Phraseologia Anglo-Germanica, oder: Sammlung von mehr als fünfzigtausend englischen Redensarten, aus den besten englischen Schriftstellern gezogen: in alphabetische Ordnung gebracht, und ins Deutsche übersetzt, Volume 1

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Page 471 - I was going to second his remarks, when we were called to a consultation by Mr. Tibbs and the rest of the company, to know in what manner we were to lay out the evening to the greatest advantage. Mrs. Tibbs was for keeping the genteel walk of the garden, where she observed there was always the very best company ; the widow, on the contrary, who came but once a season, was for securing a good...
Page 29 - But if a right courfe be taken with children, there will not be fo much need of the application of the common rewards and...
Page 36 - Turks, I can scarcely look with an easy and familiar aspect at the levity and agility of the airy phantoms that are dancing about me here, and I often think that I am at a puppet-shew amidst the representations of real life.
Page 427 - THE PROVOK'D HUSBAND; The Una marked teitb inverted commat, ' tins,' are omitted in ttt refrefentathn. ACT I. SCENE, Lord Townly't apartment. Lord Townly, folus. WHY did I marry ?— — — Was it not evident, my plain, rational fcheme of life was impracticable, with a woman of fo different a way of thinking ? Is there one article of it that fhe has not broke in upon ?— Yes — let me do her juftice her reputation That —I have no reafon to believe is in queftion— — But then how long her...
Page 57 - Drive thy bufmefs, let not that drive thee ; and early to bed, and early to rife, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wife,
Page 196 - Jasfyonster brought forth by Terra , who was offended at the gods for having destroyed her children.
Page 192 - A fowler had taken a partridge who offered to decoy her companions into the fnare, <fiit SBogelfteUer (atte tin 9leb(u6n gefanaen, bae fid) anbot, feine ®cfa(rtitmen in baeîîeç (in bie Salle) su Uefen.
Page 459 - ... husband's heart with any body ; but the exertion of those qualities, I am afraid, is suppressed. You'll excuse my freedom ; I have been married, and am a little in the secret. It is much more difficult to keep a heart, than to win one. After the fatal words,
Page 233 - ... the men, who returned with two jars filled. One canoe and three men remained with our people, as did one of the King's brothers, called RAA KOOK, commander in chief of the King's Forces, and the Malay interpreter^ they eat of fome fowl ftewed with bread, which was prepared for dinner, but would not eat fome flices of ham which Captain...
Page 329 - FU retire into another room for half an hour and then come back again. ~u1) reill eine halbe ©tunbe in ein anDereí~3immer geben (mid) auf eine Ыbe etunbe in ein anbereí Dimmer beaeben) . unb benn íurúcf fprnmeu. — л'Л« /tad FORB left (fie грот-door open for more than JI.T minutes.

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