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I really enjoy this "handbook" of conventions used in current websites and it has been an excellent resource for writing about, and justifying design decisions at work.

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Highly Recommended!!!!
Great read, if your a web or app developer this book is a must. This book points out ways to keep things simple and focused.

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I don't come from a graphical design background, but Mr. Krug's points rung true with the engineering, aesthetics, and usability philosophies that all technologieans encounter eventually. The use of whitespace, understanding the "user's perspective", or identifying the important+immediate aspects of creation while deprioritizing/re-prioritizing the unimportant+immediate distractions and important+not-immediate sinkholes.
It's easy to read this book and think to yourself "of course, that's obvious", but when we look at the bone-yard that is our internet... it's obviously not that "obvious". To be fair; improving standards, collaborative development and communication of those standards, making protocols open, and most importantly adhering to those agreed upon standards... not to mention standing at the edge of what had ever been done before. At times, the situation and outcome has been understandable-- maybe even forgivable.
It's time to clean it up though. Mr. Krug is leading the way with his sensible analysis and affable demeanor. If not for yourself then do it for me, for Mr. Krug, for the next generation of internet users... stop polluting our shared resource with crappy /useless drivel.
Only you can prevent "poor technology design".

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Easy to read.
Helps us see from user's perspective.
Helps curb our own selfishness.
I've seen this book recommended in many places.

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