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Page 2 - Arriving at Hanover, the seat of the college, a day or two before the commencement, I put up my horse, and secured a room at one of the two public houses. On the morning of the commencement I presented my letters to President Wheelock, and was received with a profusion of ceremonious inclinations; for it was pleasantly said that the president suffered no man to have the last bow. This, it was reported, was put to the test by a person of some assurance, who undertook to compete with him in the contest...
Page 1 - At Harvard, I had the pleasure of being introduced to President Willard, Professors Tappan, Pearson, and others. I was also able to attend the commencement at Dartmouth College. In passing from Massachusetts over the mountains of New Hampshire, I lodged within a few rods of the house of a farmer, the father of the Honourable Daniel Webster. The old gentleman came over to the tavern in the morning, and chatted for half an hour. Among other things he said that he had a son at Dartmouth, who was about...
Page 4 - Notwithstanding the want of health, his cheek had a bright rosy tint, and his smile lighted up his whole face. The tones of his elocution had a thrilling peculiarity, and this was more remarkable in his preaching; where it is well known that he imitated the elaborate polish and oratorical glow of the French school. Little of this impression can be derived from his published discourses which disappoint those who do not know the charm of his delivery; and yet Dr. Smith's discourses themselves are not...
Page 39 - General is said to have answered, " that he was not worth purchasing, but, such as he was, the King of Great Britain was not rich enough to do it.
Page 3 - Eaton, of eccentric memory, was marshal of the day, and was unceasing in busying himself about the order of the procession to the church ; giving to each graduate, of every college, the place due to his seniority. Among the speakers was young Daniel Webster. Little dreaming of his future career in law, eloquence, and statesmanship, he pronounced a discourse on the recent discoveries in Chemistry, especially those of Lavoisier, then newly made public.
Page 93 - The trumpet now, with hoarse resounding breath, Convenes the spirits in the shades of death ; The hollow caverns tremble at the sound ; The air re-echoes to the noise around ; Not louder terrors shake the distant Pole ', When through the skies the rattling thunders roll ; Not greater tremors heave the labouring earth. When vapours, pent within, contend for birth
Page 62 - The isles of Greece ! the isles of Greece ! "Where burning Sappho loved and sung, — Where grew the arts of war and peace, Where Delos rose, and Phoebus sprung ! Eternal summer gilds them yet, But all, except their sun, is set.
Page 57 - A man's figure paused on the pavement at the outer door. 'Mr Eugene Wrayburn, ain't it?' said Miss Wren. 'So I am told,' was the answer. 'You may come in, if you're good.

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