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Finding the great advantage of accustoming boys to draw outline maps on a scale, I have provided a geographical copy-book, adapted to the maps of D'Anville's Geography, which may be had either with or without this volume; it did not appear necessary to provide a similar book for modern Geography, as they may be readily procured from



Shrewsbury School,

July 2. 1818.



B.C. 4004 Creation of the world. 2348 The deluge. 2247 Tower of Babel built, and confusion of lan

guages. 2059 The Assyrian empire founded. 1996 Birth of Abraham. 1728 Joseph sold into Egypt. 1571 Moses born. 1556 Kingdom of Attica founded by Cecrops. 1493 Thebes built by Cadmus. 1452 The five books of Moses written, who dies the

next year. 1406 Minos the Cretan lawgiver. 1356 Eleusinian mysteries introduced at Athens by

Eumolpus. 1263 Argonautic expedition. 1225

Theban war. 1184 | Troy taken. 1104 Return of the Heraclidæ to the Peloponnese. 1095 Saul made king of Israel. 1070 Codrus last king of Athens. 1044 Settlement of the Ionian colonies in Asia Minor. 1004

Dedication of Solomon's temple. 975 Kingdoms of Israel and Judah divided. 907 Æra of Homer and Hesiod. 896 Elijah taken up to heaven. 884 Lycurgus the Spartan lawgiver. 869 Carthage built. 820 Sardanapalus, last king of Assyria. Median

empire founded.


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776 Corcebus conquers at the O-

lympic games; from which
time the regular dates of the

Olympiads begin.
757 Isaiah begins to prophesy.

753 Rome founded, April 20.
11 743 First Messenian war; conti-

nues 19 years to the taking

of Ithome. 33 721 Kingdom of Israel finished by

the taking of Samaria by Sal

manasar king of Assyria. 69 685 Second Messenian war; conti

nues 14 years to the taking of Ira after a siege of 11 years. Age of Tyrtæus and

Archilochus. 70 684 Annual Archons established at

Athens. 95 659 Cypselus usurps the govern

ment of Corinth. 131 623 Draco the Athenian lawgiver. 150 604 Age of Arion, Pittacus, Al

cæus, Sappho. 163 591 Pythian games established at

Delphi, and continued every second year of each Olympiad. Age of Chilo, Anacharsis, Thales, Epimenides, Solon, Æsop, Stesicho

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xxxix. 2.

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xlvii. 2.

rus, &c.

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587 Jerusalem taken by Nebuchad

nezzar king of Babylon, June 9. after a siege of 18

months. 577 Death of Jeremiah the prophet. 562 First comedy acted at Athens

by Susarion and Dolon. 561 Pisistratus usurps the sovereign

power at Athens.

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Ix. 3. Ixi. 1.

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lxiv. 4.

A. U.C.B.C.
195 559 Persian empire founded upon

the Median by Cyrus. Age
of Anaximenes, Bias, Anax-
imander, Phalaris, and Cle-

obulus. 206 548 Cresus, last king of Lydia, con

quered by Cyrus. Age of

Theognis and Pherecydes. 215 539 Marseilles built by the Pho

cæans. Age of Pythagoras, Simonides, Thespis, Šeno

phanes, and Anacreon. 216 538|Babylon taken by Cyrus. 218 536 Edict of Cyrus for the return

of the Jews, and rebuilding

of the temple. 229 525 Egypt conquered by Cam

byses. 233 521 Darius Hystaspes, king of Per

sia. Age of Confucius the Chinese

Philosopher. 244 510 Tyranny of the Pisistratidæ

abolished at Athens. 245 509 Expulsion of the Tarquins from

Rome. End of the regal, and establishment of the consular

government. 250 504 Sardis burnt by the Athenians,

which causes the invasion of Greece by the Persians. Age of Heraclitus, Parmenides, Milo the wrestler,

Aristagoras, &c. 256 498 Lartius the first dictator cre

ated at Rome. 261 493 Secession of the Roman people

to Mons Sacer. 264 490 Battle of Marathon. Age of

Miltiades. 274 480 Battles of Thermopylæ and

Salamis. Age of Æschylus,

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Ixvii. 4.

lxix. 1.

lxx. 3.

lxxi. 4.

lxxii. 3.

lxxv. 1.

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Pindar, Anaxagoras, Zeuxis,

Aristides, Themistocles, &c. 275 | 479 Battles of Platæa and Mycale

on the same day. 277 477 The 300 Fabii killed in one

day. 289 465 Third Messenian war; conti

nues 10 years. 300 454 The Romans send to Athens for Solon's laws.

Age of Sophocles, Pericles, Zaleucus, Nehemiah the Prophet,

&c. 306 448 The first sacred war concern

ing the temple of Delphi. 307 | 447 The Athenians defeated by the

Bæotians at Chæronea. 309 445 Age of Herodotus, Empedo

cles, Euripides, Phidias, &c. 323 431 Peloponnesian war begins, May

7. and continues 27 years. Age of Cratinus, Eupolis, Aristophanes, Meton, Democritus, Gorgias, Thucydides, Hippocrates, Malachi the last of the Prophets: and the history of the Old Testa

ment ends. 333 421 The fifty years' peace made

between the Athenians and Lacedæmonians, which is kept but 6 years and 10

months. 338 416 Scene of the Peloponnesian

war removed to Sicily. The Agrarian law first moved at

Rome. 349 405 Battle of Ægos Potamos.

Usurpation of Dionysius the

elder. 350 404 Athens taken by Lysander

Ixxxix. 4.


xciii. 4.

xciv. 1.

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