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3. Take an example in “Rule of Three," and show how it would be worked (1) by Proportion, (2) by “ First Principles."

Male Candidates.

Capital letters, and not numbers, must be used in the diagrams.

Not more than ten questions to be answered. 1. From a given point draw a straight line equal to a given straight line.

2. If two triangles have two sides of one equal to two sides of the other, each to each, and likewise their bases equal, the two triangles shall be equal in every respect.

3. Show how to bisect a given angle.

Hence show how to divide an angle into four equal angles.

4. The angles of a triangle are together equal to two right angles.

Prove this and enunciate the two corollaries to this proposition.

5. Triangles upon the same base and between the same parallels are equal to one another.

6. In any right-angled triangle, the squares described upon the sides containing the right angle, are together equal to the square described upon the side opposite the right angle.

ALGEBRA. 1. Add together 4x2 – 3xy + ay"; 6x2 + 3by - tayo;

ama 7xy + 3y2 ; 9xy 8y2 10x2. 2. From 10a 700 + 4y - 136 take away 7y + 10x 106 + 7a. 3. Multiply 7ac2 + 3xy— 4xy by 8y + 6xyaay.

4. Divide 24 1674 by a 2y and a wa 4abæy + 4bạya by ax 2by. 5. Solve these equations :

(1) } (x + 5) + (3x - 1) = x.

a3 23 (2)

a’ - R = 4a (a - x).

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Domestic Economy.


6. A and B start to run a race : at the end of 5 minutes, when A has run 900 yards, and has outstripped B by 75 yards, he falls; but though he loses ground by the accident, and for the rest of the course makes 20 yards a minute less than before, he comes in only half a minute behind B. How long did the race last ?



Female Candidates. SECTION I. (Household Work.) 1. State particulars, as to a young servant, respecting the best method by which to clean a hearthstone, a brass tap, an iron grate, a mahogany table, and a glass jug.

2. What articles would be required to furnish a cottager's kitchen and bedroom? State the cost of the different articles.

3. Describe accurately the work which would probably devolve upon a maid of all work, and also on a child's maid in a small tradesman's family.

SECTION II. (Investment.) 1. State any secure and safe investments for the savings of a wage-earning man; describe the particulars of such investments, and show wherein the safety consists.

2. Describe accurately the benefits which are offered by the Post Office Savings Banks.

SECTION III. (Cooking.) 1. Describe the special properties of milk, and show its adaptation for the very young;

2. Name half-a-dozen inexpensive but nourishing dinners for a labourer's family, consisting of husband, wife, and three children under eight years of age : give the cost of each of such dinners, and the amount of the different ingredients required.

3. Give recipes for the following :

A rice pudding, a potato pie, for poaching an egg, and for making mutton broth.

SECTION IV. (Sickness.) 1. On what points would it be necessary to give special advice and caution to school children whilst attending their parents or sisters in sickness ?

2. State what should be immediately done in each of the following cases, viz.:—a child suffering from broken chilblains, a bad cough, a severe bruise from a fall, a deep cut from a knife, from bleeding at the nose.

SECTION V. (Clothing and Washing.) 1. Name the different materials which are both serviceable and inex. pepsive for the dresses of school children; the price per yard of each material; and the quantity required for a child 4 ft. 8 in. in height. State, also, the method by which you ascertain the exact quantity required.

2. Write out a recipe for making a shirt for a boy of 4 ft. 6 in. high.

3. Name the different materials required in washing and getting up the fine and light articles commonly used by a school teacher; and state any detail which you think would be of service to a young Pupil Teacher respecting the way in which such“ washing and getting up” should be done.



TWENTY MINUTES allowed for these Exercises. You are not to paint your letters in the Copy-setting Exercise, but

to take care that the copy is clean and without erasures. Omissions and erasures in the Dictation Exercise will be counted

as mistakes. The words must not be divided between two lines; there is plenty

of room for the passage to be written. Write in large hand, as a specimen of Penmanship, the word, Philosophy.

Write in small hand, as a specimen of Penmanship, the sentence,

“Procrastination is the thief of time."

DICTATION. You are to write the passage * dictated to you by the Examiner, and punctuate it correctly.

* The passages A1, A2, were given alternately where the number of candidates was large, and there was danger of copying.

Dictation and Penmanship.


A. “ These poems have every good gift, except that of poetry. The author has brought together the many records of such fancies as have occurred to him during a long and good life; the result being a volume of ten. der tokens of personal affection, sweet meditation, and reminiscences of half-forgotten scenes. But though we receive a grateful impression of the author's personal character from this collection, it cannot be concealed that those meditations, however pious and otherwise excel. lent, have not the qualities of poetry.”


“If we were to form our estimate of a man's worth and to measure his influence on the well-being of his fellow-creatures by the applause bestowed upon him during his life, the quiet labourers in the field of literature and art would hold a very inferior rank; and even those who, by their knowledge and experience in scientific matters, have contributed so much to the permanent welfare of mankind and the advancement of civilization, must yield in importance to the statesmen and heroes to whom a nation is indebted visibly for its prosperity and glory."



NOTE.-Except where different directions are printed, the time

allowed for each Paper in the following series was three hours, and Candidates were restricted to one question in each section.

GRAMMAR. THREE Hours allowed for this paper. Candidates are not permitted to answer more than one question in

any section, except in that headed “ Latin.” Candidates must not, however, confine themselves to the questions on Latin Grammar; they must answer at least four questions in the other part of the paper, and not more than three questions in

the Latin Section. SECTION I. Parse the words printed in italic in the following passage:

Still where rosy pleasure leads,

See a kindred grief pursue ;
Behind the steps that misery treads,

Approaching comfort view;
The hues of bliss more brightly glow,
Chastised by sabler tints of woe;
And blended form, with artful strife,

The strength and harmony of life.'
SECTION II. Paraphrase the same passage :-

Still, where rosy pleasure leads,

See a kindred grief pursue;
Behind the steps that misery treads,

Approaching comfort view :
The hues of bliss more brightly glow,
Chastised by sabler tints of woe;
And blended form, with artful strife,
The strength and harmony of life.”


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