Poems, Volumes 1-2

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Page 369 - BE not afraid to pray — to pray is right. Pray, if thou canst, with hope ; but ever pray, Though hope be weak, or sick with long delay ; Pray in the darkness, if there be no light.
Page 57 - So fair an image of the heavenly dove. Forgive me if I cannot turn away From those sweet eyes that are my earthly heaven ; For they are guiding stars, benignly given To tempt my footsteps to the upward way ; *9 And if I dwell too fondly in thy sight, I live and love in God's peculiar light.
Page 341 - THINK not the faith by which the just shall live Is a dead creed, — a map correct of heaven ; Far less a feeling fond and fugitive, A thoughtless gift, withdrawn as soon as given. It is an affirmation and an act That bids -eternal truth be present fact.
Page 159 - mid oozy stones, That stared like any famished giant's bones. Sudden the hills grew black, and hot as stove The air beneath ; it was a toil to be. There was a growling as of angry Jove, Provoked by Juno's prying jealousy — A flash — a crash — the firmament was split, And down it came in drops — the smallest fit To drown a bee in fox-glove bell conceal'd ; joy filled the brook, and comfort cheered the field. WILLIAM MOTHERWELL. [WILLIAM MOTHERWELL, born in Glasgow in 1 797, became a ' limb...
Page 384 - Is God quite silent in these latter days ? The. word were but a blank, a hollow sound, If He that spake it were not speaking still, If all the light and all the shade around Were aught but issues of Almighty Will.
Page 387 - Only the sin remain'd, — the leprous state; She would be melted by the heat of love, By fires far fiercer than are blown to prove And purge the silver ore adulterate. She sat and wept, and with her...
Page 16 - Lovely and bright is seen, amid the throng Of lesser stars, that rise, and wax, and wane, The transient rulers of the fickle main, One constant light gleams through the dark and long And narrow aisle of memory.
Page 6 - The very shadow of an insect's wing, For which the violet cared not while it stayed, Yet felt the lighter for its vanishing, Proved that the sun was shining by its shade.
Page 55 - THERE is an awful quiet in the air, And the sad earth, with moist imploring eye. Looks wide and wakeful at the pondering sky, Like Patience slow subsiding to Despair.
Page 71 - THE dark green Summer, with its massive hues, Fades into Autumn's tincture manifold. A gorgeous garniture of fire and gold The high slope of the ferny hill indues. The mists of morn in slumbering layers diffuse O'er glimmering rock, smooth lake and spiked array Of hedge-row thorns, a unity of grey. All things appear their tangible form to lose In ghostly vastness. But anon the gloom Melts, as the Sun puts off his muddy veil; And now the birds their twittering songs resume, All Summer silent in the...

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