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Date. Port of Arrival. Ship's Name. Commander.
Nov 2 Falmouth Royal George.. Wilson
Nov 2 Downs Prince of Orange Jameson
Nov 4 Portsmouth David Clarke.. Viles
Nov 9 Liverpool Mary

Nov 11 Portsmouth

George & Wm.

Nicholson Nov 14 Bristol Ellen

Patterson Nov 16 Portsmouth Borneo

Whichelo Nov 16 Holyhead Spartan

Lumsden Nov 18 Plymouth Gen. Palıner Thomas Nov 18 Hastings


Nov 18 Portsmouth Hippomenes
Nov 18 Hastings Fletcher

Nov 18 Dartmouth Mountaineer Sheal
Nov 19 Downs Feegee

Nov 20 Falmouth .. Anna Robertson Davis
Nov 21 Dartmouth Alice

Nov 21 Cork


Nov 23 Torbay .. Felicity Thompson

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Place of Depart. Date

1829. Bengal April 29 Bombay May 28 Bengal June

9 Australia.. July 7 Cape Sept. 2 Cape

Aug. 29
Batavia June 10

June 10
Madras July 12
Padang July 7
Bombay July 3
Cape Sept 18
Singapore July 2
Bengal April 9
Singapore June

21 Cape Aug 23 Batayia


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In closing this Series of The ORIENTAL HERALD, which has now existed for six years, and extended to twenty-three Volumes, the Editor has the satisfaction of believing, that it has contributed, more than any similar work ever published, to awaken intense and universal attention to the interests of the Asiatic World generally, and of British India in particular. It is this conviction which consoles him for the imputations which some designing and disappointed individuals have so studiously laboured to cast both upon him and his writings ; representing his character as every thing base and unworthy, and his productions as having no other end than to fill his purse, and extend his own reputation. He is now, however, too experienced in the history of political controversy, to be moved from his purpose, or to suffer his equanimity to be disturbed by any such arts as these. Both his character and his writings have now been so long before the world, that they must be judged of on their own merits, and not according to the detractive misrepresentations of others. If throughout these last there should now and then have appeared an undue proportion of the record of events in which he himself was an actor, his justification is in this, that the events themselves were important to be recorded, and would have been recorded, whoever had been instrumental in bringing them about; but this task being left to him alone, that circumstance has never deterred him from giving the record, for the sake of the facts themselves, and not for the sake of the organ of their agitation.

In this spirit, he has never omitted any opportunity that presented itself, for calling the public attention to India ; whether it were a masonic procession, or a public feast—as was the case at Glasgow; a Bible Meeting, or a public dinneras was the case at Whitby ; a grave lecture, or a gala ball —

-as was the case at Newcastle. Whenever, and wherever, in short, the interest of the subject could be made to weave itself with passing events, there has been thought to be the best time and place for adverting to it. And as these scattered parts find no permanent record in any other work, it is well that they are embodied here, since, without this, the people of England would not be aware of the universal feeling existing in places remote from their own ; nor would the people of India know as they now will through this channel-how powerful is the sympathy in British bosoms towards them in their remote abode. In this he founds his justification ; and leaves the rest to fate.

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ALMEYDA, Don Francisco de, notice of, 64-death of, 71
Albuquerque, notice of, 64
Alepee, notice of, 72
Australasia, Picture of, 77
Army of the Turks, description of the, 103
Arabic School, description of, 221
Apollinopolis Parvæ, description of, 223
Associations, in different parts of England on the formation of East India, 339
Asia, Protestant Church Establishment in, 347
Autumn Evening, 366

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Buckingham, Mr., Speech of, at the Anniversary of the Whitby Bible Society, 435
Buckingham's, Mr., Labours in the Country, 450
Buckingham, Mr., at Whitby, 281--at Stockton, 301-Speech at Glasgow, 408
Bimlipatam, notice of, 423
Bombay to Madras and Calcutta, Voyage from, No. III., 59—No. IV., 244—

No. V., 367
Bartholomew Diaz, notice of the death of, 63
Broken Lute, the, 76
Bengaree and Bennilloney, two Natives of New Holland, notices of, 82
Bastinado, Anecdote of a Greek who had suffered the, 117
Buckingham's, Mr., Labours in the Country, Progress of, 135-Association at

Carlisle, ib.—at Greenock, 136-Dinner to, at Greenock, 137
Births, 159, 330
Bazaars at Keneh, 220


Birds of Ceylon, 253
Bouddha, Life of, coincidences between the Life of Christ and the, 257
British Army in India, discontents of, 306
Benighted Traveller, The, 434


Courts, King's, in India, historical sketch of, 3
Criticism, Sacred, No. I., 30—No. Il., 177—No. III., 392
Calcutta and Madras, Voyage from Bombay to, No. III., 59— No. IV., 244

No. V., 367
Chitwa, Village of, notice of, 63
Cochin, Historical Sketch of, 63
Cabral, Admiral, notices of, 62
Ceylon, arrival at, 75
Courtships and Marriages of the Natives of New Holland, 81
Currency and Sterling, designations of rank in Australia, 85
Cairo to the Cataracts, Voyage on the Nile, 87. 219
Crocodiles on the Nile, 91. 224
Constantinople, description of, 112
China, Trade to India and, 140
Civil and Military Appointments and Promotions in India, 154. 324. 471
Columbo, description of, 244
Coincidences, between the State of Ceylon and of Egypt, 250
Cape, News from the, 322
Cuddalore, notice of, 377
Covelong, notice of, 376
Cape of Good Hope, statistical Account of the, including Hints on the means of

improving that expensive and important Colony, 379
Coringa, notice of, 418
Chicacole, notice of, 428


Dying Christian to his Son, 18
Death, on the contemplation of, 28

of her Daughter, to a Lady on the, 50
De Faria, the historian, notice of, 60
Duelling, Native, in Australasia, 79
Diospolis Parva, notice of, 91
Denderah or Tentyra, description of, 92
Debtors, Act for the Relief of Insolvent, in the East Indies, 9 Geo. 4th, c. 73, 133
Deaths, 160. 332
Divans in Egypt, description of the, 221
Deir, notice of, 223
Dutch Landlady, description of a, 244
Darlington, Meeting at, 303
Devicotta, notice of, 376
Dolphin's Nose, Promontory of, notice of, 419
Diamond Harbour, notice of, 433


Edinburgh Revie and James Mills, Esq., 191
Edinburgh, Meeting of the Merchant Company at, 441


Fairfax, Anecdote of an Indian, named, 59
Free Trade to India and China, 143
Fragment, A, 202,
Finance, Secretary of, Description of, at Keneh, 219
Franché Compte, Estate in, 225
French Landlord, description of a, 244
Fame, a Poem, 378


Grant, Sir John Peter, Proceedings before his Majesty's Privy Council, in relation

to the Petition of, 1
Government, Jurisprudence, &c., Essays on, by James Mill, Esq., 19
Gazelles, notice of the animals called, 88
Gugeh, Convent of, establishment of the, on the Nile, 89
General Orders, extracts from, 152. 323
Government, Home, of India, 163
Greek Slave, The, 213
Governor's Lady, of Ceylon, notice of, 252
Glasgow, Mr. Buckingham's Speech at, 304


Habeas Corpus, Writs of, disquisition on the origin and power of, in India, 6
Hastings, Warren, and Sir Elijah Impey, contest between, 7
Home Government of India, 163


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Indians', East, Petition of, to the House of Commons, 261
India, Discontents of the British Army in, 306

Historical Sketch of the King's Courts in, 3
Trade with, 51- 204
Home Government of, 163
Invasion of British, 227
East, Slavery and Free Labour Sugar, 119

Act for the Relief of Insolvent Debtors in, 9 Geo. 4th, c. 73, 133
Association at Carlisle, 135

Associations in different parts of England, on the formation of, 339
Indian, East, Monopoly, 142
India and China, Trade to, 140
Indian News, 150. 314

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