seem'd, in Earth and Seas, confin'da



And struggling, ftretch'd his restless Limbs about
The narrow Globe, to find a Passage out:
Yet enter'd in the Brick-builc Town, he try'd
The Tomb; and found the freight Dimensions wide.
Death only this mysterious Truth unfolds,
The mighty Soul how small a Body holds.

Dryd. Juv.
The Blast which his ambitious Spirit swelld,
See by how weak a Tenure it was held. Dryd. Auren.

Ambition's like a Circle on the Water,
Which never ceases to enlarge it felf,
Till by broad spreading it disperse to nought. Shak. Hen. 6.
Vaulting Ambition Itill o'erleaps it felf. Shak. Macb.

Then Gabriel
Bodies and cloaths himself with thicken'd Air,
All like a comely Youth, in Life's fresh Bloom,
Rare Workmanship, and wrought by heav'nly Loom!
He cook for Skin a Cloud most soft and bright,
That e'er the mid-day Sun pierc'd thro' with Lighc.
Upon his Cheeks a lively Blush he spread,
Wah'd from the Morning Beauties deepest Red.
A harmless flaming Meteor shone for Hair,
And fell adown his Shoulders with loose Care.
He cut out a silk Mantle from the Skies,
Where the most sprightly Azure pleas'd the Eyes.
This he with starry Vapours spangles, all
Ta'en in their Prime, e'er they grow ripe and fall:
Of a new Rainbow, e'er it fret or fade,
The choicest Piece ta'en out, a Scarf is made.
Small streaming Clouds he does for Wings display,
Nor virtuous Lovers sigh more soft than they:
These he gilds o'er with the Sun's richest Rays,
Caught gliding o'er pure Streams, on which he plays.

Thus dress’d he posts away,
And carries with him his own glorious Day,
Thro' the thick Woods: The gloomy Shades awhile
Put on fresh Looks, and wonder why they smile.
The trembling Serpents close and filent lie;
The Birds obscene far from his Passage fly.
A suddain Spring waits on him as he goes,
Suddain as that which by Creation role.

Down thither, prone in Flight,
He speeds, and thro' the vast etherial Sky,
Sails between Worlds and Worlds, with steady Wings;
Now on the Polar Winds; then with quick Fan
Winnows the buxom Air.
Of beaming funny Rays a gold Tiar


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Circled his Head ; nor less his Locks behind
Illustrious on his Shoulders, fledg'd with Wings,
Lay waving round.

Six Wings he wore to shade
His Lineaments divine : The Pair that clad
Each Shoulder broad, came mantling o'er his Breast
With regal Ornament; the middle Pair
Gire like a starry Zone his Waste, and round
Skirted his Loins and Thighs with downy Gold,
And Colours dip'd in Heav'n: The third his Feet
Shadow'd from either Heel with feather’d Mail,
Sky-tinetur'd Grain. Like Maia's Son he stood,
And took his Plumes, that heav'nly Fragrance fill'd
The Circuit wide.

ANGER. See Rage.
His troubled Looks reveal'd his inward Wound,
And Storm's of Fury on his Forehead frown'd.

Enormous Rage diftended ev'ry Vein,
And all Hell's Furies o'er his Breast did reign.
Swoln with Revenge, his blood-shot Eyes did glare,
Like ruddy Meteors blazing in the Air.

Blac, And Storms of Terrour threaten'd in his Looks. Gar.

He fwells with Wrath, he makes outrageous Moan, (& Arc. He frets, he fumes, he stares, he stamps the Ground. Dryd. Pal. Rage flash'd like Lightning from his livid Eyes. Blac,

Talgol had long suppressa
Enflamed Rage in glowing Breaft;
Which now began to rage and burn, as
Implacably, as Flame in Furnace.

He trembled and look'd pale with Ire,
Like Ashes first, then red as Fire.

At this the Knight grew high in Wrath,
And lifting Hands and Eyes up both,

Three times he smore on Stomach stout. Huda
With fiery Eyes, and with contracted Brows,
He coin'd his Face in the severest Stamp,
And Fury shook his Fabrick like an Earthquake.
He heav'd for Vent, and burft, like bellowing Ætna,
In Sounds scarce human.

Dryd. All for Love. There is a fatal Fury in your Visage ; It blazes fierce, and menacés Destruction. Rowe. Fair. Pen.

Oh! I burn inward ; my Blood's all o'fire : Alcides, when the poyfon'd Shirt fare closest, Had but an Ague-Fit to this my Feaver.

Dryd. Oedip. Mad with her Anguilh, impotent to bear The mighty Grief, lhe loaths the vical Air ;


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She raves against the Gods, she beats her Breast,
And tears with both her Hands her purple Vest. Dryd. Virgi

Anger is like
A full-hot Horse : Allow him but his Way,
Self-Mettle tires him.

Shåk. Hen. 8. Anger, like Madness, is appeas'd by Reft. How. Ind. Quereta

ANT. See Creation. Thus in Battalia march embody'd Ants, Fearful of Winter, and of future Wants, T'invade the Corn; and to their Cells convey The plunder's Forrage of their yellow Prey. The fable Troops, along the narrow Tracks, Scarce bear the weighty Burthen on their Backs: Some fet their Shoulders ço the pond'rous Grain, Some guard the Spoil, some lash che lägging Train : All ply their several Tasks, and equal Toil sustain. Dryd. Virg.

The little Drudge does trot about and sweat: Nor will he strait devour all he can get ; But in bis temprate Mouch carries it home A Stock for Winter, which, he knows, must come. Cówl. Hori


It was a Question whether he
Oi's Horse were of a Family
More worshipful ; till Antiquaries
(After they'd almost por'd out their Eyes)
Did very learnedly decide
The Bus'ness on the Horse's Side ;
And prov'd, not only Horse, but Cows;
Nay Pigs, were of the elder House :
For Beasts, when Man was but a piece
Of Earth himself, did th'Earth possess:

'Tis not Antiquity, nor Author,
That makes Truth, Truth ; alcho' Time's Daughter,
'Twas he that put her in the Pit,
Before he pull'd her out of it.
And as he eats his Sons, just to
He feeds upon his Daughters too.
Nor does it follow, 'cause a Herald
Can make a Gentleman, scarce a Year old,
To be descended from á Race
Of ancient Kings, in a small Space :
That we should all Opinion hold
Authentick, that we can make old.

Like fair Apollo when he leaves the Frost
Of wintry Xanthus, and the Lycian Coast 3

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