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mother, my « wher my mother and I lay at felfe and the other Ladies

“ Hampton Court in one of the dined in the 66 round towers, round about wch presence, as thev vred in “ weare tents, wher they died 2 or Queene Eliza: 6 3 a day of ye plague. Ther I tyme; but that custome lasted

6 fell extreamely sicke of a feuer, not longe. 6 so as my mother was in some About this tyme my La:

“ doubt it might turne to the of Heriford “ plague ; but wihin 2 or 3 daies began to grow

“ I grew reasonnable well, and was great win the O. and the Q. « fent away to my coz: Studalls at wore her pic- " Norburie, M". Carington go. ture.

“ inge wth me; for Ms. Taylor 6 was newly put away from me, hir husband " dieinge of the plague shortly after.


" A litle afore this tyme my mother and I, “ my aunt of Bath, and my cozen Fraunces “ went to North hall, (my mother being ex“ treame angrie wih me for rideinge before wih 6 M. Meuerell,) wher my mother in hir anger is comaunded y' I should lie in a chamber alone, « wch I could not endure; but my cozen “ Traunces got the key of my chamb' and lay 66 wih me, wch was the first tyme I loved hir so is verie well.

• The next day Mr. Meuerell as he went 66 abroade felle downe suddainly and died, soe as “ most thought it was of the plague, wch was

" then


«c then verie riffe. It put us all in great feare 66 and amasement, for my aunt had then a fute " to follow in court, and my mother to attend " the Kinge about the busines betweene my fa«ther and hir. My aunt of Warwike fent vs • medicines from a litle house neare Hampton « Court, wher she then lay wth Si Moyle Finch 6 and his La:

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6 Now was the Master of Orckney, and the . $6 Lord Tillebarne much in loue wh Mrs. Cary, “ and came thither to fe us, wth George Murrey << in their companie, who was one of the Kinge's 66 bed chamber. Whin 9 or io daies we weare " allowed to come to the Court againe, wch was e before I went to my cozen Studalls.



“ Uppon the 253h of July the Kinge and 65 Queene weare crowned at Westminster; my 66 father and my mother both attended them in

their robes, my aunt of Bathe and my unckle " Russell; wch folemne fight my mother would « not let me se, because the plague My cozen

Fran. Bour. was so hott in London. Ther. cher stood to " fore I continued at Norburie; see the coro

nation, though “ wher my cozen did so feed me

she had noe « wth breakfasts and peare pies, robes, and 6 and such things, as shortlie after

went not a

mongst the • I fell into * * * * * sicknes. companie.


- After

“ After the coronation the Court returned to “ Hampton Court, wher my mother fetched me “ from Norburie, and so we lay at a litle house as neere Hampton Court about a fortnight, and * my aunt of Bath lay in Huggens lodgins, “ wher my cozen Fraunces and I and Mary “ Cary did vse to walk much about the gardens “ and house when the Kinge and Queene was

66 gone.

About this tyme my cozen Ann Vauisor 66 was married to S' Ritchard Warberton.

“ From Hampton Court my mother, my aunt “ of Bath, my selfe, and all o' companie went to Betweene " Launce-leuell, S Fra: Palmes his Launce-leuell and Mr. Du. “ house, wher we continued as lons we lay at “ longe as the Court lay at Baffing one S Ed- us

6 Stoke, and went often thither to mond Fettiplaces called " the Queene and my La: Arbella. Befileflee, wher we had great enter

" Now was my La: Ritch taynement. " growen great win the Queene, in Then we lay a co night or 2 [at]

“ so much as my La: of Bedford Wantage at 6 was somethinge out wih hir, and Gregorie Webs, a ten

“ when shecameto Hampton Court gant of my Lo: “ was entertayned but euen indiffeof Bath's, and (6 rentlie, and yet continued from his house to Mr. Dulons. “ of yo bed chamb'. One day the 56 Queene went from Baseinge Stoack and dined at S Hen: Wallups, wher my Lady, my aunt “ and I, had layen 2 or 3 nights before, and did “ healpe to entertayn hir.

“ As we rid from my La: Wallups to Lance“ leuell, rideinge late, by reason of our stay at “ Basing stoke, we saw a straunge comet in the “ night, like a cannopie in the aire, wch was a “ thinge obferued ouer all England.

“ From Lance-leuell we went, as appears in “ the marginall note in the 9th leafe [*], to M'. “ Dulons, wher we continued about a weeke " and had great entertaynement. And at that “ tyme kept a fast by reason of the plague, wcha 66 was then generally observed ouer all England.

co From M'. Dulons we went to Barton to one “ M". Dormers, wher M's. Hampshire, hir mo. " ther, and she, entertayned vs wth great kindnes. “ From thence we went often to the Court at o Woodstock, wher my aunt of Bath followed “ her fute to the Kinge, and my mother wroat to lers to the Kinge, and hir means was by my 66 Lo: Fenton, and to the Queene by my La: of « Bedford. My father at this tyme followed a hir [his] fute to y Kinge about the border " lands; so that sometymes my mother and he

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.. . 2.2

56 did

c did meet by chaunce, wher ther countenance 65 did shew the dislik they had one of ye other : 6 yet he would speak to me in a slight fashion, " and giue me his blessinge.

Not longe be " While we lay heere we rid fore Michael sca

" thorough Oxford once or twise,
mas my felf,
my cozen ,“ but whither we went I rememb
Frauncis Bou',

o not.
6 not

Ther we saw the Spannish
Mrs. Good-
win & Mrs. “ Embassador, who was then new

" come into England about the
waitinge on
vs, went in “ peace. While we lay at Barton
my mothers “ I kept so ill a diet wth M". Mary
coach from
Barton to

“ Cary and M's Hinson in eatinge Cookam, “ fruit so as I fell shortly after into wher my unc

“ * * * * * ficknes.

kle Russell &
his wif and his
fon then lay. « From this place my aunt of
From thence
ye next day we

lay we “ Bath, haueinge little hope of hir went to None- - fute, tocke hir leaue of my mo. fuch, wher Prince Henrie

" ther, and returned into the west and hir Grace “ cuntrie. While they lay at Barlay, wher I os ton my mother and ftayed about a

“ ton my mother and my aunt week, and left“ payed for the charge of the house my cozen Fr: 66 equallie. ther, who was purposed to continue with “ Some weeke or fortnight after hir grace; but I came back “ my aunt was gone, wh was about by Cookam & “ Michaelmas, my La: went from came to Bar

" Barton to Greenes Norton, and ton before my aunt of Bath " lay one night at my cozen Tho:

66 Sellengers,

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