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* - THE confernts of THIS Book.

The catechism; with the Order for
Confirmation of Cbildren.
Formof solemnization of Matrimony.
Positation and Communion of the Sick.
The Order for the Burial of the Dead.
Thanksgivingforwomen afterchilds
bearing. . - - -
A Commination or denouncing of
God's anger and judgements against
Sinners. -
The Psalter.
Forms of Prayer to be used at Sea.

A Form of Prayer for the Fifth Day .

of November. A Form of Prayer for the Tbirtiefb Day of january. A Form of Prayer for the Twentynintb Day of May. A Form of Prayer for the Twentyfiftb Day of O&ober. Articles of Religion.

Tbe Order bow the Psalter is appointed to be read.

He Psalter shall be read through once every Month, as it is there appointed, both for Morning and Evening Prayer. But in February it shall be read only to the Twentyeighth, or Twenty-ninth day of the Month. And whereas şanuary, March, May, july, August, Oétober, and December, have One-and-thirty days apiece; it is ordered, that the same Psalms shall be read the last day of the said Months, which were read the day before: So that the Psalter may begin again the first day of the next mönth ensuing. And whereas the 119 Psalm is divided into 12 Portions, and is overlong to be read at one time; it is so ordered, that at one tinne, shall not be read above four or five of the said Portions. And at the end of every Psalm, and 2f every such part of the 119 Psalm, shall be repeated this Hymn, Glory be to the Fatber, and to the ion : and to the Holy Ghost; As it was in the beginning, is now, tra ever stall be world without rid. Amen.

ote, that the Psalter followeth the 1. Fision of the Hebrews, and the anslation Fo English Bible, ft forth and used in the time of King lenry VIII, and Edward Wi.

A 2.

The Order bow the rest of the Holy scripture is appointed to be read.

HE OldTestamentisappointed for the first Lessons at Mórning and Evening Prayer; so as the most part thereof will be read over every year once, as in the Calendar is appointed. The New Testament is appointed for the second Leffons at Morning and Evening Prayer, and shall be read over orderly every year thrice, besides the

Epistles and Göspels; except the Apo- .

calyps, out of which there are only
certain Proper Leflons appointed upon
divers Feasts. • - -
And to know what Lessons shall be
read every day, look for the day of
the month in the Calendar following,
and there ye shall find the Chapters
that shall be read for the Lessons both
at Morning and Evening Prayer ; ex-
cept only the Moveable Feasts, which
are not in the Calendar, and the Im-
moveable, where there is a blank left
in the Column of Lessons; the Proper
Lessons for all which days are to be
found in the Table of Proper Lessons.
And note, That whensoever Proper
Psalms or Lessons are appointed; then
the Psalms and Lessons of ordinary
course appointed in the Palter and
Calendar (if they be different) shall be
omitted for that time.
Note also, That the Colleå, Epistle,
and Gospel appointed for the Sunday,
shall serve *. Week after, where
it is not in this Book otherwise or-

* Proper


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- |T Proper LESS ONS to he read at Morning and Evening Prayer,

on the SUNDAYS throughout the Year.

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3 I c (Mart. - 8i 28 9 I2 + Note that zou. 6, is to be read only to ver, 14. **

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