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Eylials, glances, looks. See Feodary, an accomplice, a con


Ociliads. Eyne, eyes.


Face, to carry a foolish appear


Faced, turned up with facings
Facinorous, wicked.
Fact, guilt.
Factious, active.

Faculties, medicinal virtues, of Fig, to insult.

fice, exercise of power. Fadge, to suit or fit.

Failing, the burthen of a song.
Fain, fond.

Fair, beauty, complexion, fair


Fair betrothed, fairly contracted, honourably affianced

[blocks in formation]

Fantastical, creatures of fancy.
Fap, drunk.

Far, extensively.
Farced, stuffed.

Fashions, farcens or farcy.
Fast, determined, fixed.
Fat, dull.

Fate, an action predetermined by


Favour, countenance, features,
indulgence, pardon, appearance
Fear, the object of fear, danger.

Fear, to intimidate.
Feared, frightened.
Fearful, timorous, formidable.
Feat, ready, dexterous.
Feat, an exploit.
Feated, formed, made neat.
Feature, beauty in general, cast
and make of the face.
Federary, a confederate.
Fee-grief, a peculiar sorrow.
Feeder, an eater, a servant.
Feere, or Pheere, a companion,
a husband.

Feet, footing.
Fell, skin.

Fell-feats, savage practices.
Fellow, cerapanion.

Fence, the art of, or skill in de-

Fester, to corrupt.
Festinately, has ily.

Festival terms, splendid phraseo- Force, to stuff.
Forced, false.
Fet, fetched.
Fordid, destroyed.

Few, in short, in few words.
Fico, a fig.

Fielded, in the field of battle.
Fierce, proud, hasty, vehement,

Fights, clothes hung round a ship
to conceal the men from the


File, a list.

Filed, defiled.

Filed, gone an equal pace with.
Fills, the shafts.

Filths, common sewers.
Fine, the conclusion.
Fine, full of finesse, artful.
Fine, to make showy, or specious.
Fineless, boundless, endless.
Firago for Virago.
Fire-drake, will-o'-the-wisp, ora

Fire-new, bren-new, new from
the forge.
Firk, to chastise.

First noblest, most eminent.
Fit, a division of a song.
Fitchew, a polecat.
Fitly, exactly.

Fires, a distemper in horses.
Flap-dragon, a small inflammable
substance, which topers swal-
low in a glass of wine.
Flapjacks, pan-cakes.
Flask, a soldier's powder-horn.
Flatness, lowness, depth.
Flaw,sudden violent gust of wind.
Flayed, stripped.
Flecked, potted,dappled,streaked.
Fleet, to float.
Fleeting, inconstant.
Fleshment, first act of military


For, for that, since, because.
Forbid, under interdiction.
Force, power.

Force, to enforce, to urge.

Flewed, having the flews or chaps

of a hound.

Fordo, to undo, to destroy.
Foredone, overcome.
Forfended, prohibited, forbidden
Foreign, employed in foreign


Forepast, already had.
Fore-slow, to be dilatory, to loiter.
Forestall, to prevent by anticipa-


[blocks in formation]

Frize, a cloth made in Wales.
From, in opposition to.
Fronted, opposed.
Frontier, forehead
Frontlet, a forehead cloth.

Frush, to break or bruise.
Frustrate, frustrated.
Fulfilling, filling till there be no

room for more.
Full, complete.

Fullams, loaded dice.

Fullest, most complete and per-

Fumiter, fumitory.
Furnished, dressed.

Flickering, fluttering like the

motion of a flame.

Flight, a sort of shooting.
Flourish, ornament.
Flote, wave.

Flush, mature, ripe.
Foeman, an enemy in war.
Foin, to thrust in fencing.
Foizon, plenty.
Folly, depravity of mind.
Fond, foolish, or prized by folly.
Fonder, more weak or foolish.
Fondly, foolishly.


Fools' zanies, baubles with the Gabardine, a loose felt cloak
head of a fool.
Foot-cloth, a housing covering the
body of the horse, and almost
reaching to the ground.

Gad, a pointed instrument.
Gain-giving, misgiving.
Gainsay, to unsay, deny, contra-


Gait, way or steps.
Galliard, an ancient dance.
Galliasses, a species of galleys.
Gallowglasses, heavy armed foot.
Gallow, to scare or frighten
Gallymawfry, a medley.
Game, sport, jest.
Gamester, a frolicksome person,

a wanton.

Gaping, shouting or roaring.
Garboils, commotion, stir.
Garish, gaudy, showy.
Garner, to treasure up.
Gasted, frightened.
Gaudy, a festival day.
Gawls, baubles, toys.
Gaze, attention.

Gear, a general word for things

or matters.

Geck, a fool.

General, generality.
General, compendious.
Generation, children.
Generosity, high birth.
Generous, most noble.
Gentility, urbanity.

Gentle, noble, high-minded, be

longing to gentry. Gentry, complaisance. German, akin.

Germins, seeds begun to sprout.
Gest, a stage or journey.

Gib, a cat.

Gifts, endowments.
Giglot, a wanton wench.
Gilder, a coin valued at 1s. 6d.
or 2$.

Gilt, gilding, golden money.
Gimmal, a ring or engine.
Ging, a gang.

Gird, a sarcasm or gibe, emotion.
Gleek, to joke or scoff, to beguile.
Glimmering, faintly illuminated

by the stars.

Gloze, to expound, to comment

Glut, to englut or swallow up.
Gnarled, knotted.

Good-deed, indeed, in very deed.
Good-den, good evening.
Good-life, of a moral or jovial turn.
Good-jer, gougere, morbus gal-

Gorbellied, fat and corpulent.
Gossips, tattling women who at-
tend lyings-in.

Gossomer, the white cobweb-like
exhalations that fly about in
hot sunny weather.
Government, evenness of temper,

decency of manners. Gourds, a species of dice. Gouts, drops.

Grace, acceptableness, favour.
Grace, to bless, to make happy.
Gracious, graceful, lovely.
Grained, furrowed, like the grain
of wood, died in grain or in-


[blocks in formation]

Imbare, to lay open or display to view.

Immanity, barbarity, savageness.
Immediacy, close connexion.
Imp, to supply.

Imp, progeny.
Impair, unsuitable.
Impartial, sometimes used for

Impawned, wagered and staked.
Impeach, to bring into question.
Impeachment, reproach or impu-
tation, hinderance.
Imperious, imperial.
Imperseverant, perseverant.
peticos, to impetticoat or im-

Importance, importunacy. Importance, the thing imported. Importing, implying, denoting. Impose, injunction, command. Impositions, commands. Impossible, incredible or inconceivable.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Kam, awry, crooked.
Keech, a solid lump or mass.
Keel, to cool.

Keep, to restrain, to dwell, to
Keisar, Cæsar.

Kernes, light-armed Irish foot.
Key, the key for tuning, a tun-
Kicksy-wicksy, a wife.
Kiln-hole, a place into which
coals are put under a stove.
Kind, nature, species.
Kindless, unnatural
Kindly, naturally.
Kindly, kindred.
Kinged, ruled by.

Inland, civilized, not rustic.
Insane, that which makes insane.
Insconce, to fortify.
Insculped, engraven.
Inseparate, inseparable.
Instance, example, proof.
Instances, motives.
Insuit, solicitation.

Intend, to pretend.
Intending, regarding.

Intendment, intention or dispo- Kinsman, near relative.


Knave, servant.
Knife, a sword or dagger.
Knots, figures planted in box
Know, to acknowledge,
Know of, to consider.

Kirtle, part of a woman's dress.



Lackeying, moving like a lackey

or page.

Lag, the meanest persons.
Lances, lance-men.

Land-damn, to destroy in some


Lands, landing-places. Lapsed, time suffered to slip. Large, licentious

Lass-lorn, forsaken of his mis


Latch, to lay hold of

Latched or letched, licked over.
Late, lately.

Lated, belated, benighted.
Latten, thin as a lath.
Lavoltas, a kind of dances.
Laund, lawn.

Lay, a wager. Leaguer, the camp. Leasing, lying.

Leather-coats, a species of apple Leave, to part with, to give


Leech, a physician.
Leer, feature, complexion.

Leet, court-leet, or court of the


Legerity, lightness, nimbleness.
Leges, alleges.

Leiger, resident.
Leman, lover, mistress.
Lenten, short and spare.
L'envoy, moral, or conclusion of
a poem.
Let, to hinder.

Let be, to desist.
Lethe, death.

Lewd, ignorant, idle, wicked.
Lewdly, wickedly.

Libbard, or lubbar, a leopard.
Liberal, licentious or gross in

Liberty, libertinism.

License, an appearance of licentiousness.

Lie, to reside, to be imprisoned. | Liefest, dearest.

Lieger, an ambassador at a foreign court.

Lifter, a thief.

Light o' love, a dance tune.

Lightly, commonly, in ordinary


Lightness, levity.

Like, to compare.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Moonish, variable.

Mope, to appear stupid.
Moral, secret meaning.

Morisco, Moor or Moorish, or

Morris-pike, Moorish pike.
Mortal, murderous, fatal.
Mortal-staring, that which stares

Mortified, ascetic, religious.
Most, greatest.

Motion, a kind of puppet-show.
Motion, divinitory agitation.
Motion, desires.

Motions, indignation.
Motive, assistant or mover, that
which contributes to motion.
Mould, earth.

Mouse, to mammock, to tear to

Mouse, a term of endearment.

Metaphysical, supernatural.
Mete-yard, measuring-yard.
Mewed, confined.

Micher, a truant, a lurking thief. | Mouse-hunt, a weasel


See Moe.

Moy, a piece of money or a mea-
sure of corn

Much, an expression of disdain.
Much, strange, wonderful.
Muck-water, drain of a dung-hill.
Muffler, a kind of dress for the
lower part of the face.
Muliters, muleteers.

Mulled, softened and dispirited.
Multiplied, multitudinous.
Multiplying, multiplied.
Multitudinous, full of multitudes.
Mummy, the balsamic liquor of.
Mundane, worldly.
Mure, a wall.
Murky, dark.

Murrain, a plague in cattle.
Muse, to admire, to wonder.
Must, a scramble.

Mutine, to rise in mutiny.
Mutines, mutineers.


Napkin, handkerchief.
Napless, threadbare.
Native, formed by nature.
Nature, natural parent.
Nay-word, a watch-word or by- Open, publicly.
Operant, active.


Neat, finical.

Neb or nib, the mouth.

Noddy, fool, a game at cards.
Noise, music.

Nonce, on purpose, for the turn.
Nock-shotten, that which shoots
into capes.

Northern man, vir borealis, a

Note,notice, information, remark.
Novice, a youth.
Novum, some game at dice.
Nourish, to nurse.
Nowl, a head.

Observing, religiously attentive.
Obsequious, serious, as at funeral
obsequies, careful of.
Obsequiously, funereally.
Obstacle, obstinate.

Occupation, men occupied in bu- Pains, labour, toil.
Palabras, words.


Occurrents, incidents.

Oe, a circle.


Oeiliad, a cast or glance of the Pall, to wrap, to invest.
eye. See Eyliads.

Palled, vapid.

O'erdied, died too much.
O'er-looked, slighted.

O'er-parted, having too consi

derable a part.

Nurture, education.
Nuthook, a thief.


Obligations, bonds.

Observed, paid respective atten

tion to

Of, through.

Offering, the assailant.

Office, service.

Offices, culinary or servants'

O'er-raught, over-reached.
O'er-wrested, wrested beyond the Paper, written securities.
Parcel, reckon up.

Oneyers, accountants, bankers.
Opal, a precious stone of almost
all colours.

Neeld, needle.

Neif, list.


Nephew, a grandson or any lineal Opposition, combat.
Or, before.

Nether-stocks, stockings.
Newness, innovation.

Newt, the eft.

Next, nearest.
Nice, silly, trifling.
Nick, reckoning or count.
Nick, to set a mark of folly on.
Nighted, made dark as night.
Night-rule, frolic of the night.
Nine men's morris, a game.
Nobility, distinction, eminence.
Nobless, nobleness.

Opinion, obstinacy, conceit, cha


Opposite, adverse, hostile, adver


Old, frequent, more than enough. Paritor, an apparitor, an officer
Old age, ages past.
Once, sometime.

of the bishop's court.
Parle, parley.
Purlous, perilous.
Parlous, keen, shrewd.
Part, to depart.
Partake, to participate.
Partaker, accomplice, confede-


Overture, opening or discovery.
Ounce, a small tiger, or tiger-cat.
Ouph, fairy, goblin.

Ousel-cock, the cock blackbird.
Out, be gone.

Out, full, complete.
Outlook, to face down.
Outried, a term at the game of

Outward, not in the secret of

Owe, to own, possess, govern.
Ox-lip, the great cowslip.

Padlock, toad.

Pagan, a loose vicious person
Pageant, a dumb show.
Pail, punished.
Pain, penalty.

Pale, to empale, encircle with a


Pack, to bargain with.
Pack, combined, an accomplice.
Packing, plotting, underhand


Palmers, holy pilgrims.
Palmy, victorious.
Palter, to juggle, or shuffle.
Paper, to write down, or ap-
point by writing.

Orbs, circles made by the fairies Parts, party.
Pash, a head.

on the ground.
Orchard, a garden.
Order, measures.
Ordinance, rank.
Orgulous, proud, disdainful.
Osprey, a kind of eagle.
Ostent, shew, ostentation.
Ostentation, shew, appearance.
Overblow, to drive away, to keep

Parcel-gilt, gilt only on certain

Parish-top, a large top formerly
kept in every village to be
whipped for exercise.

Parted, shared.

Parted, endowed with parts.
Participate, participant, partici-
Partizan, a pike.

Pash, to strike with violence.
Pashed, bruised, crushed.
Pass, to decide, to assure



Pass, to exceed, to go beyond
common bounds.

Passed, excelling, past all ex-
pression or bounds.
Passes, what has passed.
Passing, eminent, egregious.
Passion, suffering.

Passionate, a prey to mournful

Passioning, being in a passion.
Passy-measure, a dance.
Pastry, the room where pastry
was made.

Patch, a term of reproach.
Patched, in a parti-coloured coat.
Path, to walk.

Pathetical, deeply affecting.
Patient, to make patient, to com-


Patine, a dish used with the cha-
lice, in the administration o
the Eucharist.

Pattern, instance, example.
Pavin, a dance.
Paucas, few.
Pay, to beat, to hit.

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