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By W. E. B.

The following testimonials are given with special reference to the main teachings of this book, always allowing for difference in minor details, regarding so vast a subject.


"I regard the little book as the best brief compendium I have seen on the Lord's Coming, and I wish for it a large circulation." A. T. Pierson,

Editor Missionary Review of the World.

"The late Bishop Stephen M. Merrill of the Methodist Episcopal Church, speaking of the value of a belief in the pre-millennial Coming of Christ, once said: 'It kindles the fires of devotion and lifts the soul into an atmosphere of warmth and loyalty to Christ and contempt for the world.'

"In my own Christian life and ministry I have found this to be exactly true; and, because of it I am glad to know that there are to be issued other editions of 'Jesus is Coming,' which has had so wide a circulation and performed so blessed and useful a ministry. I hope it will reach the ends of the earth for the great good I know it will do."

L. W. MtJNHALL (Evangelist).
Germantown, Phila., Pa.

Church of the Atonement, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. "I do not know of any text book on the coming of Christ so clear and comprehensive as 'Jesus is Coming' by W. E. B. For years I have commended it to any desirous of looking into this great and all important topic, and I am continually speaking of it at my Bible classes."

Rev. D. M. Stearns.

The Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, Office of the Dean. "To the Christian just awakening to the truth of Christ's second coming and full of inquiries, I always recommend the book 'Jesus is Coming' by W. E. B., and yet to the student who has given years of thought to the subject, it is still a handy thesaurus." James M. Gray.

"I believe that the book 'Jesus is Coming' is the very best presentation of the subject of the second coming of our Lord, that I have seen. I commend it most heartily to all students of the Word." Len G. Broughton,

Pastor Baptist Tabernacle,
Atlanta, Ga.

"In all the range of prophetic testimony with which I am familiar, I know of nothing so clear, concise and convincing, as 'Jesus is Coming.' My prayer is that it may help others, as it has helped me, to some appreciation of the glorious theme of which It treats." Ford C. Ottman,

Pastor First Presbyterian Church,
Stamford, Conn.

"'Jesus is Coming' has done an immense good in arresting the attention of Christians, and compelling them to the study of Prophecy, for which I am truly thankful."


Germantown, Pa.

"'Jesus is Coming,' by W. E. B., was to me a very draught from the well of Bethlehem when I began the study of prophetic truth. I think more teachers of the Word have testified to me of blessing to their souls from 'Jesus is Coming' than from any other modern book."

William R. Newell.

"By the reading of this book, 'Jesus is Coming,' I know of several men being led to seek Christ, and of many Christians being drawn to a higher appreciation of the Word of God, and of many being led to a more separated life from the world, and of many becoming more earnest for the salvation of souls. The author of this blessed little book has given us the Bible for every statement. May the Lord speed it on its mission till the morn breaks."

Major James H. Cole,


"I heartily commend the book 'Jesus is Coming.' For fifteen years I have recommended it to friends who wished to study the subject of our Lord's return. I pray that it may be a blessing to all Bible students, and I am sure it will be where it has a fair unprejudiced examination."

P. V. Jenness,
Pastor First Presby. Church,
Kirkwood, Mo.

"I rejoice in the sending forth of a new edition of 'Jesus is Coming.' I trust that this fresh issue of the book will be greatly blessed to multitudes of souls. I am sure the abundant testimony from Scripture, which is adduced in support of the precious doctrine of the Lord's speedy coming, will find lodgment in many hearts. In some details of the doctrine, I would differ to a small extent, but on the main fundamental truth I am in hearty agreement."

Prof. Wm. G. Moorehead,

Theological Seminary,
Xenia, Ohio.

"The book, 'Jesus is Coming,' is, in my judgment, one of the most useful contributions to premillennial literature on either side of the Atlantic. In brief space there is overwhelming Scripture testimony, clearly and forcibly set forth, to the personal, pretribulation and premillennial coming of our blessed Lord. I rejoice to hear of the large circulation already secured in our own and other languages."


London, England. "I gladly bear testimony to the great value of the concise and comprehensive little volume 'Jesus is Coming.' I consider it by far the most useful and serviceable manual, on this great theme, that has been published. I recommend it most heartily to all inquirers, students and Christian workers." A. B. Simpson,

Pres Ch. £ Mis'y. Alliance. "The book entitled 'Jesus is Coming' I recommend most heartily to every prayerful student of the Word. The book is known to have been a blessing to many and I believe a prayerful and thoughtful reader will get much blessing in reading it." John Willis Baer,

Pres. Occidental College,
Los Angeles, Cal.

"The first reading of 'Jesus is Coming' marked a distinct epoch in my own life, I am sincerely anxious that the book may have a broadcast distribution." Giles Kellogg,

Los Angeles, Cal. "The book 'Jesus is Coming' has been for many years a great inspiration to me in my Christian work. The sound and exceedingly lucid arguments of the author in connection with the various scriptures to which he refers, all of which point most clearly to the consummation of 'That blessed hope and glorious appearing of The Great God and Our Saviour, Jesus Christ.' Titus 2:13, will I am sure prove an inspiration to all who with open heart and mind peruse its pages, leading them to a greater love for the Bible, to holler living, and a more earnest endeavor to work while it is day for 'the night cometh when no man can work.'"

D. W. Potter, Evangelist,
Chicago, Ills.

"I remember very well when I first saw the book 'Jesus is Coming' at Northfield, twenty years ago, and how I studied it then. That summer was the first time the truth of our Lord's return came to me, and I am very thankful for the thorough reference to Scripture for the better understanding of that truth, and the firmer faith in it which the little book gave me." Robert E. Speer,

Sec'y Bd. of Foreign Missions, Presby. Church in V. B. A.

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