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U. S. OFFICE OF EDUCATION. Education of teachers as a function of State departments of education. By Benjamin W. Frazier. Washington, United States Government Printing Office, 1941. 119 p. (Bulletin 1940, no. 6. Monograph no. 6.)

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40 p. (Bulletin

Professional education of teachers. By Benjamin W. Frazier. Washinton, United States Government Printing Office, 1931. 1931, no. 20. vol. 1, chap. XIV.)

Miscellaneous Materials Sent by State Departments

(Forms, blanks, and mimeographed and printed materials relating to the education of school administrators)


Bulletin of the State De

1941 Legislative Proposals Affecting Education. partment of Education, vol. X, no. 2, February 1941.


The organization and functions of the State department of education, Bulletin III, 1940.

Re-directing an educational program.

A plan for the evaluation and re

direction of a school system. State department bulletin no. 1, January 1940.


Florida school code. Procedures in developing the school code.

Role of the county board and its members. State department bulletin. Handbook. School plant operation and maintenance in Florida. Florida program for improvement of schools. Bulletin no. 13, September 1940.


Educational leadership in Kentucky. Bulletin, January 1939.
Teacher education and certification, May 1940.


Louisiana high-school standards, organization and administration. January



State department of public instruction. Basic instructional policy for the Michigan curriculum program. Bulletin no. 314.

The consolidated school curriculum. By the Committee on the Evaluation of Consolidated School Curriculum, 1938.

Education of exceptional children. Bulletin no. 3016.
Functional evaluation of the curriculum.

Bulletin no. 3002.

Bulletin no. 3017.

Bulletin no. 3007.

The Michigan Curriculum program. Bulletin no. 311.
Interpretations of the basic instructional policy.

A partial appraisal of the Michigan curriculum program.


A study of teacher turn-over, supply, training, and assignment in Minnesota public elementary and secondary schools. December 1939.


Bibliography of guidance and occupational information.

Curricular offerings of Missouri high schools, 1937-38. Bulletin No. 2, 1939. Functions and suggested procedures for high school boards.

Handbook: Uniform finanial accounting system.

Manual for rural school officers, 1938.

Handbook: A handbook for the high school activity sponsor.

An administrator's handbook for high school districts.

A statement of philosophy, purposes, and design for the secondary schools of Missouri.

Teaching combinations in Missouri high schools.


Handbook for secondary schools.

High school report part B.

High school rating card for Montana secondary schools.

Official score card for graded elementary schools. Procedures formulated by State board of education for accrediting Montana graded elementary schools.

Form: Report of elementary school district No.

Montana, to State board

of education for school year 19 19. Standard or superior school rating card for Montana rural schools. PENNSYLVANIA:

Secondary school manual for Pennsylvania.

Suggestions for the conduct of meetings of teachers.

Suggestions for the evaluation of secondary schools.

A uniform accounting system. Bulletin 115.


Report of four regional guidance conferences. WEST VIRGINIA

Program of study for elementary schools.

[blocks in formation]

Covering Letter


Washington, October 21, 1940.

MY DEAR SIR: It is the desire of the U. S. Office of Education to bring to the attention of State Departments of Education information concerning current practice and experimentation in the field of the education of school administrators; that is, of superintendents, principals, and supervisors. A bulletin is now in process of preparation covering current practice, trends, and opinion in graduate schools and departments of education. In order to complete the picture to include activities under State department leadership, your cooperation in filling out the enclosed schedule of information is earnestly requested. The results of this canvass, in bulletin form, will be distributed to all State departments.

In making use of the data collected in this inquiry, no attempt will be made to evaluate practice as reported. For each State responding there will be prepared an objective, positive statement of what is being attempted which may be of interest to others.

A franked envelope requiring no postage is enclosed for your reply.

Cordially yours,



Assistant U. S. Commissioner of Education.


Schedule of Information


Washington, October 18, 1940.



Schedule of Information

There are attached hereto a series of questions under four general headings. These questions have been discussed informally with a number of State superintendents and staff members who have agreed that they point to issues and problems which have a real bearing upon the job of improving administrative personnel. They relate to activities in many cases which are still in the experimental stage and which have been undertaken in a few States only. Our purpose in asking them is simply to identify the States where this type of experimentation is being carried on and to make information concerning them available to all States. If your answer is "No" to any given question, we would be glad to have your comment on the value and practicability of the activity referred to. Our whole purpose in this inquiry is to be of help to State departments in this important business of improving school administrative personnel in every possible way. We shall be especially interested in your account of the activities carried on in your State under each of the four general areas.

We would ask you to respond to each of the questions as directed. Where the response requested is either "Yes" or "No," we would ask that you take the question quite literally and respond as objectively as possible. Tabulation of returns of this type of question will not be set up by individual States.

All other questions should be answered on separate sheets with a number reference as indicated following each question. Please attach these sheets to the original schedule form and return to this Office on or before November 1, 1940. Name of State

Name and title of official responding


I. STANDARDS AND QUALIFICATIONS FOR SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION 1. Has your department made any conscious efforts toward the cooperative development of a philosophy of school administration as a guide to practice on the part of administrative personnel in the schools of the State? Check: Yes... No....

a. If the answer to number 1 above is "Yes," has this development
been based upon researches and cooperations involving one or
several of the following groups?
Check for "Yes":

Teacher education faculty groups..
Graduate student groups. -

Classroom teachers....

Local school administrators.
State administrators..

Representative laymen..

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