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LATIN. Arnold, T. K. First and Second Latin Book and Practical Grammar. By SPENCER. 12mo.

Latin Prose Composition. 12mo.

Cornelius Nepos. With Notes. 12mo. Beza. Latin Testament. 12mo. Butler, Noble, and Sturgus, Minard. Sallust's Jugurtha and Catiline, with

Notes and Vocabulary. Revised edition. 12mo. Caesar. See HARKNESS and SPENCER. Cicero. See HARKNESS, E. A. JOHNSON, LINCOLN, and THATCHER. Cornelius Nepos. See ARNOLD. Crosby, W. H. Quintus Curtius Rufus. Life and Exploits of Alexander the

Great. Edited and Illustrated, with English Notes. 12mo. Frieze, Henry 8. Notes on the Tenth and Twelfth Books of Quintilian. 12mo.

Virgil's Æneid. Three Books, with Notes, etc.
Harkness's (Professor) series of Latin Text-Books :
An Introductory Latin Book, intended as an Elementary Drill-Book on the

Inflections and Principles of the Language.
A Latin Grammar, for Schools and Colleges. Revised edition. 1881. 12mo.
The Elemeuts of Latin Grammar, for Schools.
A Latin Reader, intended as a companion to the author's Latin Grammar.
A New Latin Reader. With References, Suggestions, Notes, and Vocabu-

A Practical Introduction to Latin Composition. For Schools and Colleges.
Cæsar's Commentaries on the Gallic War. With Notes, Dictionary, etc.

vatin Prose Authors, comprising four books of Cæsar's

Catiline, and Fight Orations of Cicero. With Notes, of Gaul, and a Special Dictionary.

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Sallust's Catiline. With Notes and a Special Dictionary.
Cicero's Select Orations. With Notes, etc.
The same, with Notes and Dictionary.

This series has received the unqualified commendation of many of the most eminent classical professors and teachers in our country, and is already in use in every State of the Union, and, indeed, in nearly all our leading

classical institutions of every grade, both of echool and college.
Horace. See LINCOLN.
Johnson, E. A. Cicero's Select Orations. With Notes. 12mo.
Latin Speaker. See SEWALL.
Lincoln, John L. Horace. With Notes, etc. 12mo.

Livy. With Notes, Map, etc. 12mo.
Livy. See LINCOLN.
Quintilian. See FRIEZE.
Quintus Curtius Rufus. See CROSBY, W. H.
Sewall, Frank. Latin Speaker. Easy Dialogues, and other Selections for

Memorizing and Declaiming in the Latin Language. 12mo.
Spencer, J. A. Cæsar's Commentaries. With Notes, etc. 12mo.
Tacitus. See TYLER.
Thatcher, Thomas A. Cicero's De Officiis. Three Books, with Notes and

Conspectus. 12mo.
Tyler, W. S. Germania and Agricola of Tacitus. With Notes, etc. 12mo.

Histories of Tacitus. With Notes. 12mo.
Virgil. See FRIEZE.

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Anabasis. See Boise and OWEN.
Antigone. See SMEAD.
Arnold, T. K. First Greek Book. Edited by Spencer. 12mo.

Greek Prose Composition. By Spencer. 12mo.
Second Greek Prose Composition. By Spencer. 12mo.

Greek Reading Book. By Spencer. 12mo.
Boise, James R. Exercises in Greek Prose Composition. 12mo.

The First Three Books of the Anabasis of Xenophon. With Notes and
Vocabulary. 12mo.

Five Books of Xenophon's Anabasis, With Notes and Lexicon. 12mo.

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