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Domestic Economy.


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5. Solve the equations

-7 (a)

2 + 7 2 9 3 (6) (3x – 5) (6x — 7) — 2(3x – 5)2 = 75. 6. A man starts on a journey on foot, and walks 3 miles an hour. Two hours later his friend follows him on horseback and rides 7 miles an hour. Where will the latter overtake the former?


THREE Hours allowed for this Paper. You are not permitted to answer more than one question in

each Section. SECTION I. (Househoid Work.) 1. State the materials required for cleaning, brass and copper vessels, also for cleaning glass and china, and explain the way in which these materials should be used.

2. Mention any industrial work in which you have yourself been trained, and state the benefit of such training for future life.

3. What are the duties of a " maid of all work"? In what do they differ from the work of a housemaid ?

SECTION II. (Investment.) 1. What are the peculiar benefits of the Post Office Savings' Bank, and in what do they differ from those of the old Savings Banks ?

2. Name any safe investments for a school teacher; and compare the benefits to be derived from one of them with the benefits to be gained from the Post Office Savings' Bank.

SECTION III. (Cooking.) 1. What instruction bave you received in cooking ? Describe the advantage of such instruction for the comfort and health of a school teacher.

2. Name six inexpensive dinners for a school mistress and two pupil teachers; the cost of providing each dinner, and the amount of each ingredient required.

3. Give the recipes for making pea soup, for boiling


potatoes, for an Irish-stew, and for cooking a sheep's head.

SECTION IV. (Sickness.) 1. What instructions bave you received to help you in your attendance on the sick? Wbat should be done in the following cases :a person fainting: a child suffering from a fit of epilepsy; insensibility after a fall; a child rescued from drowning ?

2. What precautions have you been instructed to take upon the breaking out of any infectious disease in your neighbourhood ? Describe any simple remedies for a severe chill, for a sick headache, for a troublesome cough. SECTION V. (Clothing and Washing.)

1. Wbat instruction bave you received with regard to laundry work? Explain the benefit of such teaching.

2. What would be the cost of fitting out a girl of 13 years of age for service ? Make out a bill of such charges, showing the quantity and price of each article.

3. To what extent has cutting out been taught in your school ? Explain any successful plan which has been adopted to give children a practical knowledge of this subject.



TWENTY MINUTES allowed for these Exercises. Candidates are not to paint their letters in the Copy-setting

Exercise, but to take care that the copy is clean and without Omissions and erasures in the Dictation Exercise will be counted

as mistakes. The words must not be divided between two lines; there is

plenty of room for the passage to be written. Write in large hand, as a specimen of penmanship, the word, Originality.

Write in small band, as a specimen of penmanship, the sentence,

“One truth is clear: whatever is, is right.”

Dictation and Penmanship.


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DICTATION. Write the passage * dictated to you by the Examiner, and punctu

ate it correctly.

A. It is natural to suppose that a Government thus arbitrary and vigilant must have looked with extreme jealousy on the diffusion of free inquiry through the press. The trades of printing and book-selling, in fact, though not absolutely licensed, were always subject to a sort of peculiar superintendence. Besides protecting the copyright of authors, the Council frequently issued proclamations to restrain the importation of books, or to regulate their sale.”—Hallam.

A. “The king at length sent a message, requesting that a supply might be granted, with a threat of dissolving Parliament unless it was done. But the days of intimidation were gone by. The House voted that they would first proceed with the business of impositions, and postpone supply till their grievances should be redressed. Aware of the impossibility of conquering their resolution, the king carried his measure into effect by a dissolution.”Hallam.

* The passages A1, Ag, were given alternately where the number of Candidates was large, and there was danger of copying.




NOTE.— The time allowed for each Paper in the following series

was three hours, if not otherwise mentioned. Candidates

were restricted to one question in each section.
Candidates are not permitted to answer more than one question

in any section, except in that headed “ Latin." Candidates
must not, however, confine themselves to the questions on
Latin Grammar; they must answer at least four questions in
the other part of the paper.

Two HOURS AND A HALF allowed for this paper. SECTION I. Parse the words printed in italic in the following passage:

Far differently the mute Oneyda took
His calumet of peace and cup of joy;
As monumental bronze unchanged his look ;
A soul that pity touched, but never shook ;
Trained from his tree-rocked cradle to his bier
The fierce extreme of good and ill to brook
Impassive-fearing but the shame of fear-
A stoic of the woods-a man without a tear."

SECTION II. Paraphrase the same passage.
SECTION III. Analyse fully the following extract:-

“It was not long ere a new and more fortunate leader presented himself, who conducted them to liberty, to victory, and to vengeance.”

HUME. SECTION IV. 1. Give the various rules for the formation of the plurals of nouns, with illustrative examples.

2. What are the comparatives and superlatives of many, red, old, barren, interesting, heavy, indifferent, tidy, low, and sad ?

Geography and History.


SECTION V. 1. What attempts have been made to classify the English irregular verbs ? Supply a brief classified list of these verbs.

2. What are participles, and to what uses are they applied in the formation of sentences ?

SECTION VI. 1. How do you distinguish between adverbs and conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions, adverbs and adjectives ?

2. Give instances of the employment of adverbial and prepositional phrases, and classify them according to their meaning.

SECTION VII. Account historically for the presence of so many words of foreign origin in the English language.



(a) The six northern counties of England, marking the rivers, lakes, mountains, principal towns, and boundaries between the counties.

Or (6) The Baltic Sea.

Or (c) Africa, marking the mountains, lakes, rivers, and British Possessions.

Or (d) Central America.

SECTION II. 1. Trace in words the courses of the Trent, the Tay, and the Shannon.

2. Describe the productions, manufactures, and principal industries of Scotland, naming the localities of each.

3. Give a short account of the lakes and mountains of Switzerland.

SECTION III. 1. Describe the physical features of the New Dominion.

2. What British Possessions would be passed by a ship going. from Southampton to Wellington, New Zealand, viâ Suez, Point de Galle, and Melbourne ? Give a brief account of one of those possessions.

3. Describe the mountain and water systems of Western Asia.

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