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Arch, Zeit. - Archaeologische Zeitung.

De Clarac. – Musée de Sculpture.
G. & K. - Das Leben der Griechen und

Römer. Guhl und Koner.
Gior. Sca. – Giornale dei Scavi a Pompei.
Hirt. - Bilderbuch für Mythologie, Archä-

ologie, und Kunst, herausgegeben von

A. Hirt. Berlin, 1805.
H. & P. – Herculanum et Pompei, par H.

Roux Ainé. Paris, 1840.
Inghirami. - Galeria Omerica.
Inst. Arch. - Bolletino dell' Instituto di

Corrispondenza Archeologica. Rome,

Lütz. - Münchener Antiken von Carl Fr.

A. von Lützow.
Micali. · Monumenti per servire alla

Storia, etc.
Mill. – A. L. Millin's Mythologische Gal-

lerie. Berlin, 1848.
Müller. - Denkmäler der Alten Kunst, C.

O. Müller. Göttingen, 183
Mus. Flor. - Museum de Florence.
Overbeck. Griechische Kunst-Mytholo-

gie, von J. Overbeck. Leipzig, 1873–78. Sepolcri. – Gli Antichi Sepolcri, da Pietro

Sante Bartoli. Rome, 1727.
Smith. - Smith's Dictionary of Antiquities.


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Fig. 1. Ancient illustration of the passage. [Fragmentary Ms. in the Vatican (No. 3225)]

Facsimile by Pietro Sante Bartoli. 2. Syrinx. [Wall painting. ]

H. & P. 3. Woman sacrificing fruits. [Wall painting.]

H. & P. 4. Farmer going to market. [Relief now at Munich.]

Lütz. 5. Goat “ hanging from” a rock. [Wall painting. ]

. H. & P. 6. Villa. [Wall painting. ] .

H. & P. 7. Rustic with baskets. [Ant. d'Hercul.] Horace by Thompson. 8. Rustic with baskets. [Ant. d'Hercul.] Horace by Thompson. 9. Falx. [Ancient Ms.]

Smith. 10. Drinking vessels. [Pottery.]

Inst. Arch. 11. Hunting-nets. [Relief.]

Smith. 12. Hunting-nets. [Relief.]

Smith. 13. Cattle pursued by lions. [Wall painting.]

H. & P. 14. Woman spinning. [Relief.] ·

Smith. 15. Bacchus in car drawn by tigers. [Relief.]

Müller. 16. Genius with thyrsus and basket

Thompson's Horace. 17. Youths drawing wine from a crater Slave with cyathus . G. SK. 18. Dancing satyr

Pine's Virgil.


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19. Pedum. [Wall painting.]

H. & P. 20. Thalia. [Wall painting.]

H. & P. 21. Hand touching the ear, symbolic of memory. [Ancient gem.] Mus. Flor. 22. Satyr, with grafting materials. [Ancient gem.] Pine's Virgil. Young satyr. [Wall painting. ] .

H. & P. 23. Silenus. [Bronze lamp.]

H. & P. 24. Bacchus with cantharus and panther — Silenus with pecten Crater Basket of fruit. [Wall painting. ] .

H. & P. 25. Prometheus. [Relief. ]

Arch. Zeit. 26. Scylla. [Wall painting.]

H. & P. 27. Diana. [Wall painting.]

H. & P. 28. Griffins. [Relief.]

Hirt. 29. Genius with torch. [Wall painting.]

H. & P. 30. Female arranging a fillet on a hermes of the bearded Bacchus, show

ing the method of putting on the lappels. [Relief.]. . Lütz. 31. Flat-nosed goat. [Wall painting.]

HOP. Page 64, Shepherd and sheep. Painting from tomb of Statilius Taurus (circa B.C. 30).

Parker's Photographs. 32. Samian Juno. [Coin.]

Mill. 33. Juno of Lanuvium. [Coins.]

Mill. 34. Juno of Lanuvium. [Statue.]

Müller. 35. Ganymede feeding the eagle. [Relief.]

Sepolcri. 36. Ajax and Cassandra. [Greek vase.] .

Inghirami. 37. Minerva hurling thunderbolt. [Coin.]

Mill. 38. Ancient banquet : Women sitting — Men reclining on couch draped

with hangings — Tables with food and crowned crater — Youth with drinking-horn and patera, apparently making a libation for purposes of divination. [Relief.]

Chefs d'Euvre l’Art Antique. Paris, 1867. 39. Neptune in car. [Coin.]

Hirt. 40. Ancient port with trireme, showing the three banks of oars. (Wall painting.].

H. & P. 41. Ruins of theatre at Aspendos .

G. SK. 42. Scylla. [Carved end of table.]

Chefs d'Euvre de l'Art Antique. Paris, 1867. 43. Jupiter looking down on the world. [Wall painting.] H. & P. 44. Youth reading a scroll. [Wall painting. ]

H. & P. 45. Man clothed in skin of wild beast. [Relief.]

Micali. 46. Vesta holding Palladium . .

Hirt. 47. Temple of Janus. [Coin.].


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Fig. 48. Achilles served by a maiden with wine in patera – Youth with two

spears in chlamys and petasus — Agamemnon with sceptre. [Greek vase.]

Inst. Arch. 49. Diana. [Statue.]

Müller. 50. Diana. [Statuette.]

H. & P. 51. Genii making garlands. [Wall painting.]

H. & P. 52. Ancient hut, represented in a bronze cinerary urn found at Albano, of very great antiquity

Trans. of French Antiq. Soc. 53. Ransom of Hector's body. [Relief.]

De Clarac. 54. Same. (Relief.] .

Inghirami. 55. Amazon

G. SK. 56. Plan of Temple of Venus at Pompeii . Overbeck's Ruins of Pompeii. 57. Vaulted chamber in baths at Pompeii

Overbeck's Pompeii. 58. Celestial Venus. [Wall painting.]

H. & P. 59. Female apparel. [Wall painting. ]

H. & P. 60. Female apparel. [Vase painting. ]

Arch. Zeit. 61. Crater wreathed (?). [Relief.] .

Mill. 62. Lamps. [Found at Pompeii.]

H. & P. 63. Lyre with pecten

Arch. Zeit. 64. Part of the Tabula Iliaca, carved (or cast in gypsum) with illustra

tions of the destruction of Troy as told by Stesichorus. Inghirami. 65. Rape of the Palladium. [Vase painting. ] .

Inst. Arch. 66. Trojan horse drawn within the walls - Women supplicating Pallas Priam seated - Cassandra raving on the walls

H. & P. 67. Women decorating a Hermes with a fillet. [Relief.]

Lütz. 68. Attack on a walled city. [Relief.]

Micali. 69. Palazzo Vecchio at Florence

Photograph. 70. Hinged door and lintel. [Found at Pompeii.] Overbeck's Ruins. 71. Plan of the house of Pansa at Pompeii .

Overbeck's Ruins. 72. Plan of Greek house

G. & K. 73. Jupiter. [Wall painting.]

H. & P. 74. Diana. [Wall painting. ]

H. & P. 75. Apollo. [Wall painting.]

H. & P. 76. Pallas. [Ancient Ms. of Homer.] .

Inghirami. 77. Æneas and Anchises. [Gem.]. ..

Mus. Flor. Page 153, Murder of Priam. [Vase painting.]

Inghirami. 78. Apollo sitting on tripod

Micali. 79. Cybele journeying to Rome. [Relief.]

Inst. Arch. 80. Curetes, Cybele, Jupiter, and goat. [Relief.]

Mill. 81. Ulysses and the sirens. [Gem.]


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82. Suovetaurilia. Veiled priest offering. [Relief.]

De Clarac. 83. Athlete's equipment. [Found at Pompeii.] .

H. & P. 84. Funeral rites — Garlands and fillets. (Vase painting.] Mus. Borb. 85. Orestes taking refuge at Delphi. Pallas, Fury, Apollo, tripod - Bomos

covered with the sacred net-work, the symbol of prophecy. (Vase painting.]

Mill. 86. Ransom of Hector's body-(Achilles not visible) — Priam kneeling in

robe and Phrygian cap— Trojans bearing ransom — Others bear

ing the body, only a part of which appears in the cut. De Clarac. 88 a. Head of Pallas. [Statue.] .

Hirt. 88 6. Mars and Venus: Round shield Double plume and filleted pillar. [Wall painting.] ..

. H. & P. 89. Ceres, with basket of grains, torch and halo. [Wall painting.] H. & P. 90. Roman marriage — Bridegroom in toga making libation on a tripod

shaped altar from a patera - Bride with veil - Juno Pronuba uniting the pair. (Relief.]

Overbeck. 91. Artisans erecting a building — Minerva superintending - Derrick with

curious treadmill for raising heavy stones. [Relief.] Mill. 92. Hunting scene. [Wall painting.]

H. & P. 93. Hunting scene. [Wall painting.]

H. & P. 94. Marriage of Paris and Helen, by Etruscan artists, in Roman fashion

Hector acting as auspex (?) — Young man bringing ram for sacrifice — The augur's cap and oxens' skulls on the wall indicate some kind of chapel or temple — Venus with winged Grace attending. [Etruscan vase.]

Arch. Inst. 95. Head of Jupiter Ammon. [Coin.]

Mill. 96. Head of Paris. [Bust.]

Lütz. 97. Mercury conducting souls to Pluto and Proserpine

Hirt. 98. Bacchic procession: Bacchanal with double tibia Others with torch and thyrsus, and with tamborine. [Vase.]

Arch. Zeit. 99. Bacchanal in frenzy. [Marble vase.]

Waelcken. 100. Sortes — Italian form of divination - Priestess of fortune at Præ. neste (?) drawing the oracular sors

Gior. Sca. 101. Bacchic dance of satyrs and bacchantes. (Vase painting. ] Inst. Arch. 102. Harbor fortifications, with boat under sail. (Wall painting.] H. & P. 103. Carchesium. [Vase.]

Inst. Arch. 104. Serpent (genius loci) feeding on offerings upon an altar Youth with sacred branch. [Wall painting.] . .

H. & P. 105. Symbolic representation of powers of light (sun, moon, Lucifer, and

an unknown armed youth) – Boat representing the sea. (Vase painting.] .

Inst. Arch.


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Fig. 106. Orestes at Delphi receiving his commission to slay his mother –

Priestess in her usual attitude on the tripod. — Apollo on the

sacred Omphalos or Bomos (?). [Vase painting.] . Arch. Zeit. 107. Trireme. [Relief.]

Chefs d'Euvre, etc. 108. Part of trireme, showing method of rowing. [Drawing from an

ancient relief now lost. Cf. Annali d'Instituto, etc., 1861.

Tav. M.] 109. Sea monsters. [Wall painting.)

H. & P. 110. Greek ornament (Maeander). [Vase.]

Inst. Arch. 111. Athlete with fillet of ribbon. [Statue.]

Inst. Arch. 112. Cestus (a)

G. & K. (6) Statue of Pollux

Hirt. 113. Priestess with acerra. [Wall painting.]

. H. & P. 114. Lares in their customary attitude, with trees representing the olives before the house of Augustus. [Relief.] .

Hirt. 115. Theseus and Minotaur. [Wall painting.] .

H. & P. 116. Fall of Icarus. [Wall painting.] .

H. & P. 117. Charon receiving his passenger and fare. [Relief.] . Sepolcri. 118. Tantalus, Ixion, and Sisyphus in the world below. [Relief.] Sepolcri. 119. The Wrestlers. [Statue.]

Photograph. 120. Young hero with headless spear ; in his hand a tessera. (Vase

painting.] 121. Head of Augustus, with garland of oak. [Bust.]

Lütz. 122. Procession of Bacchus and Ariadne. [Relief.]

Müller. 123. Mausoleum of Augustus. [Ruin.]


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