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a vulture seeking his prey, iii. 431.
First view of the world to a scout's
casual prospect of a new country or
city, 543. Of the stars' orbs—to the
Hesperian gardens, &c. 568. Appear-
ance in the sun's orb—to a spot in it,
688. Meditation on his intended at-
tempt on the world - to a gun recoil-
ing, iv. 14. In Paradise-to a wolf
preying on a fold, 183; to a thief
breaking in at a house-top, &c. 188;
to a tiger in view of a brace of fawns,
403. Detected by Ithuriel there-to
gunpowder taking fire, 814. Repre-
hended by Zephon-to a steed reined,
in a fret, 857. His army-to the stars,
v. 745 ; to the dew drops, 746. Their
applause of his reply to Abdiel—to the
sound of deep waters, vi. 872. Him-
self recoiling on a blow received from
Michael—to a mountain sinking by an
earthquake, 193. His combat with
Michael-to two planets rushing in
opposition, 310. View of Paradise and
Eve there- to a citizen's taking the
air in the country, ix. 445. Shape on
his return to hell — to the serpent
Python, X. 529. His tempting Eve-
alluded to by the story of Ophion and

Eurynome, 578.
Serpent, that entered by Satan-to those

Hermione and Cadmus were trans-
formed to, ix. 504 ; to that assumed
by Æsculapius, 506 ; to those by
Jupiter Ammou and Capitolinus, 508 ;
His motion-to the working of a ship,
&c. 513. His crest-to an exhalation
flaming (Will i'th' wisp), 634. His
address, introducing the temptation-
to that of an orator of the Athenian or

Roman commonwealths, 670.
Sin, her middle parts—to the dogs of

Scylla, ii. 659; of the night hag, 662.
Spears--to ears of corn, iv. 980.
Stars, their orbs—to the Hesperian gar-

dens, &c. iii. 568.
Sun, his course turned at Adam's, &c.

eating the forbidden fruit—as at the

banquet of Thyestes, x. 688.
Uriel, his descent from the sun on Para-

dise-to a shooting star, iv. 555.
Waters, their flux into seas, &c. on the

creation—to drops on dust, vii. 290 ;
to armies forming, 294.

Sin described, ii. 650-871; x. 235, 354,

591, 602. (Vide Similes.)
Slavery, xii. 86, 97.
Soul, v. 100; x. 782.
Spirits, their essence, i. 423, 789. Their
invisible existence on earth, iv. 677.
The elect, their hymn to God, iii. 372.
Material, &c. faculties in spirits, v.
404, 433. Progressive from nutrition,
v. 482. Their existence in life, vi.

Spring, x. 678.
Stars, &c. iii. 565 ; v. 417. Creation,

vii. 357, 364. (Vide Similes.)
Stars and Moon, iv. 661.
Storms, &c. xi. 695.
Styx, ii. 577.
Sun, its appearance, iii. 571, 591 ; v.

423. Creation, vii. 354, 364 ; iv. 352,
539, 590; viii. 630; x 92, 651, 671.

(Vide Similes.)
Thammuz, or Adonis, i. 446.
Thunder, x. 666.
Time defined, v. 580.
Titan, i. 510.
Tree of life, (vide Life.) Of knowledge,

Tyranny, xii. 24, 86, 95.
Tyrants, iv. 390.
Twilight, iv. 598.
Vacuity, vii. 168.
Valour, xi. 688.
Virtue, xi. 797 ; xii. 98.
Uriel, iii. 622, 694, 724, 733; iv. 555,

561 ; vi. 363. (Vide SIMILES.)
Uzziel, iv. 782.
War, xi. 638, 783.
Waters separated from the earth, vii. 282.

(l'ide SIMILES.)
Wife, ix. 267; xi. 290.
Wind, x. 664, 695.
Wisdom, xii. 575.
Wolves, xii. 507.
Woman, conjugal obedience her happi-

ness, &c. iv. 635. Man's love towards
her, viii. 567. Her loveliest qualities,
ix. 232. The effect of leaving her to
her own will, 1182. His superiority
over her, x. 145, 195. Her social
accomplishments, xi. 614.
World, iii. 418, 444, 463. The creation

of, vii. 163. Described, 228. Situation
of it, respecting heaven and hell, x.

320. (Vide Earth.)
Zephon, iv. 788, 823, 834.
Zophiel, vi. 535, 537.

Sin aud Death, (i ide Death and Sin.)


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