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Day by day we magnify Thee 487 J. Ellerton


Mendelssohn Day is dying in the west


M. A. Lathbury Chautauqua W. F. Sherwin Dear Lord and Father of 263 J. G. Whittier Elton

F. O. Maker Dear Lord and Master mine 321 T. H. Gill

St. Thomas A. Williams Each mighty power of evil . 170 T. H. Gill

Lancashire H. Smart Enduring Soul of all our life 126 E. S. Oakley


W. Wheall Etemal Father strong to save

467 W. Whiting


J. B. Dykes Eternal Ruler of the ceaseless 148 J. W. Chadwick Rudolfstadt German, arr. by round

C. L. Safford Eternal Source of every joy 451 P. Doddridge Morning Hymn F. H. Barthélémon Every morning mercies new

352 G. Phillimore


E. J. Hopkins Every morning the red sun

486 C. F. Alexander Landsdowne J. B. Dykes Fairest Lord Jesus, Ruler of 106 Anon.

Schönster Herr German, arr. by all nature


R. S. Willis Faith of our fathers, living 149 F. W. Faber St. Catherine H. F. Hemy and still

J. G. Walton Father, again in Jesus' name 411 L. E. G. Whitmore Longwood J. Barnby Father, hear Thy children's 219 T. B. Pollock Gower's Litany J. H. Gower Father, hear the prayer we.

293 L. M. Willis St. Oswald J. B. Dykes Father, I know that all my. 242 A. L. Waring St. Bede

J. B. Dykes Father in heaven who lovest 484 R. Kipling


W. Boyd Father of love, our Guide and 228 W. J. Irons Beatitudo

J. B. Dykes Father, to Thee we look in all 253 F. L. Hosmer Marlborough Arr. by A. Sulli

our sorrow Father, to us thy children. 220 J. F. Clarke


Mendelssohn Father, whate'er of earthly. 260 A. Steele


W. Gardiner Fierce raged the tempest o'er 54 G. Thring

St. Aëlred J. B. Dykes Fierce was the wild billow 55 Anatolius, tr. Neale St. Sophronius A. H. Brown Fight the good fight .. 296 J. S. B. Monsell Courage

H. W. Parker Fling out the banner! let it . 174 G. W. Doane Waltham

J. B. Calkin For all Thy saints who from 152 W. W. How Sarum

J. Barnby For the beauty of the earth 2 F. S. Pierpoint Dix

C. Kocher
For thee, O dear, dear coun-

194 Bernard
of Cluny, Ewing

A. Ewing

tr, J. M. Neale Forever with the Lord'. :

306 J. Montgomery

Leominster G. W. Martin and

A. Sullivan Forth in Thy name, O Lord, I 318 c. Wesley


J. H. Schein Forward! be our watchword 298 H. Alford

Watchword H. Smart From Greenland's icy ...

167 G. Thring

Missionary Hymn L. Mason From the eastern mountains 49 R. Heber


F. G. Ilsley From the table now retiring 443 J. Rowe


J. Thommen's

Christen-Schatz From Thee all skill and ..

181 C. Kingsley

Holy Trinity J. Barnby Gentle Jesus, meek and mild 483 C. Wesley


G. F. Handel Gentle Shepherd, Thou hast 449 J. W. Meinhold, tr. Meinhold Lüneburgisches stilled

C. Winkworth

Gesangbuch Gird on Thy conquering 164 P. Doddridge

Croft's 148th W. Croft Give heed, my heart, lift up 39 M. Luther,

Vom Himmel M. Luther

tr. C. Winkworth hoch Give to the winds thy fears 274 P. Gerhardt, Schumann

R. A. Schumann

tr. J. Wesley Glorious things of thee are 146 J. Newton

Austrian Hymn F. J. Haydn Go, labor on, spend and be. 315 H. Bonar


J. B. Dykes

thine eyes







God the All-terrible! King

Go to dark Gethsemane
62 J. Montgomery Orchard

A. H. Mann God be with you till we meet 466 J. E. Rankin God be with you W. G. Tomer God bless our native land 158 Brooks, Dwight, and Dort

L. Mason

Hickson God Himself is with us

407 G. Tersteegen,

Wunderbarer J. Neander

tr. H. S. Coffin König God in the gospel of His Son 136 B. Beddome and T. Ware

G. Kingsley

God is love, by Him upholden 4 J. S. B. Monsell Heber

E. J. Hopkins God is love; His mercy . .

34 J. Bowring


Psalmodia Sacra God is my strong Salvation 270 J. Montgomery Vulpius

M. Vulpius God moves in a mysterious . 250 W. Cowper

London New Playford's Psalms God of our fathers known of 162 R. Kipling

Gower's Reces. J. H. Gower old

sional God of pity, God of grace 402 E. F. Morris Capetown

F. Filitz God of the earnest heart 343 S. Johnson

Silver Street I. Smith God of the living, in whose . 150 J. Ellerton

St. Chrysostom

J. Barnby God of the morning, at whose 346 I. Watts

Duke Street J. Hatton God that madest earth and 378 R. Heber, W. Mer-Temple

E. J. Hopkins heaven

cer and R. Whately Ar Hyd y Nos Welsh Melody 166 H, F. Chorley and Russian Hymn

A. T. Lwoff who ordainest

J. Ellerton God, the Lord, a king

5 J. Keble

Regent Square H. Smart God's trumpet wakes the 430 S. Longfellow Devonshire

J. G. Frech Gone is the hollow murky 350 Tr. T. Doubleday Warwick

S. Stanley Gracious Spirit, dwell with me 130 T. T. Lynch

Redhead No. 76

R. Redhead Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost 124 C. Wordsworth Capetown

F. Filitz Great God, we sing Thy 452 P. Doddridge

Das alte Jahr M. Prætorius Guide me, O Thou great Je 225 W. Williams, tr. P. Segur

J. P. Holbrook hovah

and W. Williams Hail the day that sees Him 90 C. Wesley

Mendelssohn Mendelssohn, arr. rise

Cummings 174 F. Adler


J. B. Dykes Hail to the brightness of 185 R. Heber


L. Mason Hail to the Lord's Anointed 171 J. Montgomery


B. Tours Hail to the Sabbath day 390 S. G. Bulfinch


H. S. Oakeley Hark, hark my soul angelic 307 F. W. Faber


H. Smart songs are swelling .

Vox Angelica J. B. Dykes Hark how all the welkin rings 42 C. Wesley

Mendelssohn Mendelssohn, arr. (Hark the herald angels sing)

Cummings Hark, my soul, it is the Lord 202 W. Cowper

St. Bees

J. B. Dykes Hark the glad sound! the . 36 P. Doddridge St. Stephen

W. Jones He is gone: a cloud of light 89 A. P. Stanley

St. Patrick A. Sullivan He that goeth forth with 294 T. Hastings


D. E. Jones He who suns and worlds 282 T. H. Gill

Regent Square

H. Smart Here, () my Lord, I see Thee 440

H. Bonar

Morecambe F. C. Atkinson Holy, holy, holy, Lord God.

R. Heber


J. B. Dykes
Holy night! peaceful night! 468 J. Mohr, tr. Stille Nacht F. Gruber

J. M. Campbell
Holy Spirit, truth divine 137 S. Longfellow Mercy

L. M. Gottschalk Hosanna to the living Lord 399 R. Heber


J. B. Dykes How blessed, from the bonds 327 C. J. P. Spitta, Blenden

C. E. Kettle of sin

tr. J. Borthwick


Hail the glorious Golden









How brightly shines the 105 P. Nicolai,


P. Nicolai Morning Star

tr. J. M. Sloan How firm a foundation ye 272 "K" in Rippon's Adeste Fideles Wade's Cantus saints of the Lord


Diversi How gentle God's commands 269 P. Doddridge


J. G. Nägeli, arr. How sweet the name of .. 104 J. Newton

St. Peter

A. R. Reinagle Hushed was the evening hymn 476 J. D. Burns


A. Sullivan I am not worthy, holy Lord 433 H. W. Baker Leicester

W. Hurst I am trusting Thee, Lord 214 F. R. Havergal Bullinger

E. W. Bullinger I bow my forehead to the 224 J. G. Whittier Amesbury U. C. Burnap I could not do without Thee 117 F. R. Havergal Blairgowrie J. B. Dykes I heard the voice of Jesus 116 H. Bonar

Vox Dilecti J. B. Dykes I look to Thee in every need 262 S. Longfellow o Jesu

B. Reimann I love, I love Thee, Lord most 256 Tr. E. Caswall Canonbury R. Schumann I love Thy kingdom, Lord 143

T. Dwight

State Street J. C. Woodman I love to tell the story

480 K. Hankey

I love to tell W. G. Fischer I say to all men far and near 85

von Hardenberg,


G. F. Handel

tr. C. Winkworth I sought the Lord and . 206 Anon.


G. W. Chadwick I thank Thee, Lord, .

342 R. Davis


J. H. Gower I think when I read that .

477 J. Luke

Sweet Story

Traditional I've found a Friend, O such a 112 J. G. Small


A. Sullivan Immortal Love, forever full 113 J. G. Whittier Serenity

W. V. Wallace Immortal Love, within whose 236 s. A. Brooke Lux Beata

A. L. Peace In heavenly love abiding. 245 A. L. Waring Angels' Story A. H. Mann In life's earnest morning 429 E. S. Oakley Morley

T. Morley In our day of thanksgiving 465 W. H. Draper Netherlands Old Dutch In the cross of Christ I glory 78 J. Bowring


I. Conkey In the hour of trial 261 J. Montgomery Penitence

S. Lane It came upon the midnight 45 E. H. Sears


R. S. Willis Jersusalem my happy home 197 F. B. P.


S. A. Ward Jerusalem the golden 196 Bernard of Cluny, Ewing

A. Ewing

tr, J. M. Neale Urbs Beata G. F. LeJeune Jesus calls us o'er the tumult 222 C. F. Alexander Stuttgart

Psalmodia Sacra Galilee

W. H, Jude Jesus came, the heavens ador- 119 G. Thring

St. Thomas Wade's Cantus ing

Diversi Jesus, holiest, tenderest, 120 T. H. Gill

St. Raphael E. J. Hopkins Jesus, I love Thy charming 103 P. Doddridge Holy Cross Fr. T. Hastings Jesus, I my cross have taken 301 H. F. Lyte


Arr. fr. Mozart, Jesus lives! thy terrors now 82 C. F. Gellert,

St. Albinus H. J. Gauntlett

tr. F. E. Cox Jesus, Lord of life and glory 207 J. J. Cummins St. Austin Arr. fr. Gregorian Jesus, Lover of my soul 217

C. Wesley

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Hollingside J. B. Dykes

S. B. Marsh Jesus, loving to the end. 73 T. B. Pollock The Seven Words Arr. A. Sullivan Jesus, my Lord, how rich Thy 330 P. Doddridge Stockton

T. Wright Jesus! name of wondrous love 110 W. W. How

Orientis Partibus Medieval French Jesus, Saviour, pilot me. 234 E. Hopper


J. E. Gould Jesus shall reign where'er the 173 I. Watts

Duke Street J. Hatton Jesus, tender Shepherd, hear 488 M. L. Duncan Brocklesby C. A. Barnard Jesus, the very thought of 101 Bernard, tr. E. Cas- Lambeth

W. Schulthes Thee









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Let all the world in every

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Jesus, these eyes have never 100 R. Palmer


J. Walch Jesus, Thou divine Companion 340 H. van Dyke


J. Zundel Jesus, Thou joy of loving 434 Bernard, tr. R. Pal- Hesperus

H. Baker hearts

mer Jesus, to Thy table led .

439 R. H. Baynes


A. Sullivan Jesus, whelmed in fears . 72 T. B. Pollock Gower's Litany J. H. Gower Jesus, where'er Thy people . 396 W. Cowper


J. B. Dykes Joy to the world, the Lord is 37 I. Watts


Arr. G. F. Handel Judge eternal, throned in 161

H. S. Holland Alleluia Dulce Essay on Church splendor


Plain Chant Just as I am, without one plea 211

C. Elliott

St. Crispin G. J. Elvey

Woodworth W. B. Bradbury Lamp of our feet whereby 137

B. Barton

Nox Præcessit J. B. Calkin Lead, kindly Light, amid the 235

J. H. Newman

Lux Benigna J. B. Dykes Lead on, O King eternal 284

E. W. Shurtleff Pearsall

R. L. de Pearsall Lead us, heavenly Father, lead

J. Edmeston

Feniton Court E, J. Hopkins Lead us, 0 Father, in the

W. Burleigh


J. Barnby Leave God to order all thy 233

G. Neumark,


G. Neumark, har. ways

tr. C. Winkworth

J. S. Bach 17 G. Herbert


W. H. Monk Let folly praise that fancy

R. Southwell


S. A. Ward Let us with a gladsome mind

14 J. Milton


Medieval French Life of ages, richly poured

S. Johnson

Redhead No. 45 Medieval French, Lift up, lift up your voices J. M. Neale


J. B. Calkin Lift up your heads, rejoice 186 T. T. Lynch Blessed Home J. Stainer Lift up your heads, ye gates 278

J. Montgomery


W. O. Wilkinson Light of light, enlighten me 388

B. Schmolck,

Jesus Meine Zu- Praxis Pietatis tr. C. Winkworth versicht

Melica Light of the world, we hail 168 J. S. B. Monsell Salve Domine L, W. Watson Lighten the darkness of our 232 F. M. Owen


R. Battell Lo, a fair Rose ablooming . 469 G. Tersteegen,

Es ist ein Ros' old German, har. tr. Editors

entsprungen M. Prætorius Look from the sphere of .

W. C. Bryant


J. Mainzer Look, ye saints! the sight is 94 T. Kelley


W. H. Monk Look up to heaven! th' in- 360 W. Wordsworth


Psalmodia Evan. dustrious sun

gelica Lord, as to Thy dear cross we 58 J. H. Gurney


A. Cottman Lord, give me light to do Thy 331 H. Bonar


W. Horsley Lord God of morning and of 347 F. T. Palgrave


Sacred Melodies Lord I believe Thy power I 259 J. R. Wreford Lambeth

W. Schulthes Lord, it belongs not to my 247

R. Baxter

St. Paul

Chalmer's Colleccare

tion Lord Jesus, when we stand 69 W. W. How


H. Baker Lord, my weak thought in 235 R. Palmer


Gregorian, arr. L. vain would climb

Mason Lord of all being, throned 10 0. W. Holmes Grace Church I. Pleyel Lord of life and King of 155 C. Burke

Sicilian Mariners Sicilian Melody Lord of might and Lord of

J. S. Blackie

Dominus Fortis C. L. Safford Lord of our life and God of 145 Löwenstern,


J. Barnby our salvation

tr. P. Pusey Lord of the living harvest 324 J. S. B. Monsell Greenland J. M, Haydn Lord, on Thy returning day 387 T. T. Lynch

Holy Day

J. H. Gower Lord, speak to me that I may 316 F. R. Havergal Canonbury

R. Schumann Lord, Thou hast searched and 24 I. Watts


T. B. Southgate

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Lord, Thy mercy now

203 A. N.

St. Sylvester

J. B. Dykes Lord, we come before Theel 401 W. Hammond Horsham

Traditional Lord, when we bend before 404 J. D. Carlyle Dalehurst

A. Cottman Love divine, all loves excelling 109 C. Wesley

Love Divine G. F. LeJeune Lovely to the outward eye . 183 W. R. Bowie Agnes

E. Bunnett Majestic sweetness sits en 99 S. Stennett

Nun danket all Praxis Pietatis throned.


T. Hastings Master, no offering costly and 325 E. P. Parker Love's Offering E. P. Parker May the grace of Christ our 418 J. Newton

Dorrnance I. B. Woodbury Millions within Thy courts 393 J. Montgomery Grace Church I. J. Pleyel More love to Thee, O Christ 252 E. P. Prentiss Kedron

A. B. Spratt Much in sorrow, oft in woe 281 White and

University H. J. Gauntlett Maitland

College My country, 'tis of thee. 157 S. F. Smith


Harmonia Angli.

cana My faith looks up to Thee . 215 R. Palmer


L. Mason My God, accept my heart this 428 M. Bridges


W. H. Havergal My God and Father, while I 239 C. Elliott


R. R. Chope stray

Troyte, No. 1 A. D. H. Troyte My God, how endless is Thy 365 1. Watts

Canonbury R. Schumann My God, how wonderful Thou 30 F. W. Faber

Westminster J. Turle My God, I thank Thee who290 A. A. Procter Wentworth F. O. Maker My God, my everlasting Hope 249 I. Watts


I. Smith My God, my only Help and 268 J. Mason



hymnorum My gracious Lord, I own Thy 319 P. Doddridge Mozart

Arr. fr. Mozart My Jesus, as Thou wilt! 237 B. Schmolck,


Arr. fr. C. M. von tr. J. Borthwick

Weber My Lord, my Master, at Thy 65 J. Bridaine,

Strength and Stay J. B. Dykes feet adoring

tr. T. B. Pollock My soul awake! thy rest 351 J. Livock

Bracondale J. Booth
My soul, there is a country

H. Vaughan

Remembrance J. Booth
Nearer, my God, to Thee 251 S. F. Adams Bethany

L. Mason New every morning is the

348 J. Keble


s. Webbe Not in dumb resignation

J. Hay


J. B. Dykes Not so in baste, my heart 280 B. Torrey

Dolomite Chant Austrian Melody,

Quam Dilecta H. L. Jenner Not worthy, Lord, to gather 438 E. H. Bickersteth Langran

J. Langran up Now from the altar of my 382 J. Mason

Bishopthorpe J. Clark Now I resolve with all my

425 A. Steele

Rockingham New L. Mason Now sing we a song for the 460 J. W. Chadwick Die Tugend German, arr. harvest

C. L. Safford Now thank we all our God

18 M. Rinkart,

Nun danket J. Crüger

tr. C. Winkworth Now the day is over

S. Baring-Gould Merrial

J. Barnby
Now the laborer's task is o'er 446 J. Ellerton

Requiescat J. B. Dykes Now when the dusky shades 355 Latin, tr. Anon.

Laus Matutina J. Stainer O blessed God, to Thee I 25 Anon.

Rockingham Old E. Miller 0 Child of lowly manger 53 F. Q. Blanchard Mainzer

J. Mainzer O come, all ye faithful .

Tr. F. Oakeley

Adeste Fideles Wade's Cantus






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