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Stewart, A., Lieut. 20 Eur. Reg., attached to depot of Landour.-C. March 20.
Smith, H. B., Lieut. 37th N. I., attached to the depot of Landour.-C. March 20.
Steward, R., Evs., to do duty with 44th N. I.-C. March 3.
Sandeman, J. Ens., to do duty with 44th N. 1.-C. March 3.
Simpson, R. S., Ens., posted to 420 N. I.-C. March 4.
Sandeman, John, Ens., posted to 47th N. 1.-C. March 4.
Shaw, John, Ens., posted to 61st N. I.-C. March 4.
Spencer, R., Ens., posted to 26th N. I.-C. March 4.
Sturt, A. A., Ens., posted to 6th N. 1.-C. March 4.
Scott, C.C. J., Ens. 32d N. I., to act as Quar.-Mas. and Interp. to 22d N. I., v.

Sampson.-C. March 5.
Shakespeare, W. M., 2d Lieut. Artill., to be 1st Lieut., v. Kerby, prom.-C.

March 27.
Sharpe, J. G., Lieut. 24th N. I., returned to duty.—C. Mareh 27.
Strange, T. L., Esq., to be Register to Zillah Court of Malabar,--M. April 7.
Sheriffe, Maj. 2d Eur. Inf., to comm. brig at Deesa, v. Jarvis.-B. April 10.
Stevenson, T. Capt. Horse Artill., to be Agent for the manufacture of Gunpow-

der, v. Barton, dec.-B. May 30. Sutton, T., Lieut. Artill., to superintend the construction of public buildings at

Rajkote.-B. June 1. Saunders, Robert, Mr., to be Superintend. of Stamps, and to retain the office of

Mint Master.---C. May 12. Stuart, J. G., Surg. 11th N. I., on furl. to Eur. for health.-B. May 21. Stover, R., Lieut.-Col. Artill., returned to duty.-B. May 25. Smith, H., Lieut.-Col. comm. at Sattaree, perm. to visit the presid. on urgent

affairs.-B. May 25. Stovell, M., Assist.-Surg., placed at the disposal of the Superintend. of Marine

for Marine duty.--B. May 25. Tibbettt, J. W., Hospital Steward, on leave on sick certif.-C. April 27. Thompson, J. C., posted to 630 N. I..--C. March 4. Tollemache, Wm, Ens., posted to 22d N. I.-C. March 4. Towgood, J., Ens., posted to 35th N. I.-C. March 4. Trower, C. F., Ens., posted to 48th N. 1.-C. March 4. Thomson, J. J., Assist.-Surg., to Med. duties of the Bussora Agency, v. Mon

tefiore, res.-B. April 30. Treasure, Charles N., Cadet, prom. to Ens.-B. May 18. Trash, Fred., Assist.-Surg., returned to duty.-B. May 28.

Venables, G. H., Ens., to do duty with 44th N. J.-C. March 3.
Verner, J. E., Cadet, prom. to Ens.-C. March 27.
Valliant, T. N., Lieut. 24th N. I., to offic. as Interp. to 2d Eur. Reg. - B.

May 18.

Welchman, F., Capt., to act as Adj. of Pioneers.-C. April 27.
Wood, A., Surg., rem. from 5th to 4th batt. Artill.-C. May 1.
Watson, H., Ens., posted to 1st Eur. Reg.-C. March 4.
Wake, C. II., Ens., posted to 34th N. I.-C. March 4.
Woodward, R. Lieut. 2d N. I., to be Interp. and Quar.-Mas., v. Farrington.-C.

March 5.
Wilson, C., Lieut. 2d Eur. Reg., to be Capt. of a Comp., v. Harrison, dec., v.

Bolton, dec.-C. March 27.
Walker, R., Cadet of Artill., prom. to 2d Lieut.--C. March 27.
West, F. A. Esq., to be Register to Zillah Court of Bellary.---M. April 7.
Wbitehill, C. Lient.-Col. 10th N. I., to assume comm. as sen. officer of the troops

at Candeish.-M. April 16. Willoughby, J. R.T., Licut. 23th N. I., to act as Interp. to the Guzerat Prov.

Batt.-B. April 30. Whitelock, c. R., Sen. Sup. Ens., to take rank, and posted to 7th N. I.-B.

April 30.

White, W. G., Major Artill., returned to duty.-B. May 25.
Ximenes, H. J., late Lieut. 20th N. I., latterly on the Pens. Estab., perm. to

return to Eur.-C. March 20.:


Agnew, the lady of A. K., Esq., of a danghter, at Nagpore, May 8.
Anstruther, the lady of Ayshfurd, Esq., 54th N. I., of a daughter, at Jumalpore,

April 11.
Ayabeg, the lady of Aviet, Esq., of a son, Calcutta, April 14.
Battye, the lady of G. W., Ens., Civ. Serv., of a son, at Berhampore, March 19.
Boileau, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel J. P., Horse Artillery, of a son, at Meerut,

March 20. Bedell, the lady of William, Esq., of a daughter, at Chowringhee, March 24. Byrne, the lady of Henry, Esq., of a son, at Madras, March 31. Birdwood, the lady of William, Esq., Civ. Serv., of a son, at Bombay, March 24. Blackley, the lady of G. W., Captain 13th N. I., of a son, at Bombay, May 10. Campbell, the lady of Captain H. H., the Nizam's Serv., of a son, at Bombay,

April 18. Delamain, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel, (C. B.) commanding at the station, of

a son, at Agra, March 9. Fawcett, the lady of Captain John, 6th N. I., of a daughter, at Malligaum,

April 18. Geddes, the lady of Captain W., Horse Artillery, of a daughter, at Dum Duin,

May 17. Gouldsbury, the lady of F., Esq., of a son, at Nalda, May 9. Greaves, the lady of W., Esq., of a daughter, at Comercolly, March 22. Græme, the lady of Lieutenant C. H., 5th Light Cavalry, of a daughter, at Secun

derabad, March 22. Goodenough, the lady of R. H., Esq., 26th regiment, of a daughter, at Sattara,

March 18. Hall, the lady of Henry, Major Comm, Mhairwara, Loc. Batt., of a daughter,

at Beaur. Hewett, the lady of Lieut. P. S., of a son, at Arungabad, April 27. Irwin, the lady of Thomas, Cornet 4th Light Cav., of a son, at Meerut, March 21. Lowe, the lady of John; Esq., of a daughter, at Chowringhee, April 17. Mackinnon, the lady of C., Esq., Civil Assistant Surgeon, of a son, at Allygurh,

April 25.
Manson, the lady of Captain, Artillery, of twin sons, at Bombay, April 25.
Nisbet, the lady of Josiah, Esq., of a daughter, at Darwar, March 25.
Pattle, the lady of J., Esq. Civil Serv., of a daughter, at Chowringhee, March 19.
Parlby, the lady of Lieutenant-Colonel, (C. B.) comm. 9th N. I., of a son, at

Wallajahbad, March 29.
Pinson, the lady of Captain, 46th N. I., of a son, at Palaveram, April 26.
Ray, wife of the Rev. Edward, of a son, at Ridderpore, March 18.
Ricketts, the lady of Henry, Esq., of a daughter, at Balasore, March 22.

Russell, the lady of Lieut. J. A., sub. assist. comm. gen., of a son, at Belgaum,

March 21.

Smalley, the lady of Edward, Esq., of a daughter, at Madras, March 30.
Shaw, the lady of D., Esq., (M.D.), of a son, at Rutnagheeree, May 3.
Thomson, the lady of Captain, Major of Brigade, Agra and Muttra frontier, of a

daughter, at Agra, March 17.
Thomson, the lady of David, Esq., of a daughter, Calcutta, April 14.

Vibart, the lady of John, Esq., Civ. Serv., of a son, at Ahmudabad, May 30.

Willis, the lady of Lieutenant A., of a son, at Calpee.
Wynch, the lady of P., Esq., Civ. Serv., of a daughter, at Chowringhee, March 21.
Worral, the lady of H, L., Capt. dep. paymr., Cawnpore, of a daughter, at Cawn.

pore, April 10,


Barclay, Andrew, Lieut, 12th N. I., to Miss Jane Lydia Mullins, at Nusseerabad,

March 12. Burnes, James, Esq., Surgeon to the Residency of Bhooj, to Sophia, second

daughter of the late Maj. Gen. Sir George Holmes, K.C.B., March 28. Brownlow, Henry B., Esq., Civ. Serv., to Miss Amelia Chester, at Calcutta,

April 9.

Child, H. M. Esq., Civ. Serv., to Miss Mary Confey, at Calcutta, March 25. Erskine, Hon. John C., Beng: Civ. Serv., second son of Lord Erskine, to Mar

garet, youngest daughter of the late John Martin, Esq,, of Tyrone, Ireland, at Calcutta, April 20.

Fiddes, T., Maj. 42d Beng. N. I., to Mrs. Pauli, relict of the late G. Pauli, Esq.,

at Madras, April 25. Græme, the Rev. Geo., to Mrs. Harris, relict of the late Henry Harris, Esq., M.D.,

1st Memb. of the Med. Board at the Presidency, at Bangalore, April 7. Gray, Robert, Capt. 30th N. V. B., to Selina Jane, daughter of the late Lieut.

Col. F. Walker, 4th L. Cav., at Madras, March 29. Hardie, Alexander, Mr., 1st Hosp. Assist. Vet. Batt. at Dapooly, to Miss Mary

Lennard, at Calaba, May 17. Hadow, Henry Patrick, Esq., son of the Rev. James Hadow, of Streatly, Bed

fordshire, to Jane Charlotte, second daughter of Richard Holden Webb, Esq.,

of the Custom House, London, at Madras, May 18. Jones, John Lloyd, 30th N. I., to Mary Adelaide, eldest daughter of Thomas

Jarret, Esq., at Madras, April 20. Johnstone, R. P. H., Capt. of his Highness the Nizam's Service, to Miss Joanna

Lloyd, only daughter of the late Capt. James Lloyd, of the same service, at

Bombay, May 11. Low, J., Maj. 17th Mad. Inf., to Miss Shakespeare, second daughter of the late

John Shakespeare, Esq., Ben. Civ. Serv., at Mussuree, April 10, Montgomerie, Edm., Esq., Civ. Serv., to Isabella Anne, second daughter of

Lieut.-Col. Sullivan, at Bombay, March 18.


Malcolin, Sir Charles, Knt., (R.N.), Superintend. of the Marine, to Miss Elmira

Riddell Shaw, daughter of Maj.-Gen. Shaw, at Malabar Point, April 11. Marshall, G. B., Lieut. 17th N. I., 4th son of the Rev. G. Marshall, Rector of

Donab, County of Donegal, Ireland, to Lydia Jane, second daughter of the
late Thomas Lambert, Esq., of Milford, in the County of Galway, Ireland, at

Cannanore, April 27.
Money, Robert Catton, Esq., Civ. Serv., to Miss Mary Gray, daughter of the Rev.

J. Gray, Chaplain in Cutch, at Cutch, April 28.
Montagu, the Rev. Horatio, to Ann Efizabeth, only daughter of the late Capt.

Thomas Wood, of the Madras Engineers, and niece of the late Lieut.-Gen.
Sir Geo. Wood, K.C.B., of the Bengal Army, at the Hotel of the British
Legation, at Berne, in Switzerland, Sept. 23.

Norris, Francis Brooke, Esq., of his Highness, the Nagpore Rajah's Serv., to

Isabella, third daughter of the late George Wm. Fillio, Esq., Bombay Civ.
Serv., at Ghuntwarass, May 5.

Richardson, C. W., Cornet 5th L. Cav., to Mary Margaret Woolmere, eldest

daughter of Capt. T. C. Squire, H. M.'s 13th, L. Inf., at Denapore, March 19.

Smith, Henry, Esq., of Batiboys, in the County of Wicklow, Lieut.-Col. of the

1st L. Cav., on the Bom. Estab., to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Sir John
Peter Grant, of Rothiemurchus, of Invernesshire, one of the Judges of the

Supreme Court, at Bombay, June 6.
Swetenham, James, Capt. 10th N. I., to Miss Eliza Moorisy Roberts, at Kurnaul,

April 18.

Thomson, Capt. 12th N. I., and Dep. Assist.-Commis.-Gen., to Caroline, eldest

daughter of Lieut.-Col. Gall, 37th N. I., at Kurnaul, April 18.

Verpleogh, J., Esq., to Miss J. C. Vant Hart, at Calcutta, May 12.
Voorst, G. Van., Esq., of the H. Comp.'s steam vessel Irrawady, to Louisa Eliza-

beth Rutter, at Calcutta, Mạy 7.

Walters, Henry, Esq., Civ. Serv., to Miss Eleanor Campbell, at Sylhet,

March 20.
Wood, George, Mr., Assist. in the Mil. Audit.-Gen.'s Office, to Miss Margaret

Palmer, at Calcutta, April 22.


Bluett, W. H., Lieut. 45th Reg., and offic. Interp. to 71st N. I., at Sangor,

May 6.
Blenkensop, the infant daughter of Lieut. 34th N. I., at Sangor, May 2.
Burlton, Philip Bowles, Lieut. Beng. Artill., youngest son of the late Wm. Burl-

ton, Esq., of Wykin Hall, Leicestershire, and Donhead Lodge, Wiltshire, aged

25, near Nunglow, April 4. Barton, James, Capt. Artill., Agent for Gunpowder, aged 36, at Matoongha,

May 19,

Chitty, Maria Jennette, orphan daughter of the late Lieut. Aynatta Chitty, at

Mussooree.—May 4.
Currie, Harvey Christian, youngest son of Frederick, Esq., Civ. Serv., at Goruck-

pore.--April 14.

Durand, John Charles A., Ens. N. I., only son of the late Maj.-Gen. Durand, of

this Presidency, at Jaulna, April 18. Dumoulin, Thomas, infant son of Jas., Esq. at Calcutta, April 17.

Fawcet, Agnes Maryanne, infant daughter of James, Esq., at Senhora de Monte,

April 28.

Graham, Capt. James, on board the ‘Lady East,' lately comm. the 7th Reg.

Bomb. N. I. He died off Vingoria, and was interred in the English burying at

Cabo, April 11.
Goodiff, J. B., Capt., comm. 15th N. I., at Sucheena.

Hailes, the infant son of H., Esq., at Doaba, April 20.
Indell, Thomas Weman, son of the late Captain Thomas Weman Indell, at Cal-

cutta, April 27. Meriton, Richard Philip, infant son of Capt. R. O., Paymaster Baroda Subsid

force, at Bombay, May 11. Mackenzie, Frederick, Capt., 64th N. I., at Noncolly, April 24. Mesquita, Rev. Fre. Mandel de, of the Order of St. Augustine, aged 41, at Cal

cutta, April 17. Prince, R., Esq., Surg. attached to the Civ. Estab., at Chittoor, March 12. Pinchard, John, Lieut., Hor. Artill., aged 27, at Pundigal, April 18. Roche, Frederick, son of Lieut. F. B.. 5th Cav., at Kurnaul, April 29. Robertson, David Augustus, third sen of W. T., Esq., Civ. Serv., at Futtihpoor

Bhitourah, April 17. Rowland, Sarah, wife of M., Esq., at Bhewndy, May 30. Shepherd, J., Esq., late of Malda, aged 28, nephew of the Rev. Dr. Marshman,

at sea, on board the Falcon, March 3. Toulmin, Wm. M., Esq., aged 35, at Serampore, May 9. Thereza, the Most Rev. Fre. Manuel de Santa, Ex-Provincial to the Community

of the Order of St. Augustine, in India, Professor of Theology, and Synodal Examiner to the Archbishopric of Goa, aged 52 years, at Calcutta,

May 6. Varde, W. H., Esq., 11th N. I., aged 28, at Bangalore, April 9. Whyte, John, Esq., late Comm. of the ship Caledonia, May 9. Wall, W. A., Lieut. 20th N. I., at Hursole, May 21. Wynne, Harvey Price, the infant son of T. P. Esq., Civ. Assist.-Surg., at Patna,

April 27.

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