Battle for Ulster: A Study of Internal Security

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DIANE Publishing, Feb 1, 1997 - 136 pages
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Contents: the context for internal security; the internal security operation (evolution of internal security; benefits of intelligence; intelligence collection; threat assessment; Republican reaction: hunger strikes); background of the troubles; participants in the struggle (Provisional IRA; INLA; Loyalist Paramilitaries; political parties; The Republic); obstacles to peace; prospects for the future. Appendices: chronology of violence and intimidation; major participants in the struggle; threat assessment in Scotland Yard; and statistics on internal security. Maps and photos.

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Page 129 - It is not those who can inflict the most but those that can suffer the most who will conquer ... It is conceivable that the army of occupation could stop us functioning for a time.
Page 62 - Our evidence of the calibre of rank and file terrorists does not support the view that they are merely mindless hooligans drawn from the unemployed and unemployable. PIRA now trains and uses its members with some care. The Active Service Units (ASUs) are for the most part manned by terrorists tempered by up to ten years of operational experience.
Page 62 - Peace" is restored, the motivation for politically inspired violence will remain. Arms will be readily available and there will be many who are able and willing to use them. Any peace will be superficial and brittle. A new campaign may erupt...
Page 52 - Republic. . . to restore the Irish language and culture to a position of strength.
Page 123 - Hoffer defines the true believer as "the man of fanatical faith who is ready to sacrifice his life for a holy cause.
Page 23 - the hunger strikers have rekindled a flagging interest in Ulster and its problems; as a result, world opinion has begun to shift away from the British government and in favor of the IRA
Page 127 - Irish Nationalists, to force home rule on Ireland. If the Crown in Parliament decreed to put Ulster into a United Ireland, we should be disloyal to her Majesty if we did not resist such a surrender to our enemies.
Page 88 - He had commended the policemen for their courage in bringing the 'three deceased men to justice, in this case the final court of justice'.84 The IRA did not forget.
Page 88 - It is not enough that justice be done, it must be seen manifestly to be done." From this point of view, it is essential to note than an award has not fully attained its purpose if it leaves one of the parties with the feeling no doubt mistaken but perhaps understandable in the circumstances of the case - of unequal treatment and injustice. 112. Given the...
Page 24 - London's repeated guarantee that Northern Ireland would remain a part of the United Kingdom, so long as the majority of its people wanted, did not give them a veto on how Britain chose to implement its sovereignty.

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