The European Magazine, and London Review, Volume 14

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Philological Society of London, 1788

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Page 255 - Christian to cut off my head?" and his last fear was that of falling alive into the hands of the infidels. The prudent despair of Constantine cast away the purple: amidst the tumult he fell by an unknown hand, and his body was buried under a mountain of the slain.
Page 164 - HAS just left me ; HE HAS explained to me what I did not conceive, that the publication of the scenes in the ' Trip to Calais ' at this juncture, with the dedication and preface, might be of infinite ill consequence to your affairs.
Page 439 - British humanity ! Mr. Hastings ensures to the allies of the company, in the strongest terms, their prosperity and his protection ; the former he secures by sending an army to plunder them of their wealth and to desolate their soil ! His protection is fraught with a similar security ; like that of a vulture to a lamb ; grappling in its vitals ! thirsting for its blood ! scaring off each petty kite that hovers round ; and then, with an insulting perversion of terms, calling sacrifice protection !...
Page 187 - When the angels said, O Mary, verily God sendeth thee good tidings, that thou shalt bear the Word, proceeding from himself; his name shall be Christ Jesus the son of Mary, honourable in this world and in the world to come, and one of those who approach near to the presence of God...
Page 254 - They wept, they embraced ; regardless of their families and fortunes, they devoted their lives ; and each commander, departing to his station, maintained, all night, a vigilant and anxious watch on the rampart. The Emperor, and some faithful companions, entered the dome of St. Sophia, which, in a few hours, was to be converted into a mosque, and devoutly received, with tears and prayers, the sacrament of the holy communion.
Page 176 - Last winter I went down to my native town, where I found the streets much narrower and shorter than I thought I had left them, inhabited by a new race of people, to whom I was very little known.
Page 115 - ... rare and wonderful an excellence, that people began to look upon a perfect actor as a phenomenon in the world, which they were not to expect above once in a century; but now that the trade is laid open, this prodigy is to be met at the turn of every...
Page 187 - Instead of a perpetual and perfect measure of the divine will, the fragments of the Koran were produced at the discretion of Mahomet, each revelation is suited to the emergencies of his policy or passion; and all contradiction is removed by the saving maxim, that any text of scripture is abrogated or modified by any subsequent passage.
Page 288 - Trouble not the company with your own private concerns, as you do not love to be troubled with those of others. Yours are as little to them as theirs are to you. You will need no other rule whereby to judge of this matter. Contrive, but with dexterity and propriety, that each person may have an opportunity of discoursing on the subject with which he is best acquainted.
Page 12 - Ipruce and fir. The furface is compofed of rocks, covered with very long green mofs, which extends from one rock to another, and is, in many places, fo thick and ftrong, as to bear a man's weight. This immenfe bed of mofs...

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