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THE Editor prepares Pupils for this Examination, Privately, in Class, and by means of Correspondence through the Post.

CLASS TUITION. The Classes meet every day, except Saturday, from 9.30 A.m. to

12 noon.

POSTAL TUITION. The excellence of this system, if faithfully followed out, has been proved in the case of the Editor's Pupils over and over again. Full particulars as to the system are given in this Guide.


Special Classes, formed mainly for the benefit of Postal Pupils, but which others can also join, commence, one a month, and the other a fortnight, before each Examination. During this time all the most important points are gone into, and, by working out Test Papers, Students get into the proper way of answering—a point in which so many, even those who are fairly well up in their subjects, fail.

RESIDENTIAL PUPILS. The Editor receives Resident Pupils, to prepare for this Examination, into his house at Bromley, Kent.

Prospectus containing full particulars as to Terms, Regulations, &c., will be sent on application toJOHN GIBSON, M.A.,


Bromley, Kent.

The Intermediate and Final Examinations of the

Law Society. Mr. ALBERT GIBSON, Solicitor, Prepares Pupils for these Examinations in Class and by means of

Correspondence through the post. For particulars apply at 35, Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, W.C.


London Matriculation Guide.




The success which has attended the publication of our “Preliminary Law” and “Army” Guides has induced us to make a similar attempt with respect to the London Matriculation-an Examination which is increasing in importance every year.

We purpose publishing two Guides a year: one immediately after the January Examination, and the other directly after the June Examination. Each Guide will be divided into Four Parts, Part I. containing Remarks on the last Examination and Hints for future Examinations; Part II. containing Test Papers on the different Subjects of the Examinations, taken in rotation ; Part III. comprising Correspondence, Queries, Notices, &c.; and Part IV. consisting of the Questions, with the Answers in full, of the June or January Examination, as the case may be.

We shall endeavour to publish this Guide within four days of the end of each Examination.

NATURE OF THE EXAMINATION. We have no hesitation in saying that the London Matriculation is the best all-round Test Examination of the day, and any Candidate who succeeds in passing it well may be said to have received a very fair general education. Its character is such that no mere work will command success; there must be thorough, regular and persistent study. A proof of this is to be found in the fact that at the last Examination considerably more than fifty per cent. of the Candidates were postponed. At the same time we believe that anyone who has an average amount of ability, and goes thoroughly

cram ,


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