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The First treating of

Arithmetical, and the
Second of the geometrical Part.

By Philip RONAYNE, Gent.

The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and

that which is done, that which shall be done : And there
is no new thing under the Sun. Eccles, 1. ver. 9.

Printed for W. Innys at the Prince's Arms in Sta

Paul's Church-Yard. 1717.

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His Excellency Alan Lord

Brodrick, Baron of Middleton, one of the LordsJustices, and Lord High-Chancellor of the Kingdom of Ireland.

May it please Your Excellency,

HE following Treatise might justly be intitled to your Patronage, were it equal to the Extent of the Science treated of,

which exceeds all others in Certainty and Clearness, and, by a Natural and Regular Method, conduces much to the opening and enlarging of che Mind.


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But, tho' it can't pretend to any such Perfection, yet, as it may, in some Measure, advance so useful

, a part of Learning, I take the Liberty to put it under Your Protection, My Lord, who gave early Proofs of a clear Understanding, an exact Judgment, and a vast Genius capable of comprehending and perfecting the most abstruse Sciences. A 2


As these Qualities made you eminent in your Profession, so your Integrity gain'd you such an Universal Esteem, that, with the general Approbation of the People, you were soon called into several Great Stations, and at length deservedly advanced to the highest Dignities in that Kingdom, the Publick Welfare whereof you have constantly promoted in all the Employments and Offices which you have so honourably filled; And that you may long live the great Ornament thereof is the hearty Wilh of,

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