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¢ wih. my vnckle Russel was made Lo: Russell 6 of Thorney; and for Knights, they weare in. “ nuemerable.

• All this Springe I had my health verie well. 66 * * * * * * * * * * * * “ My father vsed to come some tymes to vs at 66 Clerken well, but not often; for he had at “ this tyme, as it weare, whollie left my mother : * yet the house was kept still at his charge.

" About this tyme my aunt of Bath and hir " Lord came to London, and brought we them 6. my Lo: Fitzwaren and my cozen Fraunces & Bourcher, whom I mett at Bagshot, wher I lay

all night wth my cozen Fraunces Bourcher and " Mrs. Marie Carie, wch was the first beginnings 66 of the greatnes betweene vs. About 5 mile fc from London ther mett them my mother, my “ Lo: of Bedford and his La: my unckle Russell “ and much other companie, soe that we weare “ in number about 300, we did all accompanie “ them to Bath House, wher they continued “ most of that fommer, whether I went dailie © and visited them, and grew more inward wib © my cozen Fraunces and Mrs. Cary.

“ About this tyme my aunt of Warwick weng $c to meete the Queene, haueinge Mrs. Bridges ” wih hit, and my [cousin] Anne Vauisor ; my

66 mother 66 mother and I should have gone wih them, but 6 that hir horses, wch sme borrowed of Mr. Elmes 66 and old Mr. Hickley, weare not ready; yet I " went the same night and ouertooke my aunt " at Ditten Hanger, iny Lady Blunt's house, 66 wher my mother came the next day to me

about noone, my aunt being gone before, “ Then my mother and I went on o' iorney to 6 ouertake hir, and kild 3 horses that day wih 6 extreamitie of heate, and came to Wrest, my 66 Lord of Kent's house*, where we found the 6 dores shutt, and none in the house but one 6 servaunt, who only had the keyes of the hall, 6 so that we weare enforced to lie in the hall all 66 night, till towards morneinge, at woh tyme

came a man and lett vs into the higher roomes, wher we slept 3 or 4 howers.

came a man

- 66 This morneingewe halted away betyme, and

came that night to Rockingham Castle, wher $ we ouertooke my aunt of Warwick and hir 46 companie, wher we continued a day or two 56 wih old S Edward Watson and his Lady, $ Then we went to my La: Nedums, who once «6. ferued my aunt of Warwick, and from thence 6 to a sister of hirs whose name I haue forgotten, 6 Thither came my La: of Bedford, who was

* In Hertfordshire, the seat at this time of Lady Hardwicke, the representative of the Kent family

7 . " then

" then so great a wonian with the Queene as “ euerie body much respected hir, she haueinge 66 attended the Queene from out of Scotland.

66 The next day we went to M'. Griffin of 46 Dinglies, wch was the first tyme I euer saw the 66 Queene and Prince Henrie, wher she kissed vs 6 all, and vsed vs kindly. Thither came my

La: of Suffolk, my yeonge La: Darby, and

my La: Walsingham, wch 3 Ladies wear the “ great fauorits of S': Robert Sicill. That night 56 we went alonge wth the Queene's traine, ther “ beinge an infinit companie of coaches ; and, 6 as I take it, my aunt and my mother and I co lay at St. Ritchard Knightlies, wher my La: " Eliz. Knightly made exceedinglie much of vs. 66 The same night my mother and I, and my 6C coz. Ann Vauisor rid on horseback throw “ Couentrie, and went to a gentleman's house " wher y' La: Eliz, hir grace lay, wch was the « first tyme I ever saw hir, my La: Kildare and « yo La: Harington being hir gouernesses. The “ fame night we returned to S. Ritchard « Knightles.

." The next day, as I take it, we The Queene

and Prince “ went alonge wh the Queene to

came to Al 56 Althroppe, my Lo: Spencers thorpe the 23

of June, beinge “ house, wher my mother and I saw

Saterday, but “ my cozen Henrie Clifford, my as I remember


my aunt of 66. unckle's son, wch was the first Warwick, my mother and 1. 6 tyme we euer saw him. : came not thither till the

" From thence ye 27, beinge next day, wch Sunday was " Munday, the Queene went to folemnitie, ther

“ Hatton Fermers, wher the Kinge beinge an infi 66 mett hir, wher ther wear an infinit number of Lords and La

“ nit companie of Lords and La: dies. Heere and other people, that the coun. we 6 trie could scarse lodge them. .. coz. Clifford firft. Heere we saw the

" From thence the Court reQueenes fauore to my La: « moued and wear banquetted wth Hatton andmy 6 great royaltie by my father at La: Cicill; for the shewed' noe « Grafton, wher the King and fauore to the « Queene weare entertayned wh elderly Las : but to my La: “ speeches and delicat presents, at Rich and such 66 wch tyme my Lord and the Al like companie.

* “ lexanders did run a course at ye © feild, wher he hurt Hen: Allexander verie “ dangerouslie. Where the Court lay this night I am vncertaine..

" At this tyme of the King's being at Graf“ ton, my mother was ther, but not heald as “ Mrs. of the house, by reason of ye difference “ betweene my Lo: and hir, wcb was growen to “ a great height.

« The night after, my aunt of Warwick, my 6 mother, and I, as I take it, lay at Doctor « Challeners, (wher my aunt of Bath and my « unckle Ruffell mett vs, weh house my grand« father of Bedford vsed to lie much at,) being * in Amersom.

• The next day the Queene went to [a] 66 gentlemans house (whose name I can not re“ memb') wher ther mett hir many great Ladies “ to kiss her hands; as, the Marquess of Win« chest', my La: of Northumberland, my La: of « Southampton, &c.

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“ From thence the Court re. At Windsor

ther was such “ moued to Windsor, wher the

an infinit « Feast of St. George was folem. number of La.

dies sworne of " nised, thoughe it should haue bin

the Q. privy “ don before; ther I stood wih my chamber as

made the place “ La: Eliz: grace in the schrine in

of no esteeme “ the great Hall at Windsor, to se or credit. ·

Once I fpake “ the Kinge and all the Knights

to my La: of “ fit at dinner. Thither came the Bedford to be « Archduk's Embassador, who was

one, but had

the good for. “ receaved by the Kinge and tune to miss it. “ Queene in the great Hall, wher ther was such “ an infinit companie of Lo: and La: and so “ great a court as I think I shall neuer se the « like. From Windsor the Court At Hampton « remoued to Hampton Court,

66 wher

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