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M A J E S T Y.


BEG leave to present

to Your MAJESTY COD the Discourses of a Perfon, who, when living, had the Honour to be distinguish'd by YOUR ROYAL FAVOUR.

The Occasion of making them Publick is too well known to be

A 2 dissem

diffembled, and too affecting to be mentioned without Concern. TheTitle Page contains the History of my Misfortunes, and, as it bespeaks the Compassion of the Readers on account of Personal Circumstances, so it will (I hope) bespeak their Candour with regard to the Performance, which had never otherwise been communicated to the World.

That an Address on this Occafion, from one of your meanest Subjects, should be directed to Your Majesty, will appear strange to none, but such as are Strangers in ENGLAND, such as are unacquainted with Your MAJESTY's Condescension and Gene


rosity. The frequent Offerings of this Kind made to Your MAJEST Y, are so many Testimonies of your MAJESTY's Goodness, which we have seen most laudably displayed, both in the Relief of the Distressed, and the Encouragement of the Learned the Clergy in general; and those especially, who bear a nearer Relation to Your Royal Person, have amply experienced the gracious Influence of these Virtues.

Would to God that your dutiful Chaplain, the Author of these Discourses, had liv’d to have made this grateful Acknowledge ment, which is now on a fad Occafion, and in an imperfect Man


ner attempted by his unfortunate Widow.

The Nature of the Case speaks itself better than any Words I can use, and Your Majesty's known Goodness confirms my Hopes of Your Favourable Acceptance of these Discourses, with all Humility presented by,

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YOUR MAJESTY's moft Dutiful,

and most Obedient Subject,

'and Humble Servant,


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