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N. B.—THE Figures at the beginning of the line, correspond with the at the foot of each Bill; and the Figures at the end of the line, refer to the MS Paging of the Volumes arranged for The House of Commons.

Arms (Ireland): 235. Bill to amend and continue the several Acts relating to the Importation and keeping of Arms and Gunpowder in Ireland

- p. 1

Arrestment of Wages (Scotland): 183. Bill to abolish Arrestment on the Dependence in all Actions before the Small Debt

Courts of Scotland, and to regulate Arrestment of Wages - - - 5

Australia, South : 195. Bill to authorize the Advance of a Sum of Money out of the Consolidated Fund,

on Account of the Colony of South Australia

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i Australia, Western: 368. Bill to continue Act 10 Geo. 4, for providing for the Government of his Majesty's

Settlements in Western Australia, on the Western Coast of New Holland - 11

Banks of Issue : 372. Bill to make further Provisions relative to the Returns to be made by Banks of the Amount of their Notes in Circulation

- 13.

Banking Co-partnerships (Ireland): 196. Bill to make good certain Contracts which have been or may be entered into by

certain Banking and other Co-partnerships - - . . ..17

Bankruptcy, Insolvency, and Lunacy: 44. Bill to enable the Lord Chancellor to direct that certain Proceedings from the

Court of Chancery, and Matters in Bankruptcy, Insolvency, and Lunacy, may be carried to the County Courts

- - 21


Bills of Exchange :
Bill, intituled, An Act to continue until the first day of January One thousand

eight hundred and Forty-four an Act of the last Session of Parliament, for con-
tinuing an Act for amending and extending the Provisions of an Act of the First
year of Her present Majesty, for exempting certain Bills of Exchange and
Promissory Notes from the operation of the Laws relating to Usury - - 27

Boroughs Improvement: 300. Bill, intituled, An Act for the Improvement of certain Boroughs 338. Same [as amended by the Committee] - - - -


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