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peace, we render thee our devout thanksgivings for the mercies which we have experienced, and commend ourselves to thy continued protection. Unworthy as we are, we yet would seek thy face and implore thy favor, for thou hast taught us to look to thee as a Father, who will never forget nor forsake his children, and is always ready to forgive those who truly repent.

We therefore pray thee, O Father, that above all things thou wouldst assist us in loving and serving thee. What our lot shall be, we leave to thy wise providence; but O, teach us, under all circumstances, to be grateful to thee in prosperity, and resigned to thy will in affliction and distress. Inspire our hearts with a purer love to thee; enlighten our minds with heavenly wisdom; and make our desires conform themselves to our duty. Let gratitude be the pervading disposition of our souls. May we always feel that we are thy children; that we have received from thee more than we deserve; and that the least return which we can make to thee is, to be contented and cheerful under thy paternal government.

May our reverence for thy will and commandments be displayed in our conduct toward our brethren of the human family, so that we may constantly regard them with feelings of benevolence, and do unto them as we should wish them to do unto us. May we go to rest this night at peace with all mankind, and with hearts free from all envy, hatred, malice, and uncharitableness; and grant that we may rise up in the morning with a firm resolution to imitate thee, according to the measure of our humble capacity, by doing good continually. .

Hear, answer, forgive, and accept us, O Father in heaven, for thine infinite mercy's sake, in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


ALMIGHTY and most merciful God, we thank thee for the refreshing rest of the past night, and for the various comforts by which our homes are this day made happy. By thee our daily returning wants are supplied ; by thee our dwellings are defended; our blessings are preserved; our feet are kept from falling, our eyes from tears, and our souls from death.

We delight in contemplating our dependence upon thee. Weak and ignorant as we are, we rejoice to know and to feel that we are subjected to thine allwise control, and that we are surrounded by thy presence.

We thank and bless thee for the daily proofs of thy love, and of thy watchful care over our souls. We thank thee for the gospel of thy Son Jesus Christ; for the heavenly radiance which it has shed on the path of our duty, through the gloom of affliction, and on the bed of death. We thank thee that it has enabled us to look beyond the bounds of mortality and time, and defy the power of change and death; and that it has promised to the faithful servants of God, and true disciples of Christ, those glorious rewards of a future life which eye hath never seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived.

All is from thee - all joy, all support, all improvement, all hope. O, may we become worthy of thy mercies, by receiving them as from thee, and using them according to thy will; by renouncing and avoiding all that is evil, and cleaving to all that is good; by living and dying in thy fear and love. And when we come to die, may we be able to look back on a life well spent, and forward to a blessed immortality.

Hear us, O Father, and accept us in the name of Jesus Christ our Redeemer; as whose disciples we address thee, and through whom we ascribe unto thee everlasting praises. Amen.


O God, the unchangeable and everlasting fountain of life, perfection, and happiness, we lift up our hearts unto thee, the greatest, wisest, and best of beings. Grant that we may increase in the knowledge of thee, day by day; that we may constantly attain more pure and worthy conceptions of thy nature and providence; that we may manifest a more becoming reverence for thy perfections, and a truer concern for thy honor and service.

We also pray thee, O God, to teach us the knowledge and the government of ourselves. May we keep our hearts with all diligence, amidst all the trials and changes of the world. In prosperity may we be humble, temperate, and charitable; in adversity may we be patient, and wholly resigned to thy will. Save us, O gracious God, from anger and malice, from revenge and uncharitableness, from pride and presumption, from the snares of the wicked and the fatal influence of every evil example; give us prudence to direct our affairs, resolution to preserve our innocence, and wisdom and constancy to retain our integrity as long as we live. In whatever station thou art pleased to appoint our lot, and whatever we are, in public or in private, may it be our uniform and steady purpose to discharge our duty with fidelity; and in that solemn day when thou, supreme over all, shalt judge the world by Jesus Christ, may we appear with humble confidence and joy, and be admitted into thy glorious and everlasting kingdom.

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O God, we implore thy blessing on all that is dear and valuable to us; upon our friends, our kindred, and all whom we love. Bless the poor and afflicted, and support them under their trials. Bless also the rich and the prosperous, and by thy continual goodness draw their hearts to thy love and service. Keep us this night by thine almighty power; be always our Defender, Guide, and Friend, and to thee, the infinite and eternal God, we will ascribe continually all glory, honor, and praise, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


0 THOU great Creator, Governor, and Supporter of men, we thank thee for the care which thou hast exercised over us during the past year, and would cheerfully submit ourselves to thy guidance through the day upon which we have entered. Keep us in thy faith and love, and secure us from every evil of soul and body. Impress on our hearts a solemn sense of thy universal presence. Preserve us from any snares and dangers to which we may be exposed, and especially from the sins which do most easily beset us. Prepare us for every change, whether prosperous or adverse, and quicken us in the discharge of those duties which lie before us. We have been secured from harm another night, and we see in health the light of this morning. Great is thy mercy and faithfulness. Let not continued peace and prosperity make us forgetful of thee, or weaken our minds, or corrupt our integrity. Impressed with a grateful sense of thy watchful care, we desire to make thy will the law of our behavior.

Thou prolongest our lives, that we may attain more and more to the true end of life. May this day witness some improvement in knowledge, piety, and

virtue. May it witness our diligence in the occupations to which thou hast called us. We desire and purpose to keep consciences void of offence, and to abstain from every wrong action. Our confidence is in thy power to strengthen our faith, invigorate our obedience, and cause us to run in the way of thy commandments. We implore thine aid, that we may walk before thee this day, and all the days of our lives. Smile on our endeavors after improvement and usefulness; enable us to make, every day, some progress in a holy life; teach us to feel the uncertainty and value of our days on earth; and when they shall be numbered and finished, receive us into the light and bliss of thy glorious presence, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


O God, the Father of mercies, the God of love and of all consolation, we, thy servants, unite to present unto thee our unfeigned thanks for all thy goodness and loving-kindness to the children of men.

We thank thee, that thou hast created us in thine own image; endued us with social affections; implanted in our hearts a sense of good and evil; and called us to the fear and love of thee, the greatest and best of beings. We praise thee for our continual support, and for all the comforts of our lives. Thou givest us health and fruitful seasons, and fillest our hearts with food and gladness. Blessed be the Lord, even the God of our salvation, who daily loadeth us with benefits.

Above all, we thank thee for thy great mercy in sending thy well-beloved Son Jesus Christ into the world, to instruct us by his excellent doctrine,

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