Land Surveying on the Meridian & Perpendicular System

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E. & F.N. Spon, 1885 - Surveying - 133 pages

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Page 20 - The circumference of a circle is divided into 360 equal parts, called degrees; each degree into 60 minutes ; each minute into 60 seconds.
Page 60 - ... that the sum of the interior angles of a triangle is equal to two right angles.
Page 10 - Then set the instrument level by means of the parallel plate screws, and direct an assistant to go forward with a staff, having a vane, or cross piece, fixed to it exactly at the same height from the ground as the centre of the axis of the telescope. Having gone to the forward station, the assistant must hold the staff upright, whilst the observer measures the vertical angle, which an imaginary line connecting the instrument and staff makes with the horizon ; the instrument and staff should then...
Page 33 - As this adjustment has generally to be repeated every time the instrument is taken out of its case, it may be correctly termed a semipermanent adjustment.
Page 64 - IV. p. 47), so that this line is the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle, of which the distances to be calculated form the base and perpendicular.
Page 125 - In order to arrive at some sort of idea as to the effect of shrinkage errors, the following experiments were made:— 1.

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