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JARDINE and others, edited, with large additions, by E. JESSE, Esq. With 40

highly-finished Wood Engravings (Coloureư, 7s. 61.) 13. DIDRON'S CHRISTIAN ICONOGRAPHY, with 150 beautiful Engravings. In

Vols. Vol. I. 14. REDDING ON WINES. New and Revised Edition, with 20 benutiful IToodcuts. 15 & 16. ALLEN'S BATTLES OF THE BRITISH NAVY. New Edition. Enlarged

by the Author. Nunterous fine Portraits on Steel. 2 Vols. 17 & 8. ROME IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY. Fifth Edition, in 2 Vols.,

with 34 fine Steel Engrarings, and Index. 19. MAXWELL'S VICTORIES OF WELLINGTON AND THE BRITISH ARMIES,

with Engravings on Steel. 25. LIFE OF WELLINGTON, by “ AN OLD SOLDIER,” compiled from the materials of

Maxwell, and continued by an eminent Author, with an Account of the Funeral.

With 18 highly finished Engravings on Steel. 21. MARY AND WM. HOWITT'S STORIES OF ENGLISH AND FOREIGN LIFE,

with 20 beautiful Steel Engravings. 22. BECHSTEIN'S CAGE and CHAMBER BIRDS, including Sweet's Warblers.

New Edition, greatly enlarged, numerous Plates (or Coloureil, 7s. 6d.) 23. NORWAY AND ITS SCENERY, comprising Price's Journal, with large Addi

tions and a Road Book. Edited by Thos. FORESTER, Esq. With 22 Illustrations, beautifully Engraved on Steel by Lucas.

** The Road Book is sold separately, price 28. 24. CHINA: PICTORIAL, DESCRIPTIVE, AND HISTORICAL, with some account

of Ava and the Burmese, Siam and Assam. Illustrated by nearly 100 Engravings

on Wood. 25. PICTORIAL HANDBOOK OF LONDON, comprising its Antiquities, Architec

ture, Arts, Manufactures, Trade, Social, Literary, and Scientific Institutions,
Exhibitions, and Galleries of Art, &c. Illustrated with 205 Engravings on lood,
and a large and complete Map.
This volume, of which the former editions were published by Mr. Weale at 0s., contains

above 900 pages. 25. MARY HOWITT'S PICTORIAL CALENDAR OF THE SEASONS, exhibiting

the Pleasures, Pursuits, and Characteristics of Country Lite, for every Month in the Year; and embodying the whole of AIKEN's Calendar of Nature. Upwarıls

of 100 Ilustrations. 27. DANTE, translated into English Verse by I. C. Wright, M.A. Third Edition, care

fully revised. Portrait and 34 Illustrations on Steel, after FLAXMAN. 28 & 29. MUDIE'S BRITISH BIRDS, or History of the Feathered Tribes of the

British Islands. Fifth Edition, revised by W. C. L. MARTIN, Esq. Complete in 2 Vols., with 52 figures of Birds, and 7 additional Plates of Eggs. (Or, with the

Plates Coloured, 73. 6d. per Vol.) 30. TASSO'S JERUSALEM DELIVERED, translated into English Spenserian verse,

with a Life of the Author by J. II. Wirren. Fourth Edition. 24 Engravings by

TILURSTON on Wood, and 8 on Steel. 31. INDIA : PICTORIAL, DESCRIPTIVE, and HISTORICAL, from the Earliest

Times to the Present. Illustrated by upwards of 100 Engravings or Wood, ani

B1ap of Hindoostan. 32. NICOLINI'S HISTORY OF THE JESUITS : their Origin, Progress, Doctrines,

and Designs. Portraits of Loyola, Lainez, Xavier, Borgia, Acquaviva, Père

la Chaise, Ricci, and Pope Ganganelli. 33. ROBINSON CRUSOE, with Illustrations by STOTHARD and HARVEY, 12 beautiful

Engravings on Steel, and 74 on Wood.






“Mr. Addison is generally allowed to be the most correct and elegant of

all our writers; yet some inaccuracies of style have escaped him, which it is the chief design of the following notes to point out. A work of this sort, well executed, would be of use to foreigners who study our language; and even to such of our countrymen as wish to write it in

perfect purity.”R. Worcester (Bp. Hurd]. "I set out many years ago with a warm admiration of this amiable writer

[Addison]. I then took a surfeit of his natural, easy manner; and was taken, like my betters, with the raptures and high rights of Shakspeare. My maturer judgment, or lenient age, (call it which you will,) has now led me back to the favourite of my youth. And here, I think, I shall stick; for such useful sense, in so charming words, I find not elsewhere. His taste is so pure, and his Virgilian prose (as Dr. Young styles it) so exquisite, that I have but now found out, at the close of a critical life,

the full value of his writings.”-Ibid. “Whoever wishes to attain an English style, familiar but not coarse, and

elegant but not ostentatious, must give his days and nights to the

volumes of Addison.”-Dr. Johnson. “ It was not till three generations had laughed and wept over the pages of

Addison that the omission [of a monument to his memory] was supplied by public veneration. At length, in our own time, his image, skilfully graven, appeared in Poets' Corner.—Such a mark of national respect was due to the unsullied statesman, to the accomplished scholar, to the master of pure English eloquence, to the consummate painter of life and

It was due, above all, to the great satirist, who alone knew how to use ridicule without abusing it, who, without inflicting a wound, effected a great social reform, and who reconciled wit and virtue, after a long and disastrous separation, during which wit had been led astray by profligacy, and virtue by fanaticism.”-Macaulay.


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