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The moon is new on the 1st, at 45 l'in Newton's Principia, there is so much minutes past 4 in the morning, in the 9th elaborate mystification. The cause which degree of Cancer, having upwards of 4 I assign would be a quantity of motion degrees south latitude; she enters her first lost, if it did not produce this effect, and quarter on the 9th at 31 minutes past 6 in the two bodies, most within our reach in the morning, in the 16th degree of and measure, the cause and effect exactly Libra, having about one degree north lati coincide. tude; she is full on the 16th, at 42 I verily believe that Newton could not minutes past 2 in the afternoon, in the have attempted to mystify this and other 23d degree of Capricorn, having upwards subjects, if he had not had wrong measures of 4 degrees north latitude; on the 23d, of the celestial motions, for in his time the at 14 minutes past 6 in the morning, she distance of the sun was taken at only half enters her last quarter in 30th degree of its true quantity, and hence there did not Aries, having above 2 degrées south lati- appear to be the true agreement between tude, and she again changes on the 30th, phenomena and the causes. Hence falat 39 minutes past 5 in the morning in lacious theories were adopted. the 6th degree of Leo, having above 4 Many other proofs, equally new and degrees south latitude. She passes Mercurious, from considering Nature in con. cury on the 1st, at 40 minutes past 4 in nexion with the theory of motion, and the afternoon; Venus and Mars on the with true measures of phenomena, could 2d, the former planet at 20 minutes past 4 be adduced; but I fear to be thought an. in the morning, and the latter at noon. encroacher on your pages on subjects On the 3d at 7 minutes past 5 in the which, though of momentous interest, are morning, she is in conjunction with Saturn, not understood by, or interesting to, the and on the 13th, at 45 minutes past 4 in great mass of readers. the morning, she passes Jupiter. She

R. PHILLIPS. i crosses the ecliptic in her ascending node

Knightsbridge, April, 25, 1829. T on the 8th, and in her descending on the 20th: she is in apogee on the 6th, and in The precession of the equinoxes, or the perigee on the 18th.

recession of nodes, universally, is exactly The planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, and equal to one circumference of the planet, Saturn, are all too near the sun to become for the recession of the mode is caused objects of contemplation to the astronomer solely by the very simple circumstance of this month. The noble planet Jupiter is the planet making one revolution, and conspicuous in the constellation Scorpio, gaining that quantity of motion, owing to and with his satellites forms an interesting its turning once on its ais, while it pera object for the telescopic observer. Thereforms its orbit; hence there is one revo. are two visible eclipses of his first satellite; | lution as an incidental or accidental cir. one on the 12th, at 31 minutes 17 seconds cumstance, and the year or period is past 10 in the evening; the other on the longer than the orbit by the quantity of 28th, at 50 minutes 5 seconds past 8 in one revolution. the evening. This planet sets on the 1st Thus the precession of the terrestrial at 53 minutes past 1 in the morning, and equinoxes goes round the ecliptic in on the 25th at 11 minutes past 12 at 25,868 years, and the earth's whole orbit night. The appearance of the heavens at is 590,500,000 miles, being 22,830 miles sun-set on the 1st, is the same as last per annum for the ecliptic quantity, which, month, with the exception that the most reduced to the terrestrial equator as cosine western of the constellations have sunk of 23 degrees, 91,706, to radius it is beneath the horizon, and the whole of exactly 24,886 miles, or the true and exact them appearing more westerly.

circumference of the revolving equator. Jest

Again, the moon's nodes fall back in

223 lunations, through the whole circle of PRECESSION OF THE EQUINOXES.

her orbit, which is about 1,500,000 miles MR. EDITOR,

round, and consequently she falls back

in each lunation 6690, miles, but as her SinIn my last communication I sub axis and orbit are inclined 6° 40', the jected my theory of motion in opposition cosine 99324 is to radius as 6690 to 6750 to that of universal gravitation, to an arith nearly, while her calculated circumferencei metical test, which I am convinced will is about 6760 miles;, which quantity of delight and surprise every real votary of motion the moon gains in every revolution, truth; and I now send another proof, in and crosses her node, or the plane, of her regard to a curious problem, about which, orbit, that quantity sooner. M 16C- undo turi

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These coincidences cannot be acci- to receive and transmit the rays of light, dental, and they prove that the recession and consequently the images of objects, of nodes is simply and solely caused by distinctly to the retina. We find inflamone rotation on the axis, while one revo mation in the eye, which, by increased lution is performed around an orbit. heat, thickening those fluids, will render

the vision indistinct; and the passage of

the rays of light occasions violent pain ‘in OBSERVATIONS ON AN ARTICLE ENTITLED the optic never with which they commuin iis "WITCHCRAFT."

nicate. If we suppose a pestilential hu(Inserted col. 510.)

mour capable of conveying infection to IMR. EDITOR,

man and beast, the inflammation occaSir, No one of your readers could derive

sioned by such a humour passing through more satisfaction from the article on the

the optic nerve and fluids of the eye, (by Witch of Endor, (col. 307,) than myself ;

which alone it could pass,) would be so but I was certainly much disappointed in a

instantaneous and acrimonious, that the inmore recent one on Witchcraft. The de

stant loss of sight would be the consescription of the evil eye seems to have been

quence; and the power of injuring in this taken out of some old author, and, to me

manner again would be effectually preat least, it appears at variance with anatomy

vented as “the hand to fling the dart” and physiology, since, though I am willing

would be paralyzed. to allow noxious effluvia to exude from dis

E. G. B. eased bodies, and to be communicable by

GLEANINGS. the circumambient air, I cannot discover how this theory can possibly apply to the

Cost of a Waterloo Medal, A Frenchman, meeting

an English soldier with a Waterloo medal, began eye,-and my objections are founded on sneeringly to animadvert on our government for bethe following reasons :

stowing such a tritle, which did not cost them three

francs. “That is true, to be sure," replied the hero, The eye is a peculiar organ adapted to " it did not cost the English government three franks,

but it cost the French a Napoleon, the reception and conveyance of the rays of

Black Fly in Turnips,-The following method is said light through its various coats and lenses to to be effective against the ravages of the black fly :

let the turnip seed lie a short time among, flowered the retina, and thence to the common sen

sulphur, and then sow the seed and sulphur together. sorium in the brain. It is also calculated, Caution to Landlords.--In a trial at York Assizes

Mr. Justice Bayley took occasion to remark, that "it by its power of variation of form, position,

might be useful for landlords to know, that by a and brightness, which, though minute, are

recent act of Parliament it was enacted, that if any

alehouse-keeper was convicted of being drunk, he easily distinguishable, to aid the other fea should not be capable of being licensed for a public

house for three years." tures in the expression of the several pas

Indigo,-The culture of the indigo plant has been sions, as rage, envy, hatred, &c. This it introduced into the French colony of Senegal, in does by the energy of nervous action com

Africa, with complete success. Letters thence state,

that the produce of their crops rivals the indigo of municated to its coats from the optic nerve, Bengal; and the establishment of a national company

for the cultivation of it is agitated in France. which nerve receives its impression from

Made Dishes. Instead of" Do let me send you some the brain, in common with the other in more of this mock turtle":"Another patty " Sir,

some of this trifle,"'-" I must insist upon your try

ing this nice mélon;" the language of hospitality upon by the ideas, in consequence of the

should rather run thus:-“Shall I send you a fit of the colic, Sir?” “ Pray let me have the pleasure of giving you a pain in your stomach," "Sir, let me help

you to a little gentle bilious head-ache." “Ma'am, mental and bodily energies; and thus, by

you surely cannot refuse a touch of inflammation in either a quick glance or steady gaze, it pro the bowels."

If you feed on rich sauces, drink deep of strong wine, duces, perhaps by sympathy, the influence

In the morn go to bed, and not till night dine: of fear in the person against whom it is And the order of nature thus turned topsy turvy!

You'll quickly contract palsy, jaundice, and scurvy !!! directed. Thus the imagination of im

Dr. Kitchener's Housekeeper's Oracle. pending evil is generated, and we know

Cheap Antidote. There is not a house in the king

dom that does not contain a certain remedy for poisonmany instances of looks of this kind, by ing, if instantly administered. It is nothing more mere mental association, producing death

than two tea-spoonsful of made mustard mixed in

warm water. It acts as an instantaneous emetic. in the individuals against whom they were

Making this simple antidote known, may be the means

of saving many a fellow-creature from an untimely directed.

death.-Mechanic's Magazine. But the article in question goes further, Opinion of the Press, on Catholic Emancipation.-An

estimate has been given of the opinions of the public and supposes a malignant epidemic effluvium press of England, Scotland, and Ireland, upon the

subject of concessions, from which it appears that to be conveyed by the look, capable of

the number in favour of the late measure is 107; generating pestilence in man and beast. against it, 87: and neutral 44. The majority is prin

cipally found in the metropolis and the leading maNow, sir, the eye consists of a number of

nufacturing and commercial towns, while the minovery sensible and tender coats, which in

rity is scattered over distant districts, and through

the lesser. close fluids of various densities, whose Beggar Society. - The beggars of Canton, in China, healthy state can alone insure that fluidity

are united in one great confraternity under the

sublime appellation of the Heavenly Flower Society, I for admission into which eight dollars are require


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New Method of Making Gooseberry and Currant Wine, close a bush; and thus, in conjunction with the soft The following method of making superior gooseberry cushions of his feet, and the fur upon which he and currant wines is recommended in a French work treads, (the retractile clawe never coming in contact (Bibli.-Physico-Econor.) For currant wine, 8lbs. ot with the ground they enable hmte mette towards honey are dissolved in fifteen gallons of boiling. his victim with a stillness greater even than that of water, to which, when clarified, is added the juice the snake, who creeps along the grass, and is not of 8lbs. of red or white currants. It is then fer- perceived till he has coiled round his prey."-Library mented for twenty-four hours, and 2lbs. of sugar to Useful Knowledge, every two gallons of water are added. The prepa- Important to Persecutors.-A gentleman who was ration is afterwards clarified with the whites of eggs bound over to prosecute & pickpocket at the QC and cream of tartar or gooseberry wine, the fruit Bailey Sessions applied a few days since to Sit) is gathered dry when about half ripe, and then Richard Birnie to have his recognizancés dispounded in a mortar. The juice, when properly charged, stating, that a friend had informed him, strained through a canvas bag, is mixed with sugar,

the proceedings would cost him £20 or £30. Sir, in the proportion of 3lbs. to every two gallons of Richard replied, that he was glad the application had juice. It is then left in a quiet state for fifteen days, been made, as an erroneous opinion had gone forth at the expiration of which it is carefully poured oil,

to the public. He then said that the prosecutor and left to ferment for three months, when the

would only have to pay 3s, 6d. out of his pocket, quantity is under fifteen gallons, and for five months

which would be returned to him with an allowance when double that quantity. It is then bottled, and for his loss of time, and he hoped the gentlemen of soon becomes fit for drinking.

the press would publish this information generally, A New System of Sweeping the Public Streets and as, if prosecutions were more frequent, the increase Roads, by a Machine.-Some time in May, a number of crime would not be so great. of gentlemen assembled to witness a novel experi To make Kitchen Vegetables tender.- When peas, ment of sweeping the public streets and roads by a French beans, and similar productions, do not boil newly-invented machine, which was tried in the Re easily, it has usually been imputed to the coolness of gent's Park. It is the invention of Col. Boaze, of the season, or to the rains. This popular notion is Albany-street. The machine is, in appearance, a erroneous. The difficulty of boiling them soft arises covered cart, with thick oil-cloth extending nearly from a superabundant quantity of gypsum imbibed to the ground, to prevent the dirt from splashing : during their growth. To correct this, throw a small it is drawn by two horses. In the front is placed an quantity of subcarbonate of soda into the pot along iron scraper, of a circular form, which drives the with the vegetables, the carbonic acid of which will dirt on one side as the machine advances; under the | seize upon the line in the gypsum, and free the le centre is a wheel similar to a water-wheel, to which gumes from its influence. Bulletin des Sciences al aid are affixed six rows of heath brooms, each row containing six brooms, which, from a constant revolution of the wheel, sweeps the road extremely clean.

Literary Notices. Susik 1897 This novel system of sweeping will cleanse a street

Just Published. or road of one hundred yards in length in ten mi.

It's allsila putes, in a manner far superior to the present.

Polynesian Researches, during, & residence Popes. According to the usual mode of reckoning nearly six years in the South Sea Islands, by W. Popes, his holiness, the lately deceased Pope Leo Ellis, Author of the “ Tour to Hawii,! % vols. 80.W XII., is the two hundred and fifty-second since Maps and Engravings. Peter the Apostle of these, 208 were natives of Roman History for Youth, illustrated by seventy 10 Italy, 14 were Frenchmen, 11 Greeks, 8 Syrians

six spirited engravings, by U, White, Esg, from original and Dalmatians, 5 Germans, 3 Spaniards, 2 North nal designs, by W. H. Brooke, Esq., with a series of Africans, and 1 Englishman.

Questions, and References for their Solution,qbyb Chancery. There is now no less than 40 millions of

Thos. Rose. money locked up in chancery.

A Comprehensive Guide to Heaven, and Compaus The Lion. This animal has been painted as pos.

rative Phrenology, &c. with engravings, by IL W sessed of the most magnanimous affections. “The

Dewhurst, Surgeon, Professor of Anatomy, &c. king of the beasts" is a name applied to him, with

On the Signs of the Times: an Address to Chris which every one is familiar. But he has received

tians, by J. M. Cramp.

An Esaay on Moral Freedom credit to which he has no good title. In physical strength he is, iudeed, unequalled. Ordained by pature to live on animal food, and fitted for the de

Poems, by Mrs. GG. Richardson, Dumfries. 49 destruction of animal life hy the most tremendous

The Newtonian System of Philosophy explained,91

| by Tom Telescope, 2d edition, machinery that could be organized for such a purpose, he is regulated by a cunning peculiar to his

Jacob Stanley..
species. But, in investigating the modes in which
he employs these powers, the stories of his generosity

garet Dods. 4th edition.

OW will appear to be little better than the invention of poets and romance writers. At the time," says

la Roche. Mr. Burchall, who had an opportunity of making Scripture Balances of Promises, Preceptes andel himself acquainted with his nature, in Africa, “ when men first adopted the lion as the emblem of

Threatenings, by the Rev.Joho Young. courage, it would seem that they regarded great

A Defence of the Truth, ag set forth in the Hisstrength as indicating it, but they were greatly

tory and Mystery of Methodist Episcopacy, &c., bye mistaken in the character they have given to this

Alexander M Caine, indolent, skulking animal, and have overlooked a

Anti-Slavery Monthly Reporter, No. 49.4*. A gry much better example of true courage, and of other

Practical Information for superseding the necessity,

of climbing boys. virtues also, in the bold and faithful dog."


Illustrations of Natural History, with a series of Use of Cat's Whiskers - Every one has observed the engravings, in numbers. whiskers of a cat, but few, perhaps, dream that they New Model of Christian Missions to Popish, Mads serve any valuable end. The following passage will hometan, and Pagan Nations, explained in four letters. A prove the contrary :-". Every one must have ob- Refutation of the Heretical Doctrine promulgated served what are usually called the whiskers on a cat's | by the Rev. Edward Irving, &c., by J. A. Haldane. upper lip. The use of these in a state of nature is | Dialogues on Popery, in numbers, by J, Stanley very important. They are organs of touch. They Christian Biography, a Dictionary of the lives and are attached to a bed of close glands under the skin ; | writings of distinguished Christians, by William and each of these long and stiff hairs is connected

Jones, M.A. with the perves of the lip. The slightest contact Letter addressed to a Clerical Advocate of the of these whiskers with any surrounding object is Bible, Church Missionary, and Hibernian Societies, thus felt most distinctly by the animal, although the

by John Riland, M.A. * hairs are themselves insensible. They stand ont on

Docteues : each side, in the lion, as well as in the common cat,

o p js In the Press. si obatdobri 80 that, from point to point, they are equal to the An Essay on the Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathons width of the animal's body.. If we imagine, there-logy of the Horse's Foot, with engravings, by H. Wild fore, a lion stealing through a covert of wood in an Dewhurst, Surgeon, Professor of Anatomy, &c.&ol imperfect light, we shall at once see the use of these Also, An Essay on the Duties of Jurymen, is long hairs. They indicate to him, through the nicest cases of Infantieide, or Child-murder. feeling, any obstacle which may present itself to the A revised Edition of the Life and Works of Richard passages of his body. They prevent the rustle of Hooker. With an Introduction, additional Notes boughs and leaves, which would give warning to and characteristie Portrait finely engraved by v his prey, if he were to attempt to pass through too ! Finder

Finden, after Hollar. d: si mal sidstronot on


Essays and Fragments on various subjects, by*
The Cook and Iousewife's Manuel, by Mrs. Mar
Memoirs of John Frederic Oberlin in the ban de



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