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celebrated Island of Malta. Below the Morea, to the East, is Candia, and still Eastward is Cyprus. Of the Islands in the Baltic, the principal is Zealand, in which is Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark. And in the Arctic Sea is Nova Zembla.

The following are the Capitals of the principal European States, with their Lat. and Long. The learner is desired not only to look for them in the Map of Europe, but in the maps of the several countries to which they belong :



Latitude. Longitude. England London 51° 30 N. 0° 0 Scotland Edinburgh 55 57 N. 3 12 W. Ireland Dublin 53 21 N. 6 6 W. France Paris

48 50 N. 2 20 E. Madrid 40 25 N. 3 12 W. Portugal Lisbon 38 42 N..9 4 W. Holland Amsterdam

52 21 N. The Nether) Brussels

50 50 N. 4 21 E. lands 's Switzerland Bern

46 57 N. 7 30 Piedmont Turin

45 4 N. 7 40 Italy

Rome : 41 53 N.
Naples Naples 40 50 N. 14 17

Palermo .. 38 20 N. 13 15 Turkey in Eu- Constantinople 41 1 N. 28 55 E.

rope Hungary Buda

47 20 N. 19 12

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The following are among the principal cities or remarkable places in Europe, and may be pointed out in their respective maps.

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N. La. E. Lo..

ed 50,000 French, and took John

King of France prisoner.
Agincourt 50° 35' 2° 10' The battle of Agincourt was fought

near the castle of that name, not
far from Hesdin in French Flanders,
Oct. 25th, 1415; in which Henry
V. defeated the French with great
slaughter. The French left on the
field the Constable d'Albert of
France, 3 Dukes, the Archbishop of
Sens, 1 Marshal, 3 Earls, 92 Barons,

1500 Knights.
Cressy is a small town, not in the
maps, near Abbeville, about fifty
miles from Calais, celebrated for the
battle in which our Edward III. de-
feated Philip VI. of Valois, August
26th, 1346. The French are said to
have left the King of Bohemia, 11
Princes, 80 Bannerets, 1200 Knights,
1500 Gentlemen, 4000 Men at
Arms, and 30,000 other soldiers on

the field of battle. Rheims 49 15 41 Where the Kings of France were

formerly crowned. Versailles 48 48 2 7 Near Paris, the residence of the

Kings of France. Orleans 47 54 1 54 Giving its title to the Duchy of that

name, which was always held by a Prince of the Blood Royal.

The principal Rivers are the Seine, which flows into the English Channel at Havre de Grace; the Loire, which enters the Bay of Biscay beyond Nantes; the Rhone, which rises from the Glacier of Furca, one of the Swiss Alps, and enters the Mediterranean below Nismes and Montpelier; and the Garonne, which flows into the Bay of Biscay not far from the Isle of Oleron. The principal Mountains are the Southern and Western boundaries of the Alps and Pyrenees.

In the Netherlands, formerly called also Flanders, or the Low Countries, now called Belgium, the following are the principal cities :

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The chief Rivers are the Scheld, which passes by Antwerp, and falls into the North Sea near Flushing; and the Meuse, whose banks are eminently beautiful and picturesque. There are no mountains in the Netherlands.

In Holland is

N. La. E. Lo. Leyden 52° 8' 4° 28' Celebrated for its University. Rotterdam 51 55 4 29 The birth-place of the illustrious Eras

mus, A. D. 1467. The Hague 52 4 4 17 The residence of the Court of Holland.

* About ten miles South of Brussels is the village of Waterloo ; and about two miles farther South is the ever memorable plain where the Emperor Napoleon was utterly defeated by the Duke of Wellington, June 18. 1815.

The principal Rivers are the Rhine with its branches, the Waal and the Yssal, and Meuse, all which flow into the North Sea. There are no Mountains in Holland.

The German States may be divided into Northern and Southern, by the Mayne, which falls into the Rhine at

N. La. E. Lo. Mentz 50° o go 10

The chief cities in the Northern States are

N. La. E. Lo. In SAXONY

Leipsic 51° 19' 12° 20' In HANOVER Gottingen 51 31 9.53

In HESSE CASSEL Cassel 51 19 9 45 . On the MAYNE is Frankfort 49 55 8 35

Mayence 49 54 8 20

In Germany, South of the Mayne, we have the following Cities:

N. La. E. Lo. In BAVARIA Ratisbon 49° 0 12° 51

Manheim 49 25 8 33 In WuRTEMBERG Stutgard 48 44 921


- The chief Rivers in the North are the Elbe, which rises in the Sudetic mountains of Silesia, and flowing by Dresden, Magdeburg, Hamburg, and Altona, enters the North Sea near Cuxhaven. West of it is the Weser, which flows by Minden and Bremen into the North Sea. Still West is that noble river the Rhine, which rises in Switzerland, receives the Mayne at Mentz, and many other tributary streams, and flows through the countries already described into the North Sea. Its course is about 600 miles. In the Southern States we

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