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765 Gleanings..

766 ...conmormonsoonrantw oorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... departure is St. Thomas's Island, and that the slave - Delicute Exercise. "I have seen,” says a French ships belong to the colony.--About 30 of the poor traveller, " yes, I have myself seen, two young negroes were dead or sick upon their arrival, and no ladies (of Rio) whose countenance wore the expres trouble was taken to bury the greater part of them. sion of mildness and benevolence, endeavour, by way ya Slavery.The Rev. Dr Philip, a missionary from

of pastime, to cut, at a certain distance, with a

whip, the face of a negro whom they had ordered Africa, stated at a public meeting held abont the middle of June, 1829, in Manchester, that £20,000

not to stir from the spot. This exercise seemed to

amuse them. I would mention their names, if their were annually spent by the West Indian slave pro

father, who came in after the first essay, had not prietors upon the venal part of the London press, for

severely reprinianded them for their cruelty the purpose of advocating the present inhuman sys

Arago's tem, and that there were in the House of Commons,

Narrative of a Voyage round the World." 07 proprietors of slaves, 20 holders of West Indian Large Orange.-An orange, measuring nearly six. bonds, and 200 individuals who were connected with teen inches round, was lately plucked from a tree in slave proprietors by marriage or otherwise. T 9

the orchard of Mr. Mobbs, near Parramatta, Test of Philosophy. If you wish to know whether - Natural Phenomena. In the immense mines of Vicany body is superior to the prejudices of the world, lizka, near Cracow, in Poland, is a large block of ask him to carry a parcel for you. Diogenes Laer salt, called Lot's wife; by the moist or dry appear: tius tells us a story of his great namesake, that being ance of which the subterraneous inhabitants know once requested by a certain young gentleman to teach the state of the weather above ground, Salt being him philosophy, he gave him a piece of cheese to pervious to the superabundant humidity of the at carry, upon which the other immediately declined mosphere, before rain, becomes deliquescent; whilst to receive his instructions. 1, teste tot ulo marble, glass, and other impervious substances, beSt. Pancras.-The history of the old church of

come damp from resisting the moisture deposited on Panerasi is not a little singular-it is one of the

the surface. Windows, doors, and drawers swell with oldest in Middlesex, and the parish it belongs to is

humid air and this known property has been pressed one of the largest, being eighteen miles in circum

into the service of mechanics for splitting blocks of ference. Id The name was sent from Rome by the

granite and making millstones. The report of guns. Pope expressly for this church, which has the only

or the sound of bells and church clocks, heard at a generale Catholic burial ground in England, and

great distance imusually clear, are signs of wiod, or mass is daily said at St. Peter's at Rome, for the

at least of a change ; showing the atmosphere to be repose of the souls of the faithful whose bodies are

loaded with vapours, since dense bodies propagate deposited therein; it was also the last Church in

sound better than rare. Dry stones and damp earth England whose bell tolled for mass, or in which any

announce fine weather, but damp stones aud dry Catholic rites were celebrated, yer T9YO

earth the contrary. When the flame of a fire or a

lamp burns steadily, it is serene weather ; but if it Gypsies. It may appear incredible to those who

fares or crackles, it indicates raiu, Offensive smells have not thought upon the subject, that, upon the

from drains, sinks, or holes, attendant on the fall of lowest calculation, there are at present wandering

the barometer, are occasioned by the diminished about this kingdom no less than 12,000.

pressure of the atmosphere, allowing the sulphurated Sir P. Laurie and Sir R. Birnie.- It is, perhaps, pot hydrogen and putrescent effluvia to expand from generally known, that Sir P. Laurie, one of the their low abodes; and, consequently, indicate a alderraen of London, and Sir Richard Birnie, the change of weather. Tanned leather, and all other head police magistrate in England, are both natives skins, particularly those of sea-animals, grow flaccid of Scotland, and both commenced their career toge. from the same cause, whilst maps and charts, pasted ther in London as apprentice saddlers, with Mr.

on canvass, relax. 905 90 10821, Pasted Godsman, son of that Captain Godsman whose name Hudrophobia. This disease is not common to dogs

a. bus 39993. 19. is as familiar as a household word in Inverness, from in all climates, according to Mr. Barrow, capine the circumstance of his having formed one of the

madness is unknown in South Africa. Other tempo. most beautiful and romantic walks in the vicinity of rary diseases are oftentimes mistaken for this fearful that town.--Inverness Courier.


malady: and we, therefore, subioin the symptoms of Chinese Justice. The Chinese have no idea of making hydrophobia, as described by MM. Chaussier and a distinction between premeditated and accidental mur Orfila, who have written a scientific work on this der, as was fatally exemplified some years ago, in the disorder : _“A dog at the commencement of madness case of a poor gunner belonging to an Indiaman, is sick, languishing, and more dull than usual. He who was given up because the wad of a gun, fired by seeks obscurity, remains in a corner, does not bark. the command of an officer, happened to strike a but growls continually at strangers, and, without any native in a boat at some distance, and occasioned apparent cause, refuses to eat or drink. His gait is his death. By the Chinese laws, if the person sur unsteady, nearly resembling that of a man almost vives the accident forty days, and after that period asleep. At the end of three or four days, he abandons dies, even in consequence of the same accident, yet his dwelling, roving continually in every direction at it is not considered murder. When any case of this he walks or runs as if tipsy, and frequently falls. His kind occurs, it is best to secure the wounded China. I hair is bristled up; his eyes haggard, fixed, and sparkman, and have him under the care of Europeans ling; his head hangs down; his mouth is open and full during that space of time, for the Chinese would of frothy slaver; his tongue hangs out, and his tail otherwise, perhaps, bring some man who had died a between his legs. He has, for the most part, but not natural death in the interval, and swear that he was always, a horror of water, the sight of which seems the person who died of the accident, in hope of ex. generally, to redonble his sufferings. He experiences torting a sum of money.Naval and Military Maga from time to time transports of fury, and endeavours

snary Magazine, No. 4. S LOUId start


to bite every object which presents itself, not even Gout. - To a spoonful of pnre English gin, add three excepting his master, whom indeed he begins not to tea-spoonsful of flour of sulphur. Let this be taken

recognize, Light and lively colours greatly increase over night, and the pain will gradually cease till it

his rage. At the end of thirty or thirty-six hours he.. is entirely removed.stor Varor TOMONIO

dies in convulsions." After various remedies for this TO ORA

N OVI Blenheim-house. The once proud seat of the illus

terrible malady have been tried in vain, it seems now

agreed that cutting or burning out the bitten part is trious Marlborough, presents now but a melancholy

the only one to be relied on. The Menageries. and desolate appearance to the visitor. The court

mag wore geneDOV 1989

Farmers' Wives and Daughters. Would it not be yards are overgrown with grass, and the wall-flower has introdnced itself beneath the colonnade. Many

better if farmers' wives and daughters would withof the windows are broken-and the ripples of the

draw their attention a little from the forte piano, (the beautiful lake are intercepted by weeds, which luxu. I strong and sweet,) and from the soft and seducing riate in all the perfection of undisturbed possession, 1 novels of Sir Walter Scott, and other philosophers of -Berks Chronicle.

that description? If I were the owner of a great M i2 bild 19 blog

landed estate, I would find the means, I warranti Interesting to Florists. The carnation fancier will

them, of compelling them to keep servants in the a be glad to hear of an effectual preventive against the

house, and thus prevent the pauperism, and thieving, d fiy, which has hitherto proved so injurious to this

and poaching, that are now going on all over the beautiful flower: Take some black pepper, ground

country. It is inconvenient to a lady, and to young very fine, and dredge it lightly over the leaves and

ladies, to have to provide victuals and drink for a stalk whilst the dew is on the plant.

parcel of fellows in nail shoes. These fellows in nail) Newly discovered. Volcano.-A volcano has been shoes do the work, however, and it is the bounden discovered in New South Wales, in the direction of į duty of landlords to take care that they have their Hunter's River, emitting in the day-time a dense due and honest share of the produce of the land. Its volume of flame mingled with smoke, and in the is troublesome to board men in the house. Is it not night-time a sulphureous bluish column of flame. It troublesome to me, then ? Have I not some little does not appear as if an eruption had yet taken place, matters to do? Have I nothing to think about but and the crater seems as if it were hourly extending the lodging and boarding of these men ? A plenty: wider and longer. As no lava has been discovered but it is my duty, and, indeed, it is my pleasure to.. in the vicinity, and the natives express much asto see that they are thus provided for, and to rescue nishment at the phenomenon, it is reasonably inferred them from the numerous temptations to which they that this is its first appearance. 297018 O d iaon would be exposed out of the house, and to the endless

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extortions that would he practised upon them, if they were lodging in koles here and there in the neigh

Literary Notices. bourhood of the farın, Wives indeed! Where is a young farmer to find a wife amongst the novel-reading

Just Published.

1 and musicing things that are stuck np in carpeted History of the South Sea Islands, in 2 vols. 8vo. with parlours with bells to call servants to them? Rather

eight plates and two maps, half-bound in cloth, entitled than bave one of these, even with the few hundreds

Polynesian Researches, during a residence of nearly or thousands that a foolish father may have raked

Six Years in the South Sea Islands. Including Detogether for her, I, for my part, if I were a young

scriptions of the Natural History and Soepery of the farmer, just going to enter upon my business, would

Islands-with Remarks on the History, Mythology, take my best horse and ride him to death in search

Traditions, Government, Arts, Manners, and Cus. of a girl that gets up by day light, milks her cows

toms of the Inhabitants. By W. Ellis, Missionary to before breakfast. and knows how to bake, salt bacon, the Society and Sandwich Islands and brew. Without this, a woman in a farm-house is

Also, by the same Author, in one vol. with nine a species of the pestilence; so far from being a

plates and two maps, Narrative of a Tour through source of pleasure, she is a constant source of an

Hawaii, or Owhyhee. Doyance; she is a “trouble,” indeed, and besides the

In one vol. 12mo. with a map and three engravings, trouble, the expense of her is enormons.-Cobbett.

Journal of a Residence in the Sandwich Islands, Zoological Gardens. -The number of visitors to the during the Years 1823, 1994, and 1825. By C. S. Zoological Gardens, Regent's Park, last year, was Stewart. With an Introduction, and occasional Notes, 112,000, and the receipts amounted to £12,358. The by W. Ellis. Society has purchased 33 acres of ground near Kings 1 Prospectus and Specimen of the Gardens and Mena. ton, for the purpose of breeding foreign animals, geries of the Zoological Society, with beautiful wood

Chinese Temples. There are in China 1560 temples engravings. dedicated to Confucius. At the spring and autumnal Fisher's National Portrait Gallery, No. IV. consacrifices, it is calculated that there are offered to taining three superb engravings, and memoirs. him 27,000 pigs, 5,800 sbeep, 2,800 deer, 27,000 rab Lancashire Illustrated, No. X.; and Ireland Musbits, besides 27,000 pieces of silk.

trated, No. V. are also ready for delivery. 313

The National Reader, a Selection of Exercises in English Monarchs.-It is remarkable that among the

Reading and Speaking. By John Pierpont, Compiler thirty-two sovereigns who have sat on the English

of the American First-Class Book. throne since William the Conqueror, although each

..The Student's Algebra, with Notes and Observaof the eleven months has witnessed the accession of

tions. By John Darby. one or more, the month of May has not been so for

Morning and Evening Prayers, adapted for Family tunate, none having ascended the throne within its

Worship. limits.

Christian Nobility, a Story.

17 The Advantages of going to Law.-Going to law has The Traveller's Prayer, a discourse on the Third this Advantage, that it does not simply settle dis

Collect for Grace, By Adam Clarke, LL.D. &c." putes, but in many cases effectually takes from the

Aphorisms on the Assurance of Faith. By the parties the cause of litigation, and the power of Rey. William Cudworth future contention, The case stated in the following The Voice of Devotion, or a Course of Prayers for lines highly exemplifies the truth of the position :

the private Use of Christians.
An Upper and a lower Mill

A Concise System of Mechanics in Theory and
Fell out about their water:
Practice. By James llay.

10 To war they went, that is, to law,

The History of the Christian Church, from the Resolved to give no quarter.

First to the Nineteenth Century, in three A lawyer was by each engaged ;

An Essay on the Pbrenology of the Hindoos and And hotly they contended ;

Negroes. By James Montgomery, es, with StricWhen fees grew slack, the war they waged

tures thereon. By Corden Thompson, M.D. They judged were better ended.

The Rise, Progress, and Termination of MohamThe heavy costs remaining still,

medism, a Discourse. By 11. Forster Burder, M.A.

The Nature and Duration of the Papal Apostacy, a
Were settled without pother:
One lawyer took the Upper Mill,

Discourse. By Robert Vaughan..
The Lower Mill the other.

A Memorial, or Tribute of Praise to God: By

Samuel Eyles Pierce. York Minster - Timber to the amount of £5000

Philosophical Tables compiled from various Auhas been granted by government for York Minster:

thors, Ancient and Modern. and to lessen the expense of carriage, we understand

Brief Account of the Colosseum in the Regent's the roof will be finished at the dock-yards at Chat

Park, London. ham,

An Oration delivered before the Medico Botanical Local Memory.-Magliabechi, the Florentine libra

Society of London, October, 1898. By John Frost, rian, remembered every book in every collection of F.R.S. Edinburgh, F.L.S. &c.

11 juni which he had once seen a catalogue; and when he | The New French Manual and Traveller's Compa. had seen a library, be remembered the place of every

nion. By Gabriel Surenne, F.A.S.E. 387 book in every book case. In regard to the books hol Address of Earl Stanhope, President of the Medicohad read, his inemory was such, that in more than

Botanical Society, at the Anniversary Dinner, Jan. ten thousand volumes, he could refer to the particular 16. 1829.


! volume or page where any subject, argument, or sug Practical Logic, or Hipts to Theme Writers, &c. gestion was to be found ; 80 that at last he was con By B. H. Smart. stantly referred to by learned men, as a kind of index

Cottage Poetry, by the Author of "Old Friende in to the stores of almost every library in Europe.

a New Dress. New Discovery in the Preparation of Flar.-A French "A Universal Prayer; Death ; a Vision of Flearen; paper states, that an inbabitant of Chateau-Thierry and a Vision of Hell, by Bobert Montgomery, 3d ea, has discovered a mode of giving to prepared hemp and flax the fineness, softness, and whiteness of cot.

In the Press. pinig to ton, by impregnating those snbstances with oil, and The Heraldry of Crests, 18mo., containing nearly then exposing them, during fifteen or twenty days, tol-4000 Crests, from engravings by the late IVP.Elven, the action of frost, between two layers of spow. By with the bearers' names alphabetically arranged. this means all the inconvenience of the ordinary A Compendious and Impartial View of the Prin. and tedious process of steeping them in stagnant water cipal Events in the History of Great Britain and will be avoided.,

Ireland, in relation to the Roman Catholic Question. Thrashing Machine.-A portable thrashing machine The Sabbath Minstrel, a collection of Original has been inven'ed by Mr. Rider, a mechanic and Hymos for Sunday Schools. By John Taylor, small farmer, who resides ujion the Wallop estate, Two Discourses on Public Berevements in the in the parish of Westbury, Wilts. The inventor is Christian Church. By John Sheppard, of Frome. recommended not to exhibit the machine publicly

An Embellished Chart of General History and until he has obtained a patent, or entered a caveat Chronology. By F.H. Lightfoot. for it. The principle of action is simple, and it is calculated that with the power of one mad it will make three hundred effectual strokes in one minute. I A Volume of Sermons. By Dr. Wardlaw of Glasgow. If the experiment proves successful and it will be | Thesaurus Ellipsium Latinarum, sive Veenm. que made publicly) the utility of this machine will be in Sermone Latino suppressæ, indicantur, et ex great to farmers who have either uplands or lands at præstantissimis Auctoribus illustrantur, cum Instia distance from their farms, as this machine can be cibus Necessariis, auctore Elia Palairet, 1760. Reremoved with as much facility as a winnowing mal printed by E. H. Barker, esq. of Thetford, Norfolk, chine, and its cost will not exceed 8?, or 101.

with Corrections and Additions telei Hotwa






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