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1. S. M. E. TAYLOR.

Invitation to the House of God. 1 Come to the house of prayer,

O thou afflicted, come;
The God of peace shall meet thee there;

He makes that house his home. 2 Come to the house of praise,

Ye who are happy now;
In sweet accord your voices raise,

In kindred homage bow. 3 Ye aged, hither come,

For ye have felt his love; Soon shall your trembling tongues be dumb,

Your lips forget to move.
4 Ye young, before his throne,

Come, bow; your voices raise;
Let not your hearts his praise disown,

Who gives the power to praise.

5 Thou, whose benignant eye

In mercy looks on all ;
Who see'st the tear of misery,

And hear'st the mourner's call; —

6 Up to thy dwelling-place

Bear our frail spirits on,
Till they outstrip time's tardy pace,

And heaven on earth be won.

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1 COME the rich, and come the poor,

To the Christian temple-door ;
Let their mingled prayers ascend
To the Universal Friend.

2 Here the rich and poor may claim

Common ancestry and name;
Claim a common heritage

In the gospel's promise page.
3 Of the same materials wrought;

By the same Instructor taught;
Walking in life's common way;

Tending to the same decay ; -
4 Rich and poor at last shall meet

At the heavenly mercy-seat, Where the name of rich and poor Never shall be uttered more.

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1 Lord, before thy presence come,

Bow we down with holy fear;
Call our erring footsteps home,
Let us feel that thou art near.

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