Navorscher, Volume 7

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J.C. Loman, Jr., 1857 - Literature

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Page 265 - Against thy mother aught : leave her to heaven, And to those thorns that in her bosom lodge, To prick and sting her.
Page 325 - For the CREST. Over the head of the eagle, which appears above the escutcheon, a glory, or, breaking through a cloud, proper, and surrounding thirteen stars, forming a constellation, argent, on an azure field. REVERSE. A pyramid unfinished. In the zenith, an eye in a triangle, surrounded with a glory proper. Over the eye these words, "Annuit Coeptis." On the base of the pyramid the numerical letters MDCCLXXVI. And underneath the following motto, "Novus Ordo Seclorum.
Page 335 - Thumbe did live, A man of mickle might, The best of all the table round, And eke a doughty knight : His stature but an inch in height, Or quarter of a span ; Then thinke you not this little knight, Was prov'da valiant man ? His father was a plow-man plaine, His mother milkt the cow, 10 But yet the way to get a sonne
Page 325 - Paleways of thirteen pieces, argent and gules; a chief, azure: the escutcheon on the breast of the American eagle displayed proper, holding in his dexter talon an olive branch, and in his sinister a bundle of thirteen arrows, all proper, and in his beak a scroll, inscribed with this motto, "E pluribus Unum.
Page 17 - ... Smith, who was executed at Newcastle-on-Tyne, Dec. 3, 1817, underwent the process of tanning, and a piece of it was sold so recently as May, 1855. This occurred at the sale of a part of the library of a wellknown local collector. The catalogue of the sale is before me, and the lot is thus described : " Lot 10. A most curious and unique Book, being the particulars of the Trial and Execution of Charles Smith, who was hanged at Newcastle for Murder, containing a piece of his skin tanned into leather...
Page 20 - West-Indische actien, die niet getransporteert werden .... te beswaren met een Impost, ten behoeve van het gemeene Land en de stad Amsterdam.
Page 254 - N ederduitsche gemeenten dezer landen, die dezen jare zullen gehouden worden, tot redres van de voorkomende gebreken in de nieuwe Evangelische gezangen, zoo ten aanzien van de Hervormde leer, als die der taal en dichtkunde door en van wegen een aantal Leeraren, Ouderlingen, Diakenen en leden der gemeenten in ons Vaderland.
Page 297 - ... ten borne hare hande dwaen Of nutten vanden borne een traen, So keert soe omme ander stont Van den aerne den mont, 3585 So sprinct die borne vor hare claer. Al ware een man out vijf hondert jaer Ende nutte hi vanden borne een traen, Sonder twifel ende waen, Hi worde alse staerc ende also jonc Als hi was doe te waren Doe hi out was van dertich jaren. Aldus leet soe daer hare leven. Wilde jou God die gracie gheven 3595 Dat ghi mi haelt die joncfrouwe So quiti tswaert ende uwe trouwe ; Want met...
Page 5 - Quid autem vides festucam in orulo fratris tui: et trabem in oculo tuo non vides ? 4 Aut quomodo dicis fratri tuo: Sine ejiciam festucam de oculo tuo : et ecce trabs est in oculo tuo ? 5 Hypocrita, ejice primum trabem de oculo tuo, et tune videbis ejicere festucam de oculo fratris tui.
Page 308 - Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, and Ancient Customs, from the Reign of Edward I. 2 vols, 8vo, containing upwards of 1,000 pages, closely printed In double columns, cloth, a new and cheaper edition.

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