The Anti-Jacobin, Or, Weekly Examiner, Volume 2

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Page 520 - No farther seek his merits to disclose, Or draw his frailties from their dread abode (There they alike in trembling hope repose), The bosom of his Father and his God.
Page 421 - I prest it to my bosom — Some demon whispered me that I should never see her more. — I stood gazing on the hated vehicle which was conveying her away for ever. — The tears were petrified under my eyelids. — My heart was crystallized with agony.
Page 424 - There first for thee my passion grew, Sweet ! sweet Matilda Pottingen ! Thou wast the daughter of my Tu — — tor, Law Professor at the U— — niversity of Gottingen — — niversity of Gottingen.
Page 276 - Ye Sylphs of DEATH ! on demon pinions flit Where the tall Guillotine is raised for PITT : To the poised plank tie fast the monster's back,* Close the nice slider, ope the expectant sack ; Then twitch, with fairy hands, the frolic pin — Down falls the...
Page 325 - The present state of things is so essentially different from that in which instructions were given to the collectors to restrain vessels of the United States from sailing in an armed condition, that the principle on which those orders were issued has ceased to exist.
Page 617 - ... purge a nation's eyes; To animate the weak, unite the wise; To trace the deep infection, that pervades The crowded town, and taints the rural shades; To mark how wide extends the mighty waste O'er the fair realms of Science, Learning, Taste; To drive and scatter all the brood of lies, And chase the varying falsehood as it flies; The long arrears of ridicule to pay, To drag reluctant Dullness back to day; 10 Much yet remains.
Page 324 - Under these circumstances, I cannot forbear to reiterate the recommendations which have been formerly made, and to exhort you to adopt, with promptitude, decision and unanimity, such measures as the ample resources of the country afford, for the protection of our seafaring and commercial citizens ; for the defence of any exposed portions of our territory ; for replenishing our arsenals, establishing foundries and military manufactories ; and to provide such efficient revenue, as will be necessary...
Page 312 - Poor John was a gallant Captain, In battles much delighting ; He fled full soon On the First of June— But he bade the rest keep fighting.
Page 273 - Then with clos'd eyes, clench'd hands, and quickdrawn breath, Darts at the central arch, nor heeds the gulf beneath. — Full 'gainst the pier the...
Page 631 - Industrious Skill, contented Labour, smile ; Far seas are studded with thy countless sails ; What wind but wafts them, and what shore but hails ' True, thou art brave ! — o'er all the busy land In patriot ranks embattled myriads stand ; Thy foes behold with impotent amaze, And drop the lifted weapon as they gaze...

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