The Poetical Works of William Falconer: Collated with the Best Editions

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Page 48 - Arion disapprove, And first to brail the tack up firmly move: "The watchful seaman, whose sagacious eye On sure experience may with truth rely, Who from the reigning cause foretells...
Page 100 - Resign'd, she quits her comfortless abode To course that long, unknown, eternal road — O sacred source of ever-living light ! Conduct the weary wanderer in her flight : Direct her onward to that peaceful shore, Where peril, pain, and death prevail no more.
Page 95 - O unhappy chief! th' eternal doom Of Heaven decreed thee to the briny tomb! What scenes of misery torment thy view ! What painful struggles of thy dying crew! Thy perish'd hopes all buried in the flood, O'erspread with corses ! red with human blood!
Page 91 - He guides the unhappy victim to the shroud : " Hie thee aloft, my gallant friend ! " he cries ; " Thy only succour on the mast relies." The helm, bereft of half its vital force, Now scarce subdued the wild unbridled course : Quick to the abandon'd wheel Arion came, The ship's tempestuous sallies to reclaim.
Page 54 - Their harassed powers by slumber to restore. Far other cares the master's mind employ, Approaching perils all his hopes destroy: In vain he spreads the graduated chart, And bounds the distance by the rules of art; Across the geometric plane expands The compasses to circumjacent lands; Ungrateful task!
Page 15 - Yet, though full oft to future perils blind, With skill superior glow'd his daring mind Through snares of death the reeling bark to guide, When midnight shades involve the raging tide. To Rodmond next in order of command Succeeds the youngest of our naval band : But what avails it to record a name That courts no rank among the sons of fame...
Page 99 - Shouldst thou th' unwilling messenger of fate, " To him the tragic story first relate, " Oh ! friendship's generous ardour then suppress ! .' Nor hint the fatal cause of my distress : " Nor let each horrid incident sustain " The lengthen'd tale to aggravate his pain. " Ah then remember well my last request, " For her who reigns for ever in my breast ; " Yet let him prove a father and a friend, " The helpless maid to succour and defend.
Page 29 - Tin; glassy ocean hush'd, forgets to roar, But trembling murmurs on the sandy shore: And lo ! his surface lovely to behold Glows in the west, a sea of living gold ! While, all above, a thousand liveries gay The skies with pomp ineffable array.
Page 30 - Oft deem'da signal of tempestuous gales. — While young ARION sleeps, before his sight Tumultuous swim the visions of the night. Now blooming ANNA with her happy swain Approach'd the sacred Hymeneal fane: Anon tremendous lightnings flash between; And funeral pomp, and weeping loves are seen! Now with PALEMON up a rocky steep, Whose summit trembles o'er the roaring deep, With painful step he climb'd; while far above Sweet ANNA charm'd them with the voice of love.
Page 95 - Then downward plunge beneath the involving tide ; Till one, who seems in agony to strive, The whirling breakers heave on shore alive : The rest a speedier end of anguish knew, And prest the stony beach — a lifeless crew ! Next, O unhappy chief, the eternal doom Of Heaven decreed thee to the briny tomb.

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