1848, a Year of Revolutions: With an Appendix Containing the Revolutionary Events of 1849. Together with a Brief Survey of the Causes of the Third French Revolution

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H. E. Robins & Company, 1850 - Europe - 285 pages

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Page 28 - And bears his blushing honours thick upon him ; The third day comes a frost, a killing frost ; And, when he thinks, good easy man, full surely His greatness is a ripening, — nips his root, And then he falls, as I do.
Page 28 - This many summers in a sea of glory ; But far beyond my depth ; my high-blown pride At length broke under me ; and now has left me, Weary, and old with service, to the mercy Of a rude stream, that must for ever hide me.
Page 283 - I have to instruct you to recommend earnestly to the Spanish Government and to the queen-mother, if you have an opportunity of doing so, the adoption of a legal and constitutional course of government in Spain.
Page 26 - Ordre Public,' will desire, on this occasion, to accomplish the double duty of defending liberty by joining the demonstration, and protecting order, and preventing all collision by their presence...
Page 47 - In place of having recourse to these subterfuges, to these emotions, in order to maintain one of those fictions which have no stability, I propose to you to form a Government, not definite, but provisional — a Government charged, first of all, with the task of...
Page 83 - General Cavaignac Dictator, with unlimited powers, civil and military. The Executive Committee instantly resigned. Orders were then issued that the National Guard should occupy the streets, prevent the assemblage of crowds, and watch over the safety of private property.
Page 79 - We are approaching a terrible crisis. It will not be a riot or a battle, but a campaign of several days, and of several factions combined. The national assembly may, perhaps, be forced for a while to quit Paris. We must provide for these contingencies with the energy of a republican power. The...
Page 171 - We demand that the German federal army be assembled under one single federal banner, and we hope to see a federal commander-in-chief at its head.
Page 79 - Government had made arrangements to bring 75.000 bayonets to the support of the National Guard of 190,000 men. General Cavaignac carried the orders of the Government into effect as fast as quarters could be provided. Lamartine every day inquired as to the arrival of the troops, and was told, " The orders have been given, and the troops are in movement.
Page 79 - ... of several factions combined. The National Assembly may, perhaps, be forced for a while to quit Paris. We must provide for these contingencies with the energy of a republican power. The 55,000 men sufficient for Paris would not suffice to bring back the national representation into the capital.

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